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    Hmm.. look at that.. I stream too and I killed HaoleBoi808 and got a message from you on xbox only saying "reported" so I guess you can check my stream and see I wasn't cheating then, and I can check your's and see what you meant cause I really was confused. mixer.com/swanka 1 hour and 1 min 30 sec in on 8/16 stream
  2. http://mixer.com/swanka Mostly pubg
  3. Swanka

    Analog Poll

    How about I want both. Analog movement that I can turn without stopping sprinting?
  4. Or... it could be that I don't like when people accuse others of cheating without proof and offer reasons as a counter to their accusations. I have no ball in this court, it's just not right in my opinion. Report it if you think they are cheating, it'll go no where because they aren't.
  5. Next time cudi does this see if hes in his inventory. I doubt you'll admit it if he is and you seem the type that'll claim to have more info either way. Like I said he has a big screen and has to turn his head for certain actions, like looting.
  6. whatever. sick of this. clip him looking to his left. I've been in his chat more hours than I wish to admit, and he never looks at anything but his monitor left.
  7. he looks at his dog or gf a lot. there is a door to his left
  8. HE DOESNT LOOK OFF HIS MONITOR. I have no idea what anyone is seeing, he looks to his right (our left) at chat, but literally NEVER looks at his left (our right). I don't take the game that seriously so I look all around while playing unless a top ten situation since I dont take that seriously (still referring to cudi)
  9. there are rules on the forum that should be observed as well, including not calling out people for cheating without proof.
  10. You stare endlessly at the screen? No glancing around room. He hardly ever looks HARD left. hard right at chat, yes because it's off screen, hard left? No. This is Cudi I mean
  11. I have one also, and stream. Its not always a simple glance when I look myself. Sometimes its a head turn, we all play different. Also, I have a window next to my monitor that I look out quite often when playing, so that could be perceived as something else I guess? But nope, has to be cheating if he does it cause its easy for them. Some people are just GOOD. There is a reason there are pro's and amateurs.
  12. he has a 32 in monitor I believe. He's turning his head to look at the full screen. Hard to imagine huh that someone sitting 12 inches from the screen needs to move head to see whole thing? IDK. No way to make you guys believe they aren't cheating and are just good, so believe what you want, I'm sure they don't care.
  13. Http://mixer.com/thumblessgaga
  14. Swanka

    game too long and sometimes 'boring'

    Sanhok is faster, but not always. I have both versions and it can be slightly slower paced also. All depends on where you drop