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  1. Swanka

    Why are they removing buildings?

    They basically just moved elements around. Why they'd release the "old" map when they released it for Xbox instead of the new one is confusing
  2. Swanka

    Finally going the SSD Route

    Why do some seem to think they will only be used on this game that's the dumb part, not buying one. You can load any long loading game (think skyrim) and it cuts the time in half in some cases
  3. Swanka

    Miramar 12 times in a row!!!!

    I love it. I'd prefer to have it more often
  4. Swanka

    Under map glitch miramar?

    Not 100% convinced it's on purpose. There is a spot i know of that sometimes will glitch you out the map and has me twice. After the game doesn't load my character model, I just start climbing on said spot then i shows me nothing but ocean with my view about a mile in the air. Now both times I quit to Xbox screen and loaded back in, and it put my character in a random spot on map. Once in prison and once near mina. So now say that I just quit and didn't try reloading back in? What happens then? My character model was obviously way off the playable area, maybe even safe from the blue totally. Is it my fault? I neither glitched off the map or intentionally stayed there if I decided to leave instead of trying to load in. My guess is this is sometimes what is happening not people intentionally glitching to win
  5. Do I know you?
  6. It happens when you try to aim down sight when your character model is jumping or falling. You have to stop falling or jumping and let go LT and press again to reset.
  7. Swanka

    So buggys are buggy?

    Not sure how you think this didn't hit you.
  8. I stick with the thumbless guys. Cudi, gaga, beard, Narnia included though he's not actually thumbless he just plays with them a lot. They are all amazing and Xbox only
  9. Sounds like thumbless cudi to me. He is just that good and he def uses controller. Some ppl are just good at things
  10. Swanka

    Weekly loot crates

    I'm pretty sure it changed to 8pm eastern, likely inadvertently, when daylight savings time kicked it.
  11. Swanka

    PUBG Mobile Review.

    The play store. Just search for "pubg mobile". It's free.
  12. Swanka

    SSD improvement

    It will def crash, but you're going to be shocked how quickly you can load back in
  13. Swanka


    As far as I know, any ssd above 256 will work.
  14. Swanka

    Less crashing ?

    No crashes at all. About 10 matches today. Xbox one x
  15. Swanka

    No Fingerless Gloves (Leather)

    My first crate ever was leather gloves. I'd gladly trade for a black shirt.