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  1. GoodFella GotEm

    What is your favourite NON-HOT drop?

    Been dropping at that cluster of buildings they recently added West of Shelter on Erangel. Usually leave with enough to defend myself and it's basically center map so I haven't been screwed yet. Miramar I like to drop anywhere I can find those double concrete buildings(which is nice since they're literally everywhere.) Outskirts of Los Leones there's a shit ton so Im usually packing some heat when I leave.
  2. GoodFella GotEm


    Took what felt like a million games but finally got it. Felt like I was in a Friday the 13th movie, totally worth the wait 🔥🔥
  3. GoodFella GotEm

    Beryl M762... PLEASE DEVS!!!!

    Seeing as PC got limb penetration in the begining of the month and we already have it in the PTS I'd say we're moving pretty damn fast.
  4. If that ain't proof of PUBGesus I dont know what is 😂
  5. GoodFella GotEm

    Dynamic weather percentage poll

    20%-30% sounds about right. Don't understand why it's not 100% on the PTS, big feature like this shouldn't have such shit odds.
  6. Type A is toggle to ADS, so if you want to look down your gun you tap LT to do so then you have to tap again to go back to normal. Holding LT on type be allows you to soft-aim. Type B is how most other FPS games are, hold LT to look down the gun and release it to go back to normal. To soft-aim on type B you hold down LB.
  7. GoodFella GotEm

    PUBG ambient life poll, part 1.

    Bears with sticks aint nothing to mess with.
  8. GoodFella GotEm

    What guns do you use in the final circle

    It's usually whatever guns I've found earlier in the game 😂. Ideally I'd like to have an M4/Kar or M24 but most of the time I find a shitload of 7's so I'll run with an AK/M16 or Mini.
  9. GoodFella GotEm

    What guns do you feel are overrated at the moment

    UMP and all it's low recoil glory. In the begining it was fun as Hell to play with but the low recoil really throws me off when shooting at someone.
  10. Probably gonna sit this one out, eveything was pretty smooth and looking good the few games I played but it's such a pain in the ass toggling ADS when I'm so use to holding it.
  11. Devs are type A players confirmed 😂 .No way a type B player would say that this was ok to release.
  12. GoodFella GotEm

    Purple Blood PTS

    For all the multi-colored blood fans, rejoice. Switch your colorblind mode to Tritanopia and enjoy the purple blood, red dot, holo and 3x. 💜
  13. GoodFella GotEm

    Loot box appear on minimap

    I'd be happy with a simple color change, something obnoxious like a bright ass red. Anything's better than playing where's Waldo for 5 mins.
  14. GoodFella GotEm

    Hate the new stopping when I'm moving left to right

    Hadn't really noticed a problem being mainly a TPP player using the right stick to try and juke around shots. But goddamn is it noticeable in FPP, glad it's set to be fixed.
  15. GoodFella GotEm

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    PUBG isn't gonna spread it's playerbase any thinner than it already is for a small ass percent of people using MnK. People get dicked and swear it's from someone using a MnK 😂