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  1. Everyone gets a gun but ME!!!

    That's what happens when you join an Ellen server. You gotta start joining some Oprah servers.
  2. Can we get some basics from the PC game

    All good things come to those who wait 😁
  3. Blue op.

    That's one of the down sides of the blue. If you're gonna live your life on the edge of it sooner or later you'll fall. I love riding the blue but I like to give myself a foot or 2 of extra space just incase something like that happens.
  4. I am so, SO piss at shooting

    At long range if the player is running you really gotta lead your shots. Don't blow your load at long range either single shot or pop off a couple burst that way you can gauge how far you have to lead.
  5. Out Of Region

    Common sense would tell you that you would be at a disadvantage if you play out of your region but lord knows PUBG and common sense go together like oil and water. I'm by no means a coder or tech competent for that matter but I would think to keep things fair when you get into a firefight with someone with a higher/lower ping that the server does some shit to compensate in the difference. But who knows 😂 would be nice if the devs shed some light on the subject
  6. Funny and random vehicle accidents

    Just some dicking around in a UAZ, probably wasn't a smart move charging at the dude in a straight line 😂 ended up dying from fall damage. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GoodFella GotEm/video/46555947
  7. Keep Your Cool Poll

    Top 10 is when my vision locks onto my tv like a hawk seeing a mouse scurrying through a valley. All my senses are set to the max and not even a naked and frisky super model could break my focus 😨
  8. Got my first solo win!

    I remember my first time by myself, was 2 in the morning and an ad for Girls Gone Wild came on the tv. My heart started pounding so I started to.....wait 🤤 nevermind. Congratulations on the first Chicken Dinner, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now go out there and make that iceberg MELT!!!!
  9. What’s the deal with crashing?

    What's the deal with the game crashing? Does it ever land? If my game turns off but doesn't explode, can it really be called a crash? More like a slip and fall but not a crash. My Seinfeld impression
  10. Your favourite PUBG memes

  11. Sell to Microsoft

    Imagine if your parents sold you to the circus when you weren't performing up to their expectations. No Bluehole doesn't need to sell, they need to do what parents do when kids step out of line. Pull some pants down and start painting asses RED!!
  12. This rewards system SUCKS!!

    They gotta have the chances of you getting something good low, that way it keeps you playing. It's like that quote in Casino "the longer they play, the more they lose. In the end, we get it all." But BlueHole's got it all f@@ked up, a rabbit's not gonna chase that carrot on a stick forever if he knows theres no chance in getting it. Let us get something worth while from time to time to give us an incentive to keep grinding BP. I'm sitting on more shoes than a Vietnamese sweatshop, I'd kill for atleast a pair of socks.
  13. Mini14

    It's a beast with a red dot close range. But when it comes to hitting a moving target at long rang it kind of sucks ass. I like waiting till the player has stopped, throw on a 4x and pop off a couple of headshots. For me that'swhere the mini really shines.
  14. How do I upload videos?

    One way is Xboxdvr.com.....type in your gamertag, click on the video you want to share and just copy and paste the link so we can click on it. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GoodFella GotEm/video/46382760 What a time to be alive.
  15. Easily a 4x scope, it's easy as shit to get a gun in this game but if you can't engage in long range firefights you're at a major disadvantage. Can't count all the times I've had a fully stocked AR and sniper with nothing but red dots on them.