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  1. Took a trip on over to the XIM reddit to see all the people rubbing it in the faces of XIM users, turns out they already have a workaround. That was short lived 😂
  2. GoodFella GotEm


    I don't think you're using collusion right 😂. Collusion with who?
  3. GoodFella GotEm

    10+ things

    I just wanna be able to pop a wheelie in my 2-wheeler.
  4. GoodFella GotEm


    Quick looting wouldn't hurt but I think looting times would increase across the board if we were able to customize the order in which items show up in loot crates.
  5. GoodFella GotEm

    Monitor vs TV

    55' 4k TV planning on switching to a monitor soon. The TV's great there's no lag or anything like that but I gotta sit on the floor a foot away from it to be able to really spot those far away targets.
  6. GoodFella GotEm

    Live server update?

    Devs said PTS over the weekend and live servers next week. Will probably drop when every other patch drops, early ass Tuesday morning.
  7. GoodFella GotEm

    Genuine question.... For once.

    Server/region will now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region If you group with a player from another region, matchmaking will automatically decide the best region to play on Patch notes for PC doesn't specify how it decides which region is best. Could be the group leader's ping or a combo of everyones ping, who knows.
  8. Have you checked different regions? Last week I was pissed because my stats weren't showing up, turned out I was playing in EU without me knowing.
  9. GoodFella GotEm

    Patch 11 PTS note are up

    Good for up close encounters. Bad seeing as you have to give up using a grip, so when you ADS it won't be as accurate.
  10. Patch notes are up boys!! OCT.11 1AM PDT. 5 HOURS AWAY 🤘
  11. GoodFella GotEm


    I got a cool looking skull shirt.
  12. SA servers being added Oct 11-15. This is your time SA players!!! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, shit tell yo momma!!!!
  13. GoodFella GotEm

    Bro!?! How did this not connect?

    The guy is inching to the left little by little before you take the shot then right before you shoot he moves again. At least that's what I think I see, I can't zoom in and enhance on my phone.
  14. GoodFella GotEm

    Playing EU from NA

    I hop into a few EU matches before I decide if I wanna stop playing or grind my NA stats. It's kind of hit and miss on the connection side. Picking up items there is almost always a second delay but gun fights you're either getting major desync(and rightfully so) or you're getting a million chances to kill someone because they just can't seem to shoot you 😂
  15. GoodFella GotEm

    Leaderboard reset

    Every stat change has come after a significant change with the game. That's why I think we won't get a stat reset till the Winter map hits the live servers, probably early next year.