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  1. Why does xbox s suck so badly

    I'm on the OG and mine doesn't show up with an update but at 4am all I have to do is run the game and it'll tell me there's an update available.
  2. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    Did they change how the TPP camera works? Now the camera zooms in more when you're indoors. I can't remember if it's always been that way or not lol.
  3. Dissapointed

    Got a guy complaining that I was sucking the fun out of the game because I waited for his ass to come out of a building before killing him. In a strange turn of events the same guy wrote me again saying that it was his brother that wrote me in the first place and that if I wanted he would beat the kid up after school 😂
  4. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    Anybody else getting that could not connect message, it's like launch night all over again 😅
  5. Pubg mobile lit or naw? Better then Xbox ?

    It runs smoother thats for sure and it has a few cool features like the plane trajectory but other than that it's not gonna want to make you drop the Xbox version completely. I don't think the way the game controls controls well with the phone, was getting frustrated with strafing and shooting. Is a quick way to breeze through 20 mins though so if you're out and about and want time to fly or you're taking an unusually long dump then this is the game for you.
  6. The Only Kill That Matters

    Different strokes for different folks. Nobody should be forced to play a certain way.If if I want to run naked through Erangel and punch out the tires of all the vehicles I come across, DAMNIT IT'S MY RIGHT TO DO SO!!
  7. Do you.....

    Had just got done looting Mansion and was trolling the streets for a car. Had got an important text so I drop the controller and texted back. I finish and look back at my screen and see some guy standing directly infront of me, loading his shotgun. I rush for the controller and blast him with mine before he has a chance to end me. Turns out I had stopped in the middle of the road so the dude probably thought I crashed. Should have recorded it, guaranteed I scared the shit outta him 👻
  8. Lack of community info on forums

    I think it's kind of a non-issue, sure it is nice that Niko gives us little updates but it just boils down to him saying "hey, you know that patch that is obviously coming out sooner or later? Well it might be coming out sooner rather then later." If people were a little more patient there wouldn't be a need for Niko, but there wouldn't be a need for him in the first place if Blue Hole wasn't so quiet during the gap between patch 7 and 8. The devs said they would try and shoot for a new patch every 2-3 weeks, so I think we don't really need any new information about a patch until it passes that 3 week mark. Anyways, anything Niko tweets about the game gets posted in the forums like a minute later, I just don't see a reason for there to be a specific Blue Hole employee patch hype-man.
  9. What is yours?

    Any sniper, I've gotten so use to the Kar98 that shooting anything else is like shooting blindfolded.
  10. You know what they say, once you go mouse soon you'll be wearing a blouse 😂 Good to see you on the light side of the force again, saw how everybody was giving you shit for buying the thing in the first place, F Em it's your money use it how you want.
  11. Improving Gameplay

    Had to find this thread again to post my results. I've been balls deep into the game a whole lot more since I was placed on a 7 day "vacation" from the forum 😂 but I have seen a great improvement on crashes. I tend to have long ass game sessions so right before I play the game I go through the steps on my OG and I go 5-6 hours without a crash. Was going strong for that whole week but lastnight was the first time I crashed having done it but it was only once during that whole sesh. Would definitely suggest you give this a try if you're crashing a whole lot. This might just be a placebo like all the others but this is the only thing that I've done a number of times and seen few to no crashes.
  12. Pubg vs Fortnite

    If PUBG ever runs perfectly on console like Fortnite does then its PUBG all the way but I don't really see that happening. FN is free and caters to casual players but also has a high skill ceiling so if you're good you're damn good. Plus Fortnite has celebrities playing it they got Drake while the best we could muster is Carl from Walking Dead 😂 FN aint my cup of tea I hate that cartoony shit lol , I'll be playing PUBG till the servers close but the war is over. The best thing for PUBG to do is keep improving on the game and advertise the F outta it if and when it goes over to PS4.
  13. Favorite Death

    Don't really have any deaths recorded but I got a crazy lucky near death. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GoodFella GotEm/video/46312549 Word of advice: Never hit a lady, things always have a way of blowing back in your face 🤕
  14. Favorite Death

    "I just jumped through a f'ing tree, NOTHING CAN KILL ME!!....oh"
  15. Cheats?

    I don't see how you can think he had any type of wallhack or aimbot. He had eyes on you the entire time you were outside. Seeing that you would have to come out eventually to escape the blue he waited in the same spot. When the time was about to hit 0 he started running away from where he was to escape the blue. If he had any type of wall hack he wouldn't have taken off running, he would have just stayed behind the tree and finished you off when you came out.
  16. PUBG The Movie..Title?

    What came to mind when you said Simple Jack 😂 If that's who you intended then his nemesis should be Forest Gump. He never stops running, has incredible luck and "never goes full retard".
  17. Load out preferences??

    UAZ with a full tank of gas and I'll be ready to roll out like the Autobots.
  18. PUBG The Movie..Title?

    What would the back story be? Rich elite hold a televised event where a lottery is held and those that are chosen are pitted against each to the death. Bonds are broken, love is made but only one comes out on top to join the rich elite. What would the title be? The Hunger Games.
  19. Winning's Getting Boring!

    I agree getting those first couple of Chicken Dinners was the shit seeing that #1/99 and seeing your stats but after awhile it's just another loading screen. I definitely think you should get something for being able to outplay all those people.
  20. Nico.... WHY?

    Would be a cool turn of events if they dropped the Miramar map, I mean Spring did officially begin today.
  21. What’s the back story?

    Me and 99 other male gigalos have been summoned to attend to the lonely women of Erangel. We land to an island empty of women but full of guns, medicine, and pills that make you longer....your stamina that is 😘 The seconds turn to minutes and the minutes to hours. All this testosterone in one place has everyone on edge, they can't decide whether to f@@k or fight. Then someone gets killed, Dave was asking James if he could polish his gun and James took it to meam something completely different. The killing spreads till there is only one guy left on the island and he is picked up in a plane and flown to KFC for an all expense paid Chicken Dinner.
  22. Motorcycles Are Broken

    Not only are they death traps but apparently they have a top secret recon mode. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GoodFella GotEm/video/46231715 I guess she didn't like the way I touched her because she disappeared faster than a father going out to get cigarettes.

    Thought what the hell and downloaded it, first game was able to bang out a Chicken Dinner. Uninstalled after that because it was a damn chore to play and it ate half of my battery after one match. I felt like the cock of the walk though after the game, my most kills is 9 on Xbox. Apparently on the phone I'm the damn Terminator but on Xbox I'm half a potato. I did like how it showed you the plane's trajectory, I get that they have to dumb it down a bit for phones sake but I would love to see that brought over to the main game.
  24. PUBG Limericks

    While waiting for the timer to count down to 0 my mind often starts to wander. These are the thoughts I have when diving head first into the abyss. There once was a man from Pochinki Whose prick was as long as his pinky His wife he did chase To the Military Base But now she's stuffed like a twinkie I knew this girl from Georgopol Who I would see everyday after School The boys would give chase But were put in their place For this "girl" was hung like a mule
  25. Thats it....