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  1. Don't like the idea of traps. I like that there's a level of skill of getting a kill and a level of chance of not getting killed. RPG'S, claymores, traps, etc. Kinda feels a little cheap.
  2. GoodFella GotEm

    What type of map would you like to see?

    I just want a night time map. Wouldn't be pitch black, in the middle of the sky there would be a giant ass full moon to light everything up. I want it to be a somewhat modernized place because instead of a redzone I would want them to add in rolling blackouts, get caught in the zone all the power goes off in the buildings. Theme park keeps popping up, ain't nothing cooler than DisneyWorld when the sun goes down 😎
  3. GoodFella GotEm

    What’s the point of the ghillie suit?

    In areas with a shitload of trees nothing beats having a salad suit. Those thick tall bushes render in past 100m so that's always something to keep in mind.
  4. GoodFella GotEm

    So they cancelled the June 26th patch?

    We probably have another Patch 15 on our hands. Gets a date of when it's suppose to drop, drops early, everyone guessing if it's the patch that was suppose to drop or not, low and behold it was the patch.
  5. GoodFella GotEm

    Should have released as a free to play?

    PUBG is alot of thing but a waste of 30 bucks it is not. I'd be just as pissed off at the game crashing if it was free compared to now. If this was any other game with tge same problems I woulda dropped this shit after the first crash. But because this game is so unique and fun when it's running well the amount shit I'm welling to put up with has gone off the charts.
  6. GoodFella GotEm

    Reward us more for chicken dinners

    Chicken Dinner tokens is a good idea. Have 2 options to open a crate, with BP or CD tokens. Opening with the tokens would be a higher rate of getting something good.
  7. GoodFella GotEm

    PTS Server for upcoming patch?

    Kinda feels like their plan is to only use the PTS for new map testing. Maybe it was their intention at fix to test out any new patches over there but with the player count decline it wouldn't make sense splitting the player base up more.
  8. GoodFella GotEm

    Head set thread

    Got a pair of Astro A10's that are pretty comfy but most of the time I'm using a pair of 8 dollar Sony earbuds. It's crazy but those earbuds are like 2 times louder than tge Astros. The quality isn't as clean and crisp but when I hear someone walking around it sounds like King Kong's in my ears.
  9. GoodFella GotEm

    PUBG acronym’s

    I dove down expecting some gore Beat the guy to the M4 He tried to run quick So I aimed for his dick Now his body lays dead on the floor
  10. GoodFella GotEm

    PUBG acronym’s

    P-laying U-ntil B-etter G-ame Turn on my Xbox Drop hot into Miramar My Xbox shuts down
  11. GoodFella GotEm

    Something PUB G does right...

    Despite all the shit it gets I think the spread of loot(especially healing items) is pretty damn good. Been spicing things up and only looting the bare minimum and getting all otger loot from enemies. You don't really appreciate the way loot is placed until your health is in the red and you're running into every building you see looking for bandages or a first aid. Like others have said the tension is also a big factor, not knowing what's gonna happen next. Been going on PUBG Replay to watch some of my games back and Christ it is crazy looking back and thinking, "oh yeah I'm totally safe here". Not realizing you were surrounded by people.
  12. GoodFella GotEm

    Health bar idea

    I would be happy with a tiny percentage showing underneath the vest and helmet icons. Would be alot simpler then adding a whole new bar and alot easier then constantly checking the damage in the inventory screen.
  13. GoodFella GotEm

    What happen to keeping us updated

    We'll probably get Patch Preview #2 sometime this week, if not then we'll get nothing till the patch drops. At this point you gotta take Dev's promises of better communication with a grain of salt.
  14. GoodFella GotEm

    Keyboard and mouse

    Can say from experience that the strikepack's no recoil is no joke. Only downside is you can't navigate your inventory with it turned on so it's pretty pointless to have on while playing PUBG.
  15. GoodFella GotEm

    Recoil Issues

    Aim Punch>Flinch To me flinch is too soft of a word to describe what's happening. Like I flinch when I make eye contact with my little chihuahua for too long and she snaps at me. Aim Punch sounds like it has a big ol pair of brass balls and they're about to knock your aim into next year.
  16. GoodFella GotEm

    What is your stance on finishing downed people?

    Nothing gets the blood pumping harder then quickly killing a downed player and hearing the stampede of angry teammates charging at you.
  17. GoodFella GotEm

    Storm campers

    There's sharks in these waters. You think just because you've made it out of the blue it's safe to heal? There's BLOOD in the water 🦈
  18. GoodFella GotEm

    Miramar = Crash

    Miramar is like a coin flip for me. I'm either crashing as soon as I land or I'm able to play a full game. No probs with Erangel.
  19. GoodFella GotEm

    When is the next update coming?

    June 26th is when the next patch is supposedto drop.
  20. I've stopped holding my breath when I getting into mid range fights. I've noticed that if im holding my breath and get consecutively shot at the aim punch is as bad as when your armor breaks.
  21. GoodFella GotEm

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    All my Xbros out there, San Andreas is now available for backwards compatibility 😎
  22. Final circles in cities make me want to swallow my controller, especially in TPP. Nothing gets my heart pumping harder than trading footsteps with the guy on the second floor. Aint nothing better then a final circle south of the shooting range, shitload of trees for cover and an incline for days.
  23. GoodFella GotEm


    That's my favorite play. If I see that I'm doomed I might as well drag ya to Hell with me.
  24. GoodFella GotEm

    Hey how's it going devs?

    Devs response...
  25. GoodFella GotEm

    Whats your most desired change or addition to PUBG?

    I'd like to be able to hold my breath a bit longer while boosted, like it is for running.