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  1. I don’t think it’s bc of people backing out. So far the only way I can get in a game quick is by restarting PUBG after every game try out the resart it’s getting me in games within 30 seconds as long as I do that
  2. Dustin8943

    War mode is live!!!

    Got in one game instantly and it was great, ran smooth. After that game it’s been endless matchmaking. Sat in one lobby that showed 10/4 for 19 minutes . Come on PUBG ?? Restarted the game and got in a second game within 30 seconds only to get booted before dropping out of the plane
  3. 45 minutes of matchmaking and made it into one game , love this game but can’t say I’m surprised
  4. Yea me and the people I play with are having the same problem , about 4/5 games we play in duo one of us ,if not both , have to back out and go to the main menu or restart the game because it will not allow us to ready up in duo. It gives you the option to leave squad but when you rejoin and check ready it auto changes our duo game to squad with random team mates and there’s no way to back out and change it back to duo , unless I go all the way back to beginning of game menu . Pretty annoying and happening non stop for us