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  1. Yea me and the people I play with are having the same problem , about 4/5 games we play in duo one of us ,if not both , have to back out and go to the main menu or restart the game because it will not allow us to ready up in duo. It gives you the option to leave squad but when you rejoin and check ready it auto changes our duo game to squad with random team mates and there’s no way to back out and change it back to duo , unless I go all the way back to beginning of game menu . Pretty annoying and happening non stop for us
  2. I’m in a game on mirmar ( after the new patch came out) there are 14 players left, I am in a building inside the newest white circle with a little time left until the blue cirlcle begins to close in. I have 3/4 health and drink an energy drink . Next the “restricting play area in 10 seconds” warning pops up and my health quickly slides down to nothing and I die. My health dropping wasn’t like being hit or even being outside the zone (which I wasn’t). There were no gun shots or explosions near me . I Just drank a bad energy drink I guess lol. The normal pop up showing who killed you or if the play-zone killed you was not there. This was a first for me , anyone else have this mystery death happen to them since the new update ?? Hard to see but I’m clearly inside the newest playzone . - Solo FPP mirmar - Xbox one 54970775778__84D7E310-63C8-4F20-B84E-44EAEA35DEEF.MOV