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  1. iTz Limpyy

    Updates/Patches after 1.00

    No, it will be just like you download a regular update for the game.
  2. Nice shot man! How do you get your killfeed to look like that!?
  3. iTz Limpyy

    Anyone Else?

    Would anyone else like the option to be able to see how many people are spectating you?
  4. iTz Limpyy

    We need buildable barricades!

    Sorry bud, this isn't Fortshite...
  5. iTz Limpyy

    Can someone explain to a non-techie

    They did this intentionally to try and combat the early game lag and de-sync issues that people with both consoles were experiencing. It does suck but the optimization in performance is definitely noticeable.
  6. iTz Limpyy


    We shall see. The AKM seems like it super OP now for some reason. I find myself in love with that gun now when I used to hate it before. Now I will take it over any gun in the game in it's current state.
  7. iTz Limpyy


    Yeah, "skill"...more like luck ?
  8. iTz Limpyy


    So, you're saying that you should have to have a fully decked gun to have a chance at being able to kill another player while using full auto? If that's your logic, I don't think many people would agree with you.
  9. iTz Limpyy


    The AK seems so OP now because of this change....
  10. iTz Limpyy


    Ok, then why couldn't they JUST fix the M4, why did the SCAR need a change just because the M4 got one..?
  11. iTz Limpyy


    I really don't care if people don't read my post ? And what's wrong with using one gun the whole game? I still do that now with the AKM so they changed nothing in that regard. Nice try though.
  12. iTz Limpyy


    Woahhhh, settle down big dog. I haven't been on thee forums in a while so idk what's been talked about and what hasn't. I'm also not going to take the time to search it up so that's why there is a new thread. Maybe my new thread will spark change. If there are a lot of threads on it, it's obvious no one likes it and it needs to be changed. They want to keep us happy with the game but they can't see that no one likes the current recoil system? That's pretty lame if you ask me...
  13. iTz Limpyy


    I agree. No one ever complained that there was too LITTLE recoil on the ARs so Idk why they took it upon themselves to increase the recoil on them. This is not a PC game, it is a console game and being able to use a mouse to aim justifies adding the recoil in to make it harder but on console, they just overdid it imo.
  14. iTz Limpyy


    Lol, nope. Just started playing this game again.