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  1. Patch 11

  2. Very Suspicious...

    I was waiting for him to stop moving so I could blast him with the KAR and then finish him off with the M4 but he saw me before I shot the M4. He is a little sketchy, I have been killed by him before like that in a similar situation.
  3. Very Suspicious...

    Maybe I need to start picking up the VSS a little more then bc it is way too OP.
  4. Very Suspicious...

    It needs a nerf then bc that right there is bullshit.
  5. MnK or Controller?

    Well, my first thought was how you are getting the blue blood without changing your language to Chinese...?
  6. Very Suspicious...

    It seemed as if he went full auto with it. I know you can do that with the VSS but to have all of the bullets hit like that with no deviation whatsoever? Leaning towards a mnk user...
  7. Not jumping to any conclusions but.... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Dr Disrespek/video/46247572
  8. Windows Sonic

    It’s like Dolby atmos but for stereo sound instead of surround sound. No special headphones required.
  9. Brightness Adjustment

    Thanks man, I’ll give these a try. Hopefully the settings work for a dell monitor.
  10. Brightness Adjustment

    I am playing on a monitor. I have to max out brightness to even have decent shadows. Do you have any recommendations for a good brightness and contrast setting for this game?
  11. We need these options within settings. The game is way to dark right now.
  12. Save ALL Your BP

    This is the most accurate comment I have seen all day today..
  13. Anyone Had This Problem?

    I am on an XB1 with an elite controller. This is the second time it has happened to me. The first time was a couple of days ago.
  14. I landed on the ground and my character would not go any faster than a creep-walk. I couldn't run or open any doors. It was super laggy and stuttering all over the place as well. Has anyone had this happen to them as well? Hopefully this video will give a better idea of what I mean: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Dr Disrespek/video/45493187 @PUBG_RoboDanjal @PUBG_Hawkinz
  15. Still trying to figure out what exploit your buddy used to put an 8x scope on an m16...? In all seriousness though, there is definitely a problem with hit detection and bullet registration in this game.