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  1. When is PUBG coming to PS4?

    how does it not do the game justice lol its practically almost the same trailer they did for PC during closed beta lmao

    it takes 60 secs for bombs to drop enough time to get out...so get better maybe?
  3. Custom Games

    Want your opinion on how only partnered can only make custom games and only see like 4 custom games made games which i think its a waste wish they would have selected Real people that love this game and would actually play it and make custom matches and not just do it for the money and being known as only just a partner
  4. PUBG Interactive Map Update

    there is no reason for water marks lmao the image wasnt even created by you hahahahaha
  5. this is the funnest post i have seen yet lmao P.S CTRL+T works wonders
  6. In game Chat

    i dont have to specify it more everyone knows there is no text chat in game if you would you use your brain you would know what i was talking about
  7. In game Chat

    and its been fixed now
  8. In game Chat

    ??? what lmao i was talking about voice chat
  9. In game Chat

    It just started working again lol
  10. 674 MB update now

  11. In game Chat

    in game chat working for anyone else or is it just me i have tried everything this is the first time ever in game chat has not worked for me
  12. footsteps?

  13. yup definitely hear the foot steps but dont hear door opening
  14. Your Most Embarrassing Death

    this is why a little bit of shadow is very useful
  15. Any ETA when the update is coming back out?

    this isn't official just wait till the DEV's say when on twitter