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  1. Kizy


    The longer the game goes on, the more the blue will hurt you. Also, when the blue line completes one if its reductions, it'll hurt more again i.e. when the blue line meets the white line. End-game blue will destroy your health.
  2. Kizy


    No it's not. Summer is 21st June in the northern hemisphere. That's a way off.
  3. Kizy

    How to report a cheater on xbox one

    You can report here. But I'd advise you to think before submitting a ticket - did he really cheat? There are very few (if any) exploits on the Xbox version.
  4. Kizy

    Solos is full Of snakes 🐍

    I think you just wanted to use the snake emoji
  5. Kizy

    You think it's fair

    We all get the same support. Servers are not a support issue, they're an infrastructure issue. It sucks there's no SA servers for you guys - it really is. But topic after topic about it is not going to get one magically developed.
  6. Kizy

    The moaning horde

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm Scottish - it's kind of what we do. Moan. Mainly about rain and low blood alcohol content.
  7. Kizy

    Mouse & Keyboard

    I'd like to see the stats on this. Some people say it's rampant, some people say it's not. Fact is that it's an issue (big or small).
  8. Kizy

    Hackers on xbox

    @FlyGuy334 Don't have a go at people when they disagree with you - calmly thank them for their input, present the facts as you see them and defend your argument. Also, this isn't hacking - this is just down to bad positioning, bad decision making and potato aim. No need to report people for this. Carry on people.
  9. Use the native aspect ratio. My eyes hurt.
  10. Kizy

    disconnected player

    This would be a classic case of spending time to create a feature to workaround a bug, rather than just fixing the bug. Would much rather see the time spent on fixes crashes and disconnects than implement a feature that has very niche application.
  11. Kizy

    x8 scope bug?

    It's not an 8x scope issue - it's a long distance rendering issue.
  12. Change your language back to English in the settings menu. Assuming you want English.