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  1. School roof stairs bug

    I get this every game i visit School. It fixes itself immediately when your head is above the ground.
  2. Nice one - I'm not the best coder, but it'll be a nice side project.
  3. When the API becomes available (hopefully for Xbox too) - I'm considering playing around to create a basic app for this. Would there be much interest in this?
  4. Terms of Service

    The EULA can be found here and the rules of conduct here.
  5. Add FAST scroll loot

    Maybe a feature of holding LT will make it scroll faster?
  6. Marked!!!!

    Novel idea - but what happens if you accidentally TK?
  7. Issue: Boost remains on when holding LB and opening and closing map Workflow: Drive Hold boost button down Open map Let go of boost Close map Boost will remain running without using boost button - until you brake Kind of a nice bug tbf - saves on my finger getting sore.
  8. LB and RB

    I'd like to highlight this issue as it happens at least once a play session. Solution as OP says is to use LB to active tabs, then RB and LB will work appropriately.
  9. Stop strafing while you shoot!

    I've really been trying this recently - but I find I can't get enough practice in because as soon as I stop moving, I'm dead. I find this easier to implement when I'm the first one to engage than when I've been jumped by someone.
  10. Moderators

    One thing worth mentioning is that we should all be trying to self-moderate too - yes we don't have the moderator permissions to enforce rules, but we can aim to stick within the rules as well as holding others accountable. There's reporting functions for both spam and inappropriate posts that we should all be using. More sub-moderators would be great, but until that point we should be pushing for the community we all want. Ok, I'll take my old man hat off now.
  11. Grenade trajectory

    It doesn't match it perfectly, been that way for a little while.
  12. Range of the grenade

    Is OP saying the radius is too high or two low? I feel it's where it needs to be.
  13. Moderators

    No bother I have colleagues who often email me from Korea forgetting I don't speak Korean, so I'm used to seeing it and panicking. Being Scottish, I'm barely fluent in English Anyway, we're off-topic!
  14. Moderators

    Fyi they're Korean.
  15. Bluehole Devs. Freesync support

    For those wondering - freesync. Just had to google it myself