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  1. Is anyone else still experiencing massive lag towards the 2nd half of the game and beyond? It’s cost me my life “figuratively” in a game several times over the last few weeks. Note for Devs... Perhaps try a full game or ten before releasing the next patch. 😁
  2. RuckingJonesy13

    Headset Advice Please.

    Managed to break my Turtle Beach XO Sevens last week so replaced them with a set of HyperX Cloud II headphones. Really happy with them for the price as well. My turtle beaches used to cut out occasionally but not noticed this at all with the HyperX. Highly recommended.
  3. RuckingJonesy13


    Yeah agreed, I just wish they’d get in to a proper Design, Build, Test & Release cycle! So we don’t go through this backlash every time they release a sub standard patch. It’s basic Service Management and they need to carry out proper User Acceptance on the PTS not release the broken software that we ALL in this community told them wasn’t ready for live implementation. Can you guess I work in software release? Lol
  4. RuckingJonesy13


    My understanding is that the patch was released early and was the patch released on Saturday which was being discussed for release today.
  5. RuckingJonesy13


    Last night my 3 man squad all crashed out at the same time while driving across Miramar... truck hit a tree... the rest is history.
  6. RuckingJonesy13


    So... Erangel is definitely the better performing map which we should expect as they’ve been working on it for 7 months... I’d say it’s nearly there in terms of game performance with the frame drop, building rendering and crashes still to improve but a vast improvement on Saturday. Miramar has definitely improved since Saturdays patch however there is a lot of work to be done for the parachuting, rendering, rubber banding, frame drop, driving issues and multiple crashes sometimes in the same game. So a lot to work on. What I’d like to know is if areas outside of the blue zone are dropped as the circle gets smaller towards the end game. Those areas aren’t required after the second/third circles so surely if they are unrendered during a game, that may improve performance for the last 30-40 players. That’s just a thought for me. When driving the predictive rendering also needs to be accelerated as there’s been no end of times when a hay bail has “appeared” in front of me as I move further in to the map. Saturday was a positive step but definitely more improvements to come.
  7. RuckingJonesy13

    6 hour test server maintenance

    And me!
  8. RuckingJonesy13

    PUBG Xbox Test Server - Feedback Megathread

    I’ve been experiencing terrible lag on the new PTS patch. Usually after around 50 players in the smaller circles. It’s almost as if it can’t handle players being too close together. I’ve lagged out of cover several times which led to my death and I’ve lagged while shooting at a target which also led to my death. I’m sure it’s not just me but this feels like the December/January game again in quite a few areas.
  9. RuckingJonesy13

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    I’m with you on that bud! That’s the whole idea of regression testing to ensure the app or game works as it should.
  10. RuckingJonesy13

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    I hope you guys have reported all these bugs you are experiencing. The more reports the more likely they are to fix them.
  11. RuckingJonesy13

    Terrible Lag

    When playing on mirimar the lag/rubber banding after around 50 players remaining is unbearable. It’s caused me to lag out of cover in a fire fight and led to my death several times. Hark back to the early days of Erangel!
  12. It could all be done with BP rather than 7,000 to open a crate it could be items with a BP price, leather jacket 30,000 BP, a bit like the purchasing system on “The Division”. No money involved unless you want to buy BP potentially for those elusive Black School Shoes! 😁
  13. RuckingJonesy13

    Og Xbox SSD

    I’ve got a Samsung T5 500GB, works great for loading PUBG and wasn’t too expensive. Got it from Maplins UK in their closing down sale. I bought it as it was easier than getting a drive and a USB adapter etc etc.
  14. RuckingJonesy13

    In depth stat tracker

    Hey @FLEXZICAN I keep getting the API error on mobile from both Chrome and Safari. I’ve been trying over the last few days to no avail.
  15. The current 2x is like looking down a toilet roll tube with stupid light green reticle at the end! The new look from the PTS is awesome.