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  1. Superf1y mk2

    POLL: Controller Type A or Type B?

    Slowly getting used to it. But at extreme close range I dont aim, just point
  2. Superf1y mk2

    POLL: Controller Type A or Type B?

    I was using type A for ages. Recently switched to B and it's sooo much better. Feels more natural, no more thinking about my aim, I just do it. Highly recommended
  3. 2 perspectives of my duo teammates amazing grenade throw..
  4. Superf1y mk2

    So I reached the top rank but...

    Agree I much prefer playing with teammates. Just too stressful playing solo..
  5. Superf1y mk2

    Game crash: Megathread

    I have an Xbox one x and the game is crashing for me more than ever. Iv tried all the things people say will help but no joy. Crash crash crash. Crashes while driving, running, looking at inventory and even reviving a teammate!! Oh and while viewing a teammate after iv died🤔 Usually the brrrrrrr one but sometimes just freezes Sort this out asap or lots will stop playing...
  6. Superf1y mk2

    Astro A50 settings

    What settings do you turn on/off on the Xbox please? If got the astro A50 gen 3. Iv downloaded tournament 1 + 2 from their site. Just unsure of what settings to use in conjunction on the xbox.
  7. Superf1y mk2

    where are shots coming from?

    What settings you using on the A50's? Got them myself but struggling to find decent set up.