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  1. Substantial frame drop in Zharki

    When landing in Zharki and playing in FPP, looking towards South direction substantially drops few of my friends' frames and mine. I usually get 45+ but when looking that direction, it drops to 20. Exact direction can be seen through the photo I provided below: https://imgur.com/a/s7qsG
  2. As you might have already known, both maps are way too big for 100 players. But during most of the matches, before even the first circle closes, there are only 50-60 people left alive. A whopping half of the players have already died. However you have to waste your time by waiting until the circle closes and the next circle appears. I suggest that the circle should close, bypassing the first safe zone into the next safe zone. The damage should be the same as first zone since we don't want to damage the players left alive but to bring them closer so that they can actually play the game.