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  1. My default capture time is 30 seconds on the console, no editing required.
  2. hidden klmm

    End of game stats

    That would just be depressing
  3. hidden klmm

    Forum name change

    Thanks, man!
  4. hidden klmm

    Forum name change

    I switched my gamertag a few months ago and would like to switch my name to match it on the forums. I don't have an alternate email so it would be awkward to create one just for that reason. Is there a way to do this? Thanks! GT: hidden klmm
  5. hidden klmm

    Should they make the vss a crate weapon again

    Haters gonna hate
  6. hidden klmm

    Where’s the PTS FPP players at?

    Type A: no issues Type B: after going ADS, general sensitivity slows way down to whichever magnification ADS sensitivity you were using. You can reset the sensitivity to normal if you tap LB, but this step can still trip you up.
  7. hidden klmm

    Dynamic weather

    Got overcast/drizzle on Miramar and I loved it. The roads and dirt looked saturated as well which was a nice touch. Inside of buildings was very dark, however, which I doubt was intentional (at least to this extent)
  8. hidden klmm

    Where’s the PTS FPP players at?

    It isn't impossible to play on type B, you just have to cancel the slow aim by tapping LB. It sucks but I wouldn't say it is not worth playing if you want to experience the new features.
  9. hidden klmm

    Pts update?

    I can eat my tonkotsu ramen in peace knowing I'm not missing out
  10. hidden klmm

    Patch 18 / Whats Missing

    The audio quietness response was rather lackluster, but my fix for this is cranking the volume on my TV all the way up and making sure in your audio settings that the chat mixer isn't reducing game sounds when you are in a party. I'm guessing you know this already, though. I skimmed the notes; did they mention the UMP/Lightweight grip bug?
  11. hidden klmm

    Movement Feedback

    Yeah bro, you're going to change the world.
  12. hidden klmm

    What's the strangest weapon...

    Won an 11 kill game with VSS and Mk14; wonky combo but paid off!
  13. hidden klmm

    Movement hotfix

    The questions you need to ask: pre hotfix, could you change trajectory while sprinting and freelooking? No. Now, can you do this safely in real life? Yes.
  14. hidden klmm

    Desync/lag when jumping

    Yeah I have been noticing this as well, seems to be a recent issue.
  15. hidden klmm

    Lost Dinners 🐓

    You can actually. Look at AnuKingofKnights on FPP leaderboards. He constantly makes top 10 but rarely wins the game once he's there. But the top 10% and the fact he has played so damn much sent him straight to the top.