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  1. klmmdcclwX


    Dude, MVP right here
  2. If the game preview was free then maybe the progress would be slower, but maybe not. I like to view the $30 as a small donation for faster progress. It really is a small price to pay for a lot of entertainment.
  3. klmmdcclwX

    Clothing Presets Please...

    Did you guys notice that clothing is bugged on everything but solo? Legs clip through pants and hats default hair color to black...
  4. klmmdcclwX

    Just played my first game on FPP

    Probably because you finally aren't getting jipped by camera peekers and bush wookies and no 5-minute-long fights with one player finally saying "fuck it" and committing to a push only to be mowed down by the other player.
  5. The sound is really good in this game. When you hear a shot, make sure you are turning while you hear the echo from the crack as that gives you much more reference information. Headphones are a must.
  6. klmmdcclwX

    how many knew about the 8x zoom?

    It feels slow zoomed out because it is still using the sensitivity set from the 8x/it is acting as if you are still using it at an appropriate 8x distance. If you think about it proportionally, zooming out on any scope will create the feeling of being slow.
  7. klmmdcclwX

    More loot in Squad than in Solo?

    Rank #1 looter NA right here
  8. I actually got the island ending on Miramar and it was a blast; wide variety of water, cliffs, and buildings.
  9. klmmdcclwX

    Vss crosshairs

    He says they are garbage, the OP is referring to the color so I can only assume the post you quoted is also referring to the color. Nothing anywhere in this thread is about how to use the scope.
  10. klmmdcclwX

    Vss crosshairs

    He isn't referring to the mechanics of the scope; he is complaining that it is difficult to see the markings on the scope in the dark.
  11. klmmdcclwX

    Absolutely brutal loss...

    Has anyone told you that you have a hard time admitting you're wrong? Most likely the people who left expected to be gods at the game but ended up getting destroyed, then wouldn't own up to their own shortcomings. I find that most xbox players find ways to blame the game or trash talk to shield their fragile ego from any self-criticism. It suppose it boils down to a choice to be ignorant which may be bliss for you but is idiocy to me.
  12. To get out of it just tap LB+RB and voila. Chances are it came up because you accidentally pressed the buttons.
  13. klmmdcclwX


    Ive had it 3 or 4 times and always die without taking a shot...sort of a bad luck charm for me it seems.
  14. Not sure if this is caused by the same thing that causes frame rate drops, but it needs to be addressed. It definitely isn't network lag. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/53244204
  15. klmmdcclwX

    Blocked By Nico Bihanary On twitter

    Seeing hundreds of negative posts takes a toll, surely.