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  1. bulldogsean27

    FPP matchingmaking is screwed

    Yeah I can't even get into a game so this fpp for me at least is unplayable at least solos are
  2. bulldogsean27

    FPP matchingmaking is screwed

    Yep. I'm not really here to complain I'm just trying to post bugs so they can do a quick hotfix
  3. Can't even get into a FPP game. If I do it will take a lot of turns and a lot of time. I just wanna play fpp
  4. bulldogsean27

    Rubber banding

    Rubber banding has always been a problem in this game. They fix it then mess it up the samething over and over. Luckly I'm getting a lot better graphics card for my PC
  5. bulldogsean27

    Still no fpp in pts?

    Can't even laich the pts cuz it crasfues for no reason. So your lucky to play it.
  6. bulldogsean27

    Can't launch the pts.

    I just wanna play on the new update
  7. bulldogsean27

    Can't launch the pts.

    When. I hit play on the test server it always loads into a black screen and then brings me back into the home screen. If someone knows anything I can do to fix this please tell me.
  8. bulldogsean27

    New Mirimar look

    I haven’t even tried. Anyone know when it’s going to be up again
  9. bulldogsean27

    Is the update good?

    My update kinda started little late but it's almost done and I was wondering if this update actually fixed a lot of crashes or made any improvements. I'm on xbox one s rn.
  10. bulldogsean27


    it Is dying and no one is playing it and I really like FPP.
  11. bulldogsean27

    Is pubg slow right now?

    It’s still slow loading but I can get into matches gmfast now after restarting Xbox. Thank you tho
  12. bulldogsean27

    Is pubg slow right now?

    Restarting it fixed it
  13. bulldogsean27

    Is pubg slow right now?

    The I got ok and got the Xbox live error message. What the heck is going on ? I am just going to restart my console to see if that will work.
  14. I just got on and when I hit at and got to the loading screen it took for ever to go to the menu. It’s not a huge deal but I am just wondering if I’m the only one that ecpirenced that. It happened only once. Now I got a connection timed out and I think my internet is fine. Is anyone else expirencing this.
  15. bulldogsean27


    What’s the problem we have had crashing sense launch and it has not gotten any better. It may gotten worse. The game is so much better it’s just the crashes that screw it up. focus on the crashes now and try to fix them