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    I see that I have a lot of inventory crashes. Sometimes when I loot someone I crash. Then on desert map I hit invisible wall and the car blew up.
  2. bulldogsean27

    No one plays FPP

    Yea maybe
  3. bulldogsean27

    No one plays FPP

    I love FPP but no one plays it. It’s hard to get into a match in FPP on the test server and every time I get put in I have to wait 15 to 20 min for people to join so the game while start
  4. The games is getting a lot better and I’m sure if a lot of people have left they will come back . I mean the devs are doing a heck of a lot better and has gotten me back into Xbox pubg. Give it more time, it will be no bugs goods FPS. You can’t just snap your finger and you have a perfect game.
  5. bulldogsean27

    The test server is better than the real server.

    Idk I am saying I think it is ready for release.
  6. The test server is a whole lot better than the real server and honestly I think it is ready for release because I have seen no problems really. I really think it is ready for release.
  7. I seee no difference when I rurn it up or down. I am just wondering what it does.
  8. bulldogsean27

    I can’t get the 13 update.

    Oh ok thank you
  9. Some reason I can’t find it in my downloads and it could’ve downloaded automatically but it does not say update 0.6.5 it says 0.6.4. I don’t know someone help me. I have tried restarting Xbox already .
  10. bulldogsean27

    Were is the loot on mirimar ?

    No loot please add more loot. I loot 10 houses a shotgun and maybe a pistol
  11. bulldogsean27


    Lol you know what I mean.
  12. bulldogsean27


    When this game gets better I will play but with these updates I see no improvements it’s just the same. So I gonna play fortnite because they are doing good with updates you see improvements in their updates. But pubg you just have really no changes at all. Need to stop adding stuff to the game. Screw crates. Just go as on bugs and everything. And stop worrying about car meta no one cares if you are still mad about car meta then why? It’s fine. So I’m playing fortnite til I see a good update in pubg .
  13. bulldogsean27

    Update 12 thoughts?

    If I did not check to see if there was an update and it did not let you know there was an update I would never notice a change. So it has not improved for me at all. It stayed them same . They said next few updates are going to be big tho. We gave not had a good update in a while
  14. bulldogsean27

    THIS game can’t get worse

    GJust posted cuz it mad just ignore this post. This game can get better and yep it’s still unbeaten game preview.
  15. I lay on top of rocks and stand up and get stuck. I don’t get this game they don’t focus on Xbox at all. Heck pubg mobile is doing better than pubg Xbox.