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  1. Hello everyone. Any words from nico or a dev when the last patch from pts hits the live server? And will the chances of getting some weather increased there? Thanks.
  2. fupsen

    "Good" players sensitivity settings!

    If i play higher than 4 i noticed sometimes i went left or right over my target if its far away. At close range 6 seems fine to me also.
  3. fupsen

    "Good" players sensitivity settings!

    I personally think sensivity settings has nothing to do how good/bad a player is. I saw videos on youtube a guy constandly get 7+ kills with a sens of 3 and no AA. I personally play on 4 for everything with a AA of 1. Works pretty well for me.
  4. fupsen


    Lol no....if the box appears its too late. Maybe 20 seconds after you died or so.
  5. Just a thought....wouldnt be it a good idea to find a deffibrilator in duos and squads in airdrops sometimes? So u have maybe 20 seconds time to reanimate a dead teammate? What you think?
  6. fupsen


    Right stick to choose one and press to do that emote.
  7. fupsen

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    That is what i heard...cant tell it by myself. As i said, i deleted the PTS after i noticed that bug on the very beginning.
  8. fupsen

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    What a joke. I don't wanna say anything more about that. Just deleted the PTS after i noticed this. Btw, from other players i heard there is still no weather at all and they not really notice huge FPS improvements.
  9. fupsen

    What's your win streak?

    Never got 2 in a row. Sometimes it was close. Its very hard only with randoms.
  10. fupsen

    Red Zone Should Be...

    I really dislike the red zone how it is now. I play the game since realease and just died twice in the red zone, and i run or drove very often through it. It should be one big boom, with a chance of 50% to survive if you are in open field. So it would be more dangerous.
  11. fupsen

    Frame rate issues

    U need to turn on 60 FPS mode in Pubg settings.
  12. fupsen

    3X Retical

    That what i mean, yes. Aiming while ADS feels slower. Dont know whats up with that.
  13. fupsen

    3X Retical

    To me it always feels ike the 3x is slower while ADS. Beside from that i dont like the optic either. I always trade it for a 2, 4 or 6x.
  14. fupsen

    I'd do much better on an X?

    All i can say is: After the latest update the overall FPS in general is much better on the OG compared to the X. But loading times, graphics and stuff is better on the X.