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  1. TriviaJockey


    I've said this before and I will say it again...people should play whatever style/strategy is fun for them. Assuming you're not a gaming pro making a living doing it, the only reason to play a video game is for fun.
  2. There's a "Stamp" button below the video. If you click it, the URL will change. Copy and paste the new URL. Easy.
  3. Just a quick bit of advice...please either set your clip to start just before the relevant part, or shorten your recorded clips. So people don't have to sit through 1:50 of video just to get to the part you're asking about. Cheers.
  4. TriviaJockey

    Magician's Challenge

    I always thought an Alexander Hamilton mode would be interesting...pistols only. At dawn, preferably.
  5. TriviaJockey

    Blue Zone of Death

    Planning ahead usually solves most blue zone problems. Only in the rarest of "superunlucky" games does it cause a problem.
  6. TriviaJockey

    Vehicle Mounted Weapons / Mounted Weapons

    It's joking, not trolling. I certainly didn't intend that anyone would take me seriously.
  7. TriviaJockey

    Vehicle Mounted Weapons / Mounted Weapons

    I do want to make it clear that this was not in any way intended to be a serious post.
  8. TriviaJockey

    Vehicle Mounted Weapons / Mounted Weapons

    I want them to introduce Gungans. They have cool shields powered by gigantic pack animals.
  9. TriviaJockey


    I was killed by a guy in a firefight that I really don't understand how I lost (though I accepted it, obviously), but then had a moment of pure glee while spectating him when he was killed by a bomb in the red zone.
  10. TriviaJockey

    Can I get some fries with my salt?

    Oh I'm not criticizing the strategy. Not at all. Was just curious about it, is all.
  11. TriviaJockey

    Can I get some fries with my salt?

    Huh. OK so I get wanting to fight, but why give up stealth?
  12. TriviaJockey

    Can I get some fries with my salt?

    Re-read his last sentence...he was being sarcastic.
  13. TriviaJockey

    Grenade meta

    The OP is also forgetting one very important use of grenades...forcing prone people in final circles to reveal themselves. Often getting a grenade kill is just a bonus, because the intent is merely to make people get up and run.
  14. TriviaJockey

    Grenade meta

    Don't forget People Who Get Mad When Other Players Don't Play His Exact Playstyle. Those people are here on this forum, too.