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  1. I have no solo wins yet. I suck.
  2. Tips om Elite controller

    It's true, I've tried multiple settings on the trigger pull. The RT is a variable speed controller for vehicles. I set mine to 0-50 I think...gives me full acceleration on a full pull, but I can still drive slower by pressing part way.
  3. Tips om Elite controller

    I use Type B config. Upper left paddle for map. Upper right paddle for inventory. Lower left paddle for hold breath. I don't use a lower right paddle, need that space to grip the controller.
  4. Thats it....

    I don't know if you were aware of this or not, but this offhand comment is being used by M&K players to justify their use, they're claiming you have confirmed it's perfectly legal and fine to use M&K devices (and emulators). If it was your intent to do that, then fine. If not, well then just FYI.
  5. Thats it....

    Dude, they have posted this here on the forums MULTIPLE times. Direct M&K support disabled intentionally, and they are working on developing ways to curb (their word) M&K emulator use. IT. IS. CHEATING.
  6. Thats it....

    I am not a good player. I get killed a lot. But I understand how silly it would be to play M&K to try and fare better.
  7. Thats it....

    "I can't stop these arsonists from burning my house down, so I'm going to help them light the fire." Don't be this guy, man. Just...don't.
  8. Remove Friendly Fire.

    Other than getting us from place to place, cars serve no purpose. I'm mostly just messing with you, but realism is an important aspect to this game.
  9. This Plague Is Killing My Fun

    The phrase you are looking for is "damaging my calm".
  10. PUBG Limericks

    I'm with my squad sporting a holo, We're all loaded up shouting "YOLO", But then I'm afraid, Into our room dropped a grenade, And now I carry on solo.
  11. 3 man squad only

    Yes, I would like a "Trio" option to go along with Duo.
  12. PUBG Limericks

    For a chicken dinner I thirst, So I set my carbine on burst, But this hit detection, Spurs much introspection, For his one shot has killed me first.
  13. Xbox Companion App

    Kind of like Battlelog for Battlefield, right? That would be nifty.
  14. PUBG Limericks

    Our squad advanced, hesitating But my mate's loud taking was irritating Thus he failed to see The enemy behind a tree And now he's reduced to spectating
  15. PUBG Limericks

    I once saw a guy in a Jeep Who kept making his horn sound a beep I felt rather ill As I flew off the grille And my body landed in a heap