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  1. TriviaJockey

    matchmaking still broken

    I am in NA region. I tried to play War Mode last night, could not get a match. Tried for 10 minutes combined.
  2. Kept trying, but it never found me a match. I let the counter get up to 5:00 at one point. Anyone else experiencing this? Normal mode worked fine, so it's not a problem on my end. Xbox One X
  3. TriviaJockey

    I really start to get angry (Xbox X)

    4k yes. I think I may have turned HDR off a while ago, I don't remember.
  4. TriviaJockey

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    Played over a dozen games in Sanhok and one game in Erangel. I am happy to report NO performance-related problems. The only problem I experienced was my own bad aim. (on Xbox One X)
  5. I played over a dozen Sanhok games last night. I am thrilled with the performance...I had no lag problems, no rendering problems, and no frame rate problems. Just wanted to say thank you to the dev team and a job well done on the 1.0 release so far.
  6. TriviaJockey

    I really start to get angry (Xbox X)

    I played over a dozen Sanhok games last night on One X. The performance was flawless. Rendering, frame rates...I had zero problems.
  7. TriviaJockey

    release of 1.0?

    Currently downloading. Does this update kill my settings?
  8. TriviaJockey

    GIRLS Do Play Games

    I would love to see more women gaming. Sometimes the "little boys club" aspect of the gaming community gets on my nerves.
  9. I am on Xbox One X, and I have ONLY noticed it after this patch. Rendering was 100% fine (for me) up until now.
  10. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/08/21/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-full-release-coming-september-4/
  11. OK, I've played several games after patch #18, and I con honestly say this is the first time I notice a step backwards performance-wise. I haven't had early-game rendering problems in months, but today after the update it took a noticeably long time for build interiors to render. I've also noticed that movement on screen isn't as smooth, just ever so slightly herky-jerky...is that framerate? I don't know, but the game doesn't run smoothly like it did pre-patch. Both of these issues are on Miramar and Erangel. I'm using an Xbox One X
  12. Ugh I lost all my settings in the update. I guess I’ll have to start taking photos of my settings...
  13. No because M&K players on PUBG Xbox servers are cheating, so obviously they don't want other people eschewing controllers...it takes away their advantage. Xbox PUBG is for controllers, period. That's both the community's unofficial position and PUBG's official position.
  14. No. Then you should practice and get more skilled using the Xbox controller, rather than insisting that the rest of us change how we pay.
  15. The only time I ever had a blue zone problem was the time I had to run all the way from Pimorsk to Vasnaya because someone bothered to take the time to stop and shoot out the tires of every vehicle along the roads away from Pimorsk. Even then I didn't die because I was able to heal up twice from major blue zone damage. I finished in 6th place, in fact. I got my revenge, though...I watched the match replay and the dude who shot out the tires finished in 47th.