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  1. Rromain52

    Hori Tac Pro Keyboard and Mouse Bull

    Sold I'm buying one right now
  2. Rromain52


    I'm stuck on matchmaking wont do anything
  3. Rromain52


    Is it down???
  4. Rromain52

    Xbox One X Upgrade

    Do u have a 4k TV?
  5. Rromain52

    Xbox One X Upgrade

    Sad is what 100$ to 150$?? Trade in console and keep that 150 and get another 160 and damn ur half way to an x.
  6. Rromain52

    An extra benefit to the Xbox One X

    Far cry 5 is awesome on the x
  7. Rromain52

    Vehicle Speed - Bug?

    It's the trigger locks on elite controller probably.
  8. Rromain52

    Pubg official mobile

    Just found out it might be only out in canada!
  9. Rromain52

    Pubg official mobile

    It says it's beta when u play game so maybe you have to be part of Google preview program??
  10. Well just played a official pubg sponsored game from Google play store on mobile and damn. It puts all our consoles to shame lol
  11. Rromain52

    AFK Players

    Don't mess with my free kills!!
  12. Proxychat ftw!!
  13. Car meta? Yeah right they blow up So quick now and the other day I hit a guy dead on going 80 and he just bounced off and yes I jumped out to gun him but I died lol
  14. Dude we could care less what the og can do since we are on the x. We got the high end console for better performance just as advertised. Make sense ?