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  1. Patch #9 leak

    Ok sorry patch 7 is when improvements on the x stopped and went down hill.
  2. Banning K&M for console.

    Microsoft has shown the devs how to detect kb/m. It's up to devs to ban it.
  3. Patch #9 leak

    Patch 7 is where the performance issues started on the x
  4. We want 60 fps on our one x's

    Screw 30 I got a 1x and I want 60. 30 is a bunch of horse crap
  5. I hope they scrap the og box version and just work on the x instead.
  6. PSA About Greedy Finishing Kills

    But then your teammates get to spectate the rest of the game
  7. Favorite Weapons Poll - Part 2

    G18c extended max full auto
  8. 1v4 - What's your Loadout?

    M249 and red dot

    Shadow warrior is free on gold ! Pretty awesome
  10. Any news on upcoming update?

    They are nerfing fists at 4 am eastern tonight.
  11. POLL: K&M emulators on Xbox

    Well I'm honestly thinking bout giving the xim apex a go when it releases to try it out.
  12. Cars on Xbox

    Laying in the grass and staying hidden or driving a car and being seen by all. To each his own.
  13. Punchy derpwads

    Fist need nerf!!!! Fist meta!!