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  1. That's not the question you asked though. You asked "why do you guys want to see server ping?". The forums are already aflame with angry people that haven't a clue. And yeah ping is only one variable of connection quality. I'd love to see latency (not ping), packet loss, Lat Variance, Server tick, Receive rate, and latency offset. Maybe even a CPU/GPU performance graph as well.
  2. The majority of desync is the result of shitty connections (ping/loss/jitter). BH has officially acknowledged it ... in a sly kinda way, but the did acknowledge it.
  3. It actually plays well when you aren't paired up with a shit ton of high ping shit connected players.
  4. Don't use/trust the death cam or replays for clarification. They both aren't in sync with real time events. This is documented.
  5. 99.99% of the event it was smooth, no weirdness or wtf moments. I think the PGI network simply got saturated a few times during the event. Game play + Streaming etc. Maybe there were a few spikes of packet loss (up/down), player connections got jittery. In reality that's all it would take.
  6. If gives US ammo for the questions posed. If my connection is X then WTF am I lagging, rubberbanding, getting hit behind cover etc?
  7. Seeing your own connection quality has 2 purposeful reasons: See ... my connection doesn't suck. So why am I getting x, y, z.... Why am I being pushed to X server when Y is closer? Seeing everyones connection in a list would be more beneficial.
  8. Rev0verDrive

    Blue line in relation to position on map.

    You cannot scale (zoom) the map enough to see the real accurate position...pixel widths etc. Just use the dashed line from your player to the zone. Once you are in the dash line disappears.
  9. Here's a demonstration using Unreal Engine 4.19.2
  10. Rev0verDrive

    new game mode GUN GAME

    "Gun Master" from Battlefield ...ported from CSGO? I hate that shit mode. Good luck populating that crap.
  11. Correct ... a LAN setup is all players and server are at the same location. Internet is not used. I heard the same thing. The server was not at the PGI location. Players were connected to it through the internet.
  12. WAW was 5 ... anyway, high pings should not be allowed. They shouldn't market or sell a game where they cannot provide low ping servers to the majority of players.
  13. Rev0verDrive

    Hit registration/ Ping/WTFever

    Tickrates cannot be changed once the game server starts. Just wanted to clear that up first. By end round you are being replicated at the max rate set in the pawn actors settings. Yet even if the game ran at 120Hz and replicated at 120Hz you'd still have desync on players with high pings. They need to get shitty pings off the servers.
  14. Matchmaking goes through a different connection as well. That could be East coast for all NA servers. Give the resource monitor approach a try. You can then take the IP in do a location lookup. https://www.iplocation.net/
  15. CoD 4 (Modern Warfare) is hitscan and as you said "low pings". Low pings for "All" players on the server is the key.