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  1. Just want to add to this. In some cases a change to a map will render the videos incompatible. Landscape geometry change or adding geometry (buildings, trees, rocks etc) and the like. This could make previously (recorded) traversable areas/paths not traversable when replayed.
  2. Rev0verDrive

    PUBG low gpu usage

    In my honest opinion I believe the i3-8350K is the issue ... bottlenecking. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Rev0verDrive

    guns default settings

    All weapons default to single shot on initial spawn. Now you know. Now on pickup you can simply check (visual cue in hud). After a few hours toggling to auto should become a muscle memory habit.
  4. Rev0verDrive

    Stat Based Titles

    Using the downed player as an identifier that all his teammates are downed. You don't know the exact size of the opposing team in Squads. Could be 4, or 3, or 2 or 1. When you down a player and they instantly just die, this is an indicator that the full team has been killed.
  5. Rev0verDrive

    Stat Based Titles

    Sounds like some pre-teen console lingo. 1500 hours and this is the first time I've heard of it. You guys have any other renames for standard player interactions? What's the buzz phrase for someone that prones to heal?
  6. Rev0verDrive

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    What I think is they looked at the cost of developing to support regional rolling updates. Then at the extra cost of additional MM servers. Finally deciding that a 4 hour global downtime was not intrusive enough to pay the additional costs.
  7. Rev0verDrive

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    BF uses this setup and so do a lot of other AAA studios. The difference is the NA/EU player base doesn't get impacted by the downtime....which is the majority of the player base in most cases. Benefits to the architecture is lower cost and maintenance downtime. You also have to look at how matchmaking works in pubg (OOR Push etc). With this setup there's always going to be a region that's affected by downtime. With PubG it's mainly EU and NA (the smaller player base considering Asia).
  8. Rev0verDrive

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    Are your clients forced to update or is it optional? Are your clients required to pool with set number of other clients prior to being able to use said software? Apples and Crocodiles
  9. Rev0verDrive

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive_Dedicated_Servers Anyone can download and setup a Dedicated CSGO server. CSGO offers a server browser for players to choose a specific server. As a server "Owner" it is your chose when to update your server. As a player it is your chose as to when to update your client. When you setup a CSGO server it connects to a listen server at the Steam/Valve backend. If your server is listed, then players can connect/join it through the browser. If your server is configured and approved for MM then it is added to the MM server pool. --------------------------- PubG's architecture is vastly different. They seem to be using a single centralized MM server to handle all MM queueing etc. This means that all game servers need to shutdown along with the MM servers for patching. This architecture doesn't allow for regional patch rollouts do to the way that MM is handled (Global Player -> Region Renewal). A player in patched region might get queued to a server in an unpatched region. So MM servers go down, get updated, then game servers get patched and the system is restarted. MM -> Servers. Battlefield 1 and 5 (AWS Cloud Servers) have 1 hour downtimes per platform on patch days. Patch times are usually at 800 UTC for PC (DICE Stockholm...9am CET). The difference here is that's EA/DICE contract server management to i3D. They have Global Staff and a full bare metal rack at each AWS DC specifically for handling MM, spin ups/downs, patching etc. What game and what architecture?
  10. Rev0verDrive

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    Or possibly somebody doesn't understand how global MM works on cloud servers.
  11. Rev0verDrive

    Intentional teamkillers... ffs

    There are plausible deterrents such as shared damage that could mitigate the majority of these occurrences. But there are downsides that mainly break immersion and realism.
  12. Rev0verDrive

    Erangal Loot

    I don't think any reduction here is for optimization. Scarcity (if any) maybe a design choice. I say this simply because loot isn't spawned until it is triggered to be spawn by the player intersecting a spawners collision radius. Imagine an invisible dome with a 50m radius. When the player touches any part of that dome it triggers the server to spawn items at the center point of the dome on the ground. Until that particular dome is touched by a player nothing for that point (loot spawner) will be spawned, thus nothing to manage or track. Now on the technical side they may not be "spawning" actors in a traditional sense. http://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Game/SpawnActorfromClass/ They maybe using "Object Pooling". From a performance perspective this could be the better option. I haven't thoroughly tested UE4 object pooling on this scale .... yet. Spawning something is the process of creating a new instance of an actor. When something is spawned the spawn class returns a pointer for the newly created item. Object pooling is basically reusing the same instance of an actor. Projectiles (bullets) in pubg should be using object pooling versus being spawned (created) at trigger pull. Imagine a pile of bullets under the map. Everytime someone fires a shot one of those bullets is queued for use. The game moves the bullet from the pile to your muzzle and then activates it. Once the bullet collides with something or it's life span expires it's deactivated and moved back to the pile. Spawning a few things here and there over a course of time doesn't have much impact. But when you have to spawn quite a few at roughly the same time ... say 1000 items because you have 100 players triggering many spawners. This can have a huge impact on performance. The biggest issue is memory fragmentation. Here's an article that explains it in laymans. http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/object-pool.html Hopefully this helps and isn't overloading.
  13. Rev0verDrive

    Is this cheat or not?

    Yes, ESP was used.
  14. Rev0verDrive

    Servers for NA West Coast

    No, I have no affiliation with PubG Corp or Bluehole. I'm a private developer with many years experience working with unreal engine and various other engines.
  15. Rev0verDrive

    Servers for NA West Coast

    Pretty solid documentation and a how to guide for server location identification. https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/294576-server-location-identification-how-to/ Also Ping in-game is calculated differently then when you Ping an IP. It doesn't use ICMP. It uses your actual game packet travel times. Ping is updated internally (in Engine) at server tick. How long the game takes to process a tick effects the Ping value. So you'll get some wildly fluctuating values. The most accurate reference to your in-game ping will be in the plane prior to any player bailing. Once players bail your ping will start jumping. The more players in camera view, the higher the ping. This shows that tick processing times affect your in-game ping. You'll see these spikes throughout the game.