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  1. Rev0verDrive

    Dsync ?

    I'm on the BF forums now and I'm pretty much the go to guy "community wise" for info/explanations of BF netcode (BF4, BFH, BF1). The Mods will back this as well. I was a part of a huge netcode/hit detection thread with the netcode dev. As far as Unreal Engine netcode is concerned I work with the engine almost daily. So if you have questions I'm available. Just hit me up on the appropriate forum.
  2. The shooter had a severely high ping ....... therefore you are seeing his actions and getting hit by his shots LATE .... Latency Delay. You cannot code around it. Furthermore that video does not show Desynchronization. It just shows you shooting at a laggy bastard with a shit connection.
  3. I consider "smooth as silk" when my PC outputs more frames than my monitor can render. So at a capped 66FPS on a 60Hz monitor ..... yeah it's pretty damn smooth.
  4. Rev0verDrive

    Dsync ?

    Same EXACT posts on the Battlefield forums. I mean literally. Physics based shooters are affected by latency a lot more than games like Siege, CoD, CSGO.
  5. Rev0verDrive

    Dsync ?

    I'll see you on the Battlefield forums complaining about the same "desync". 😜
  6. Rev0verDrive

    Hardcore mode please

    Me either cause I suck at math and Client Server synchronization makes my head spin. I mean considering that a player with a ping of 300ms has a 150ms Update travel time (UTT) would stipulate that the position I see them in is at least 150ms old. Couple that with tick intervals, client receive intervals, cpu and gpu processing times and then input delay (gpu ->monitor) your looking at more like 200ms give or take a few ms. Now if you look at the bullet travel time of a projectile (muzzle velocity x distance) you'll see there's a window of time before a projectile can hit a target. The existence of that window of time ... to me anyway ... stipulates the potential for more of the laggy players old inputs to reach the server before my projectile collides with their "shot at position". I mean as far as I know when you pull the trigger players don't stop moving. Nor does data across a network. At least in the realm of physics. So yeah I could be off my rocker.
  7. Rev0verDrive

    Shot through house walls.

    I'd have to see the vids to be sure, but I have a good idea of what that is. Send links in a private message.
  8. Rev0verDrive

    Hardcore mode please

    Not much more they can "optimize" in regards to hit registration beyond dropping physics and going with hitscan. I honestly think OP is running into high pingers.
  9. I got an 8350 black from 2011 ... still kicking along strong. What region and time of day are you playing? I'm asking because it matters. The level of lag is dependent on how many high pings are on the server. For me this level increases drastically in the late evening and early morning hours. Mostly OOR on the server. During prime hours it's negligible or non existent.
  10. Rev0verDrive

    Ready! Aim! Fire!

    45 and I feel my reaction/snap-to is about 50-60% of what was in the 90's- to early 2000's. I do feel I'm still above average in most FPS I play. I can still faceroll rounds in UT.
  11. Rev0verDrive

    BP has become pointless

    BP has always been pointless. I have over 200,000 that will just sit there.
  12. Rev0verDrive

    Give europeans a break...

    For solo I don't think there should be....to an extent. As stated by others, some areas do not have their own regional servers. South Africa for example. They play on either Asian, OC or south American servers. You could solo lock NA and EU, but validating regions isn't all that easy considering VPN's. This isn't an easy fix by no stretch.
  13. Rev0verDrive

    Give europeans a break...

    Matchmaking fills server queues based on lowest ping FIRST from a pool of who's trying to be matched. If there are not enough players to fill a server with similar pings then the next range of pings is allowed in. So on and so forth. This is the only way to approach the issue without extended wait times. There just aren't enough players in region to accommodate it. I have a 16ms ping. How many 16ms or near enough do you think are on at 2am in NA East? Between 6pm and 11pm there's plenty. After that it dwindles. So if you have a 50ms ping or lower and there's only 30 more players will comparable pings what would you like to happen? Game never starts?
  14. Rev0verDrive

    Dsync ?

    If you have a low ping that's stable and proper hardware there's nothing you can do about it. Bottom line it isn't you or the server ... it's the other player. Their latency is too high. Found those posts that detail the issue.
  15. Rev0verDrive

    Dsync ?

    First off Desynchronization is a server wide event. It's caused when the server cannot process a simulation update in an predetermined interval. For example if a server tick rate is 60Hz it's interval is 16.66ms. Every 16.66ms the server updates it's simulation of the world space (game state). If it takes the server longer than 16.66ms to do this then it cannot sent updates to players on time. Thus every player would get a delayed packet. .............. What you are experiencing is the delays associated with everyday latency. When you input an action (WASD etc) that action is carried out immediately by your PC/Console. Yet the command goes into a queue to be batch sent at the next tick. At that next tick it's sent to the server so the server can replicate it into the simulation. The higher your ping, the longer it takes for that packet to get to the server. This is the reality of multiplayer gaming. Nothing you see other than your own actions are in realtime. All other player actions on screen are past tense events. Thus the importance of having the lowest ping possible when playing. On days when everyone on the server has a low ping, everything is good. This is because the delay in their actions being replicated on your screen is very low. I have a technical walkthrough posted somewhere on the forums. I'll see if I can find it and post you a link.