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  1. Rev0verDrive

    Quick marker issue

    The marker is set to a point in 3D space. Mark an item on the ground and walk around it.
  2. Rev0verDrive

    Death Cam issues

    Death cams and replays are out of sync. The only time they will be in relative sync is when you and your opponent have a very low ping.
  3. Playing a round with 30 or less generally sucks because there's less action. That's one of the main reasons players bail when the queue starts dropping in pre-round. Wait times is another. Round start dynamic zone scaling is the only alternative in my opinion.
  4. Rev0verDrive

    Map editor

    yeah mapping takes a long damn time especially maps that are 8x8 KM using world composition and level streaming.
  5. There aren't enough so called "Good Players" to always match with considering distance to server (PING) and play times. Unless you want to be matched with 99 high pingers from all over the world or have rounds were its 10 or so players I'd stfu and move on to Faceit or one of the other official leagues. If competitive stats are your thing then why the fook aren't you registering for league matches?
  6. Seeing this too, but I'm wearing and only ever wear/equip defaults. Message states blah blah has expired ... Character is nude.
  7. Wow! Why does everybody have to hop on political soapbox whenever theirs something added, removed or changed in a game? It's a damn game. How about a more logical and relevant reasoning for it? Like.. we can't do real skill based matchmaking do to the player counts needed per round and player latencies. So let's go this way with it. If a better ranking system is needed then players can use the API, play through Faceit or the new leagues.
  8. Rev0verDrive


    I completely unbound the throwables key. click keybind spot and hit escape key. That should unbind it (blank).
  9. Rev0verDrive


    I have all my throwables bound to separate keys and I never see the wheel. Recheck your bindings.
  10. Rev0verDrive


    Please think through your ideas. Look at long term game round impact and how players would react in-game to that change.
  11. ^^^ This and where you hit on your screen doesn't determine the damage. The servers version of the event and hit location is what's used for damage calculation.
  12. Rev0verDrive

    almost 2 years now?

    Latency of the other player and/or a combination of both players latency is the major factor in desync (death/hits behind cover). There's a shit ton of detailed posts explaining this including tickrate/replication delay maths. There's even replication interleave posts....vids. You could raise the tickrate to 1000Hz and it wouldn't resolve desync in the majority of cases. You have to lower player pings. Yours may be great, but your opponents could be trash. Campers ... Nothing will ever change in this regard. I'd take a moment and reflect on the way you approach buildings and shit shacks. Act like you just hot dropped with 10 or more players. Expect someone to be in it. Besides how do you know they were camping there for 5 minutes plus? Were you camping the outside for 5 minutes plus? They might have just got there a moment ahead of you and are applying meds. or taking a break from a 5 minute zone chase.
  13. Rev0verDrive

    Matchmaking based on KDR

    Got a no kill win a few seasons ago. Felt cheated. Anyway .... A skill based system wouldn't really work if you consider the number of players needed for a server. A KDR based system would be laughable. You'd play low tier until you got bumped up to the next tier. Eventually you'd be matched against equals which would reduce your KDR...back down you go. In all honesty I don't think there are enough high skilled players to support a 100 player mode with so many options.
  14. Rev0verDrive

    Server Location Identification .. How To

    I'm well aware. I was stating this the day the net stats released.