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  1. I'm in the process of creating a video to show how grass is done in games....Unreal Engine v4.18.3
  2. Ambient sound

    World ambients (wind/water etc) should be nudge up a bit. Footstep attenuation falloff and volume should be adjusted in suite. The inner radius seems too large.
  3. FPP parachute view

    Loads of performance benefits as well.
  4. Loot still broken.

    I can pretty much guarantee an AR and decent gear every single drop. Just learn the maps. Loot spawns (high level density) is directly tied to the flight path and initial circle.
  5. I think the servers are mixed up

    I'm pretty sure I fully understood what he was saying. He thinks because there are a lot of chinese players (foreigners) on the server with him that he's playing in a different (other than selected) region. "I chose Oceania, but I'm playing in Asia" The IP's are not mixed. And there isn't a "Chinese" region. Any player can choose Oceania as their play region.
  6. I think the servers are mixed up

    Where you end up is based on the region you have selected. Choose AS and you'll be matched to a server with the lowest ping in that region as long as there are enough players to accommodate a server. Otherwise you'll be shifted to a server (still in the selected region) where there are players. I'm in NA East (Virginia). During prime hours there are plenty of East coast players to accommodate East coast servers. Late evening or early morning hours though I may be shifted over to NA Central (Ohio).
  7. So I went ahead and created a video covering the basics of collision. I did it in the Unreal Engine (v4.18.3), so there's no argument about how this game does it versus other games (works exactly the same btw). Please excuse the voice volume, mic quality (garbage) and rambling. I'm apparently sick (Flu). The other half and her mom are too, so I had to be somewhat quiet when recording this. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=j0yXNqb0svA Questions are welcome.
  8. Cheating Discussion

    @Why?? I'll rephrase the last part to be perfectly clear. So if the Server never sends the data to you to replicate said recoil, how can your client accurately reproduce it on screen?
  9. Block movement when weapons collide with cover

    I ADS around corners, through windows/doors etc. If I'm ADS and have to duck back (unpeak/strafe) I cannot until my weapon is out of the way. Therefore, once again, Being ADS'd halted my "IMMEDIATE" movement to cover.
  10. Cheating Discussion

    Where did I say lag ... or even mention lag?
  11. Cheating Discussion

    I never said there aren't any cheats that reduce or negate recoil. I clearly stated that what you see on screen as a 3rd party is not representative of what the shooter had as recoil. Looking at a player that's shooting, the game (your client) loads a standard recoil animation for you to see as a simple representation. Your client may modify the animation via parameters to represent (fake) dynamics. Yet, the server never sends you the actual recoil info for the shot (sway, gain, vertical, horizontal, spread etc.). Thus why it's not shown in spectator, replays, nor death cams. So if the client (you) never receive the data from the server to replicate said recoil, how can your client accurately reproduce it on screen?
  12. Cheating Discussion

    ^^ Lol I actually work with the game engine and have worked with unreal engine since 2000. FYI, Multiple hits (same spot) from a burst is not a "no recoil" cheat. It's a Damage mod. A single round hit's, and the client sends multiple hit claims to the server using the same hit info. Seeing as the claims reach the server back to back they get bundled into a single damage packet to the target. And yeah cheats are rampant. I just don't like inaccurate info being spread.
  13. Cheating Discussion

    That's ESP coupled with Aimbot. Totally different than "no recoil".
  14. Cheating Discussion

    Wrong, your client applies an arbitrary animation when players shoot to simulate recoil on their end. If you aren't seeing that, then it's a problem on your end.
  15. simple collision vs complex collision