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  1. Vibranthippo

    Players not rendering.

    He was hiding behind the wall on one of the sides of the door frame. When you turned around, he backed out and around.
  2. Vibranthippo

    Lag or Desync???

    I don't really see anything wrong with this. If you go frame by frame he is reacting to you moving from left to right as well as reacting to getting shot. His shot looks like it hits the railing and then the wall, it is kind of hard to tell whether he is turning right to catch up with you and starts shooting or if he maybe turns left to try to get out of the line of fire.
  3. Vibranthippo

    Hotfix august 7 review.

    Thanks, finally some useful information in this topic...
  4. How are the loading times?
  5. Vibranthippo

    Blue blood

    You can on Xbox, my friends do it. Can't remember exactly how... something about changing to Chinese language and back. It resets if you close the game.
  6. Pretty sure you can cancel reloading by switching weapons no?