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  1. Vibranthippo

    Lag or Desync???

    I don't really see anything wrong with this. If you go frame by frame he is reacting to you moving from left to right as well as reacting to getting shot. His shot looks like it hits the railing and then the wall, it is kind of hard to tell whether he is turning right to catch up with you and starts shooting or if he maybe turns left to try to get out of the line of fire.
  2. Vibranthippo

    Hotfix august 7 review.

    Thanks, finally some useful information in this topic...
  3. How are the loading times?
  4. Vibranthippo

    Blue blood

    You can on Xbox, my friends do it. Can't remember exactly how... something about changing to Chinese language and back. It resets if you close the game.
  5. Pretty sure you can cancel reloading by switching weapons no?
  6. Vibranthippo

    Bluehole, What is Going On Over There?

    My game has been playing great since the update. OG xbox that used to have play-doh buildings every time i land. Hardly have any issues now, predictive loading is working for me almost every match buildings i want to land at are loaded. Have had the odd crash but not much more than before. Also seems like the identified the cause.
  7. Vibranthippo

    OC servers losing fpp, eu next?

    They are also comparing from Dec 2017, which is when they released as 1.0. This is of course going to be the peak period of players. Look at any game the days after launch compared to 6 months later and see what the player count is. If you look at the whole picture on the steamcharts site, and I don't really care about PC, but for the sake of arguement, you can see that they have lost 20% of the playerbase over the last 30 days. Sure, it is still a lot, but still the #1 played game. This is like saying that Amazon stock has lost 20% and is now worthless... wait... it would still be worth $1000 a share..
  8. I played about 6 games last night, roughly evenly split between both maps. Overall loading is getting much better over past few days. It does seem to be getting 'smarter' and faster, likely as more data is collected as they stated. Didn't crash at all last night which was nice. Had to back out to main menu after almost every game in order to be able to ready up which is annoying but minor. Friend did get stuck in a shack on Miramar as it loaded, couldn't get out. Game has issues but people who say it is unplayable are total drama queens. Sure, maybe you can't land at the school but i still land at high traffic areas such as base and what not and have not died once from loading issues.
  9. On OG xbox, game has still been getting better for me. This predictive loading has seemed to be starting to work better on Erangel the majority of games and some games on Miramar. If the building doesn't load it may change my strategy slightly but not usually. I honestly think I can say that the loading has never got me killed. I was a better COD player than I am a PUBG player but I still had games of 3 and 4 kills last night that felt much smoother than previously. Wiped 3/4 squad members at close range with no cover, which is something i felt the CQC wouldn't have allowed me to do a few patches ago. To me, the game is still moving in the right direction. If you expect it to be perfect in 6 months then this wasn't for you. Best $30 I have ever spent on a game, even with it's issues and quirks.
  10. Vibranthippo

    Why even have a Test Server

    Im on a totally stock OG xbox, so I'm not complaining, I'm on the inferior console and don't expect it to be at the standard of the X. Can't justify the X yet for a single game. My FPS has felt so much better over the last say 3 updates (I can't say that this one has made a big difference either way but it is fine to me).
  11. Vibranthippo

    Why even have a Test Server

    Building loading has really improved for me over the past few days, it definitely seems "predictive". I have played a number of solo matches landing at military base whenever possible. I always hit the tower and the first few games after the patch, i was waiting atleast 15-20 seconds for the tower to go from play-doh to loaded. However, the last few games the tower has been loaded before i hit the ground, but almost all other nearby buildings have not. Rubber banding is back slightly but only for about 5 seconds which to me is an improvement over play-doh buildings. I'm not an expert on the subject but one of the most complained about issues on here was the loading. I am assuming they determined that their code would have an overall postive effect for most users. Maybe it did maybe it didn't but to me it has had some effect. Like anything in coding, even after testing, releasing on a full server may discover other issues due to the larger number of games being played. Sure, call me a fan boy but i do think that the game is still moving in the right direction. CQC is much smoother since this last update, and game play overall since day 1 (if you have played since then) is 300 times better.