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  1. Vibranthippo

    Bluehole, What is Going On Over There?

    My game has been playing great since the update. OG xbox that used to have play-doh buildings every time i land. Hardly have any issues now, predictive loading is working for me almost every match buildings i want to land at are loaded. Have had the odd crash but not much more than before. Also seems like the identified the cause.
  2. Vibranthippo

    OC servers losing fpp, eu next?

    They are also comparing from Dec 2017, which is when they released as 1.0. This is of course going to be the peak period of players. Look at any game the days after launch compared to 6 months later and see what the player count is. If you look at the whole picture on the steamcharts site, and I don't really care about PC, but for the sake of arguement, you can see that they have lost 20% of the playerbase over the last 30 days. Sure, it is still a lot, but still the #1 played game. This is like saying that Amazon stock has lost 20% and is now worthless... wait... it would still be worth $1000 a share..
  3. I played about 6 games last night, roughly evenly split between both maps. Overall loading is getting much better over past few days. It does seem to be getting 'smarter' and faster, likely as more data is collected as they stated. Didn't crash at all last night which was nice. Had to back out to main menu after almost every game in order to be able to ready up which is annoying but minor. Friend did get stuck in a shack on Miramar as it loaded, couldn't get out. Game has issues but people who say it is unplayable are total drama queens. Sure, maybe you can't land at the school but i still land at high traffic areas such as base and what not and have not died once from loading issues.
  4. On OG xbox, game has still been getting better for me. This predictive loading has seemed to be starting to work better on Erangel the majority of games and some games on Miramar. If the building doesn't load it may change my strategy slightly but not usually. I honestly think I can say that the loading has never got me killed. I was a better COD player than I am a PUBG player but I still had games of 3 and 4 kills last night that felt much smoother than previously. Wiped 3/4 squad members at close range with no cover, which is something i felt the CQC wouldn't have allowed me to do a few patches ago. To me, the game is still moving in the right direction. If you expect it to be perfect in 6 months then this wasn't for you. Best $30 I have ever spent on a game, even with it's issues and quirks.
  5. Vibranthippo

    Why even have a Test Server

    Im on a totally stock OG xbox, so I'm not complaining, I'm on the inferior console and don't expect it to be at the standard of the X. Can't justify the X yet for a single game. My FPS has felt so much better over the last say 3 updates (I can't say that this one has made a big difference either way but it is fine to me).
  6. Vibranthippo

    Why even have a Test Server

    Building loading has really improved for me over the past few days, it definitely seems "predictive". I have played a number of solo matches landing at military base whenever possible. I always hit the tower and the first few games after the patch, i was waiting atleast 15-20 seconds for the tower to go from play-doh to loaded. However, the last few games the tower has been loaded before i hit the ground, but almost all other nearby buildings have not. Rubber banding is back slightly but only for about 5 seconds which to me is an improvement over play-doh buildings. I'm not an expert on the subject but one of the most complained about issues on here was the loading. I am assuming they determined that their code would have an overall postive effect for most users. Maybe it did maybe it didn't but to me it has had some effect. Like anything in coding, even after testing, releasing on a full server may discover other issues due to the larger number of games being played. Sure, call me a fan boy but i do think that the game is still moving in the right direction. CQC is much smoother since this last update, and game play overall since day 1 (if you have played since then) is 300 times better.
  7. Vibranthippo

    Ok...I need help

    Hit detection is perfectly fine in this game. The issue is that most people are coming from COD or a similar game with aim 'assist' which slows the reticle when you are near a target making it easier to hit. Also, you have to actually lead a target to adjust for movement or aim above to account for bullet drop. Coming from COD, I felt like as long as my reticle was on the target, no matter how far or how fast, I would get hits. This just isn't the case in this game. Are your issues at distance or close quarters? If close quarters, how are you aiming? When I started I never used the 3rd person aim (Hold LT for setup A, hold LB for setup B). If you aren't using this, I would suggest you do. Hip fire and ADS just don't work for CQC. Once I started using this aiming method my CQC greatly improved. If at distance, it is likely due to the points above.
  8. Vibranthippo

    Patch 12 Feedback with video & photos

    Wish all the posts on the forum could be this constructive when pointing out issues... Good job Andy.
  9. Vibranthippo

    Feedback Performanece Patch 12

    I've only played a couple games post patch, but I felt slightly better FPS. Maybe this is just due to the server reset but who knows. I usually am terrible with no scope on my gun and last night it felt way smoother without, even managed to get a couple kills before I could find one. Loading times didn't seem to be any different. I usually load in with about 5 seconds left before entering the plane, and buildings usually take about 5 seconds to load in once I hit the ground.
  10. I am the first to admit that there are many issues, but I also believe that many people try to blame 'invisible' issues for their poor performance. They die, so it was obviously the FPS that killed them.. no, you just missed the guy and he shot you lol
  11. Let's say a company manufactures 10 chairs of the same design. From far away they all look identical. However, when you get up close, you can notice small differences in the grain of the wood, etc. These tiny differences in manufacturing, the way they were put together, etc, COULD slightly affect the way the game operates. I am not entirely convinced of this but I think this is what he is trying to explain.
  12. Vibranthippo

    Patch 12 hate

    I have 0 expectations until they tell me it is a 1.0 release. I bought in with the expectation it may never be perfect, and in my eyes, I have already got my moneys worth if it doesn't get fixed.
  13. Vibranthippo

    Patch 12 hate

    Crashing for me has reduced greatly since December, which means they are definitely working on it. I will admit that crashing has increased slightly since the last patch or two, but I have noticed a FPS increase (overall) since the patch that increased crashing. I went from crashing like 1/3 games, to 1/20 games, to now maybe somewhere between 1/15-1/18 games. Crashing is a major issue, but as this preview was likely the first 'large scale' test of the game on Xbox, it is unlikely they knew the extent of the crashing. The communication I would like to see from them which I think would help is something like; "We have a lot of reports of people crashing when they are ... anyone who crashes when they are doing ... please post a video to help us narrow down the cause'. Someone mentioned a 56 page 'mega thread' but if there are roughly 10 posts a page, that is only 560 instances of crashing. In order to re-create an issue, it may take much more than that. Consider that there are 5 million players, maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million games a day, and we are relying on 560 videos to help fix an issue.
  14. Vibranthippo

    Patch 12 hate

    I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, or to cause an argument, but merely to understand as this post is similar to many I have seen. Why did you buy a game that clearly states it is 'in development' if you are expecting a polished title? You want to play a game without issues when the entire advertisement of this game is that you get to play early, for a cheaper price, to put up with bugs and to report them to help advance the title.
  15. Vibranthippo

    Patch 12 hate

    Your role is to provide constructive criticism with proof to back up what issues you have. Posting a video of your crash (or the lead up to it), or video of a bug of you glitching through a wall, etc. Saying 'this patch sucks they didn't listen to me' isn't productive and isn't helping the game progress at all. Also, people need to realize that this forum makes up a minute percentage of the total number of gamers on PUBG. So, saying 'they aren't listening to us' is kinda silly. Your one post recommending they do whatever, and has even 100 likes/comments is nothing. Don't expect them to change the game for that. Also, saying they aren't listening because they haven't fixed some of the biggest or most visible issues such as FPS is also ridiculous. They are fixing what they can in the time period they are trying to keep. Not being able to fix all FPS issues in 3 weeks doesn't mean that isn't their top priority or they aren't listening, it just means they haven't been able to figure it out, or come up with a viable solution yet. I have tried to get this through peoples brains, but it doesn't seem to work. They have been at this game for ~12 months on Xbox, that is not very much time, no matter whether the building blocks were there with the port. Expecting all the issues to be fixed in 4 months isn't going to happen. I agree that more communication would be nice, but I can understand why they don't with the negative posts they already get with what they do post. Could you imagine the hate they would get if they posted a 'progress of the patch' update and then something they said they were going to be able to fix didn't work and wasn't on the update. People would lose their minds.