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  1. Same set up, same problem, frickin joke!
  2. Driving (mostly Miramar, I almost always have the "Boost" on) Inventory Firing weapon (this crash happens always when I am dead on my target) ~~Crashing more often than before, sometimes twice a game.
  3. Classic! Sad as that is (and as confused and angry you probably were) you have to laugh at this crap!
  4. McSix6

    Help Us Rename Abandoned Resort!

    "Crash Island" --- well, you know the game will crash 3x a night...
  5. McSix6

    Cheating Discussion

    Am I the only one that doesn't see a link or a "method" of how to report Team Killer other then a general link to mobojumbo?
  6. McSix6

    Death from imaginary fall

    You got shot.
  7. McSix6

    They don´t care about lag....