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    Help Us Rename Abandoned Resort!

    "Crash Island" --- well, you know the game will crash 3x a night...
  2. That makes very little sense to me, clearer you can see it not my 20’s so very few, if any of my friends play Xbox (I’m genX)... Let me give you an example I understand, if none of your friends play golf, but you love the game and show up and get grouped with me and my friends, should you be treated as less-then? (Easy for guys to be internet tough guys with their pals, odds are you wouldn’t team kill with random duo) Yes I have a mic, use it, play the game well, still get Team Killed at least once a day for ZERO reason, and it fkkin pissed me off!
  3. So if a person joins your party to play a game with your team and does nothing wrong but not have a mic you Team Kill then? Not trying to be a ja$$ just curious...
  4. If you join a party?
  5. Yup, read from start of thread...
  6. No they don’t
  7. And you felt the need to comment...
  8. It does nothing to report..
  9. I email them into pubg daily, and get the same "generic" response, even the Team Killers know nothing will be done.
  10. Reporting does nothing to them... I have clips, upload to youtube and send them in... No actions are taken against Team Killers, sad!
  11. Continue crashed in "Team Management" trying to invite members to party, 3 times in a row last night... (xbox 1X)
  12. McSix6

    Cheating Discussion

    Am I the only one that doesn't see a link or a "method" of how to report Team Killer other then a general link to mobojumbo?
  13. McSix6

    Easy Way To Cheat and Team Up

    I always try to jump in a car with someone in Solo... Doesn't always work, but man does it make me laugh when they see me and you can tell they are frustrated... If I have a melee weapon I conk them. Sometimes they try crashing into things, the best is when they jump out and I hop in drivers seat and drive away, man it'makes me laugh just typing this!
  14. McSix6

    Want to play with a great community?

    Nope Xbox... Bummer, carry on