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  1. WTF is going on can’t join game
  2. Fuc fed up just killed people then I reload. Then game crashes fuc ING fed up with these incompetent DEVS. And it takes me twice as long to load back in with my squad member. And guess what a get shot as my game loads in. So any rds and stats fuc up because of this shit ass game crashing fix the problem. This game will have no one left soon. From what iv read you lost half the player base already. Oceanic servers are dead all day Australian time. 🤬🤬👎👎👎

    DP 28 load time

    This needs looking into especially when three players enter a room and your the last one to fire your weapon due to its slow ass snail trail. Next minute dead
  4. All day Australia times hardly any Oceanic server what a joke.. pathetic

    No servers Oceanic

    As always it’s not Bluehole it’s the players end. 😂

    No servers Oceanic

    Has the state of the game really pushed so many players away it must prove how bad it is.

    No servers Oceanic

    This game is a f—can joke sick of going to Na servers to to find a game of lag and frame rate drops. Three months ago I could play all day in Oceanic and I’ll I’m finding is rooms with 20 players. Now wtf is going on. Bring on BF V
  8. The time is 10:30 am Australia and can’t find oceanic servers this game is dead.

    Bluehole DEVS

    Stop being so proud and admit you might need a third party to come in and sort out the mess and the state of the online game at the moment. I’m not even getting to the 2 hr mark before I crashing. It’s like 30 minutes then crash. I shouldn’t have to shut my game down every 30 minutes. To stop crashing.
  10. Bump. This needs the DEVS attention yet no response yet. Maybe if we start swearing a MOD will jump in
  11. What is going on Bluehole Corp. Oceanic servers are either dead or there is a serious issue. I can’t in Australia find a game all day untill roughly 6 pm night. Solo then squad as well. PUBG hasn’t died this quick already.
  12. xSHIFTY II

    OCEANIA PLAYERS please read

    Lol just took me 3 minutes to find A Oceanic 1 man squad room couldn’t find Oceanic Solo WTF
  13. xSHIFTY II

    OCEANIA PLAYERS please read

    They honestly don’t give a f——c about Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the Oceanic player base. It is a piss poor effort on Bluehole part with how bad match making is at the moment.
  14. xSHIFTY II

    OCEANIA PLAYERS please read

    I work week on week off and when I drop my kids to school I have the day to myself. 3 months ago I could find Oceanic rooms all day, but now I can’t find a room untill 6 pm Australian time it’s a joke