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  1. Hit registration

    Is it just in our Oceanic servers or is everyone getting WTF moments where you nearly put a whole clip into a player and they turn around and kill u instantly. Then other rounds people drop easy ,there is never any consistent gun fights. Plus our squad keeps running into squads off 8 players all wearing red shirts and working together. They must be all in a party chat. How long does it take for some one to make a executive decision and put server or ping locks on for local servers. And who decided to put Europe players into Oceanic servers.
  2. Blue hole Devs

    Are you reading any of our Suggestions. Have notseen any replies on anyone’s suggestions from you. Stop ignoring the player base.
  3. We need Australian and New Zealand servers only with ping locks. Sick off laggy ass Europium and Asia players in Oceanic servers
  4. Oceanic servers

    Because they posted it themselves
  5. Oceanic servers

    Why the feck do we have Asia and Europe in our Oceanic servers it’s the most stupid shit iv seen. Oceanic should only be Australian and New Zealand sick off these laggy ass pricks playing in our local servers. Ping limit local servers. Wtf
  6. Any chance we can improve the running forwards and strafing left to right. It’s seems to close when try to walk through doors and also trying to walk over planks and shit. Hard to explain but it needs to be smoother like BF4 running
  7. Iv played all day today on our Australian or let’s say Oceanic servers and every game has constant lag spikes especially running. Run stop run stop very annoying.all of my squad had the same problem for the last 5 hrs. Wtf
  8. Region locks needs to happen how can you be so laggy and can’t play in your local servers. And yes weapons have been nerfed
  9. Wtf the UMP has turned to shit. SKS is weak as F——now what as soon as someone dies to much from a weapon it needs nerfing. Yet out off region players can join our local servers and use there lag for there advantages. Region locks need implementing ASAP. Why should Oceanic servers have SA in our area. Oceanic servers should and only be Australian and New Zealand players. Or a ping limit of 100ms or less.
  10. What the fuck is going on match making failed constantly in Oceanic servers sort this problem out. With the millions you made you should have well paid devs keeping this game running smooth for the player base. Xbox one x also I got respawn in the wait lobby to some Chinese looking girl and everyone was dieing from getting bashed. And I died and it said false
  11. Fed up with players driving around in cars in the last moments of the map closing due to there lack of skills to fight on foot. Maybe implement vehicle detonation. In the last moments to get players to get out and fight.
  12. Is there given date when this game will be finished Completely. Even after the last update there are still crash issues and hit registration problems in Oceanic servers.
  13. What’s with the halo jumping constantly seeing players jumping in the game.
  14. Battle Points

    What’s the use of battle points especially when u continue to get the same stuff. Make it more interesting or bring in squad colours
  15. Region locks

    Well it’s popular drama that needs fixing