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  1. LeeEvans92

    How is less loot more balanced?

    I agree that good loot should be hard to come by, but also every building should have a pistol, like 100% of the time. It would reduce RNG deaths a lot and atleast give you a chance against the guy that landed on an AR.
  2. LeeEvans92

    Stop proning in final circles.

    I'm just trying to help people that consistently get to top ten and can't hold their nerve.
  3. LeeEvans92

    Stop proning in final circles.

    Yeah i mean the pressure gets to people and they just hit the deck.
  4. Seriously you are at such a disadvantage when proning, 4 of my 5 solo wins I have killed the last guy proning. Use the blue on your back and flank around using cover, being aggressive in the top 10 will result in more wins.
  5. A noob in a car got me a dinner once, 2 bad guys left, he tried running a guy over got killed but the buggy carried on and killed him anyway. Easiest win
  6. LeeEvans92

    Opinions wanted: leaning left/right

    I would like to be able to lean before adsing, just to have a peek then scope in but instead you have to scope the tree upfront of you and work your way out just seems weird. I know pc can lean with out ads
  7. LeeEvans92

    Pan shot

    Just wanted to show off my pan kill, never been so scared in my life. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/LeeEvans92/video/45045772
  8. LeeEvans92

    No Helmet, No Vest??

    I would love to see anyone win "fairly easy" with an uzi. You sir are talking shit.
  9. LeeEvans92

    ColorBlind Friendlyness

    I need this so badly, really struggling with the environment, PC has it, I'm sure it will come.
  10. LeeEvans92

    I am blown away!

    Am I the only person that searched for the op on xbox dvr to see the full clip? Looks very suspicious, would have like to see him come up and loot and then return to prove he isn't just stuck in there.
  11. Urban padded jacket and fingerless gloves but they don't look very good tbh
  12. LeeEvans92

    What is your longest kill shot

    925m I can't remember even killing someone at that range, I hit a guy from miles away and then he ran towards me and I finished him off, maybe it registers from the first hit.
  13. LeeEvans92

    Goofy Awards..

    Florence nightingale award - most revives. Evil kinevil award - most air time I like this idea
  14. LeeEvans92


    This was solos, unless they were teaming I guess. I turned around like wtf are you doing in the wall.
  15. LeeEvans92


    When did this guy arrive? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/LeeEvans92/video/43268470