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  1. 12 Suggestions

    I'll give you eight chicken dinners out of twelvel lol Loss of connection yes yes yes!! This is the second most reason I lose games, the first is because m&k users I swear LOL I like to spawn naked and enjoy seeing how different I look by the time I meet my fate every game...So I don't mind the clothes Definitely like the inventory idea! I waste so much time looting Never noticed that guns wouldn't go from soft to hard aim smoothly when shooting I've thought myself that the grenade on the right bumper would be nice but that's to much like cod so CRINGE lol So yeah I agree that pubg is awesome and the pan is OP as fuck Good list !
  2. Where is the new maps for XBOX ONE PLEASE

  3. Realistic Mode- No more unlimited reloads

    Personally I prefer to use anything but the meta guns like the m4 (I'll take it don't get me wrong) because everyone uses them. I like a challenge and i find winning a dinner with an oddball gun is just as hard but worth the challenge. Stamina would suck lol there's no two ways about it.
  4. Because screw it

    Haha AMAZING! To bad you can't climb up and lie down on the back of the boat eh I have games like that to where I just want to play with an xbow or something ninja like
  5. Realistic Mode- No more unlimited reloads

    Oh it totally would. You'd see everyone using single fire or shotguns. Precision would go way up as well... For some people atleast. The strategies would change big time to. Theyd have to add stamina. Into the mix as well.
  6. To Have An Idea Of The Direction When We Are Shot, Like CS:GO

    Right bumper or whatever button is used for your 360 degree view. Look everywhere
  7. Realistic Mode- No more unlimited reloads

    Have you ever loaded a magazine? Now add the blue circle of death , 99 other players and a random mortar drop to the mix and try loading those bullets quickly. Not for me, add another game type for that. Hardcore mode or something
  8. Every time i die it's because i fucked up, not you or him or that guy or even her... Its my slip up. I peeked too long I stood too still I forgot to reload I'm a potato 🥔 My sausage fingers were greasy Its always my fault and I'll never blame someone else for using something that I cleary can't tell if they're using or not
  9. Find the bad guy!!!

    Hahaha I didn't even look at the map but it had to be the shelter.... Only explanation possible
  10. Lack of community info on forums

    Yep I'm always bragging to my friends about how I know more then they do because I'm on the actual forum yet they are the ones giving me info about the game they read on Reddit or something bahaha I'm still better
  11. Remove Friendly Fire.

    Here's a thought... Instead of ricochet or reporting them what if they just popped up on the map as a red dot for like thirty seconds or so? Knowing you're going to be on the map for everyone to see after team killing might deter people
  12. Pop smoke when knocked

    [oh shit... I'm down. Just popped a smoke.. come help Where are you I can't see?] [Hurry up I'm bleeding out! Ok I'm he.. wait that's a rock] [C'MON MAN IM DY.... smoke clears ...I'm surrounded Better luck next time
  13. MnK or Controller?

    I've got no clue how to know if someone is using a keyboard or not. I always figured people just assume their foe had a keyboard because they lost the exchange lol "Better luck next time".... KEYBOARD USING CHEATER!!!!! LOL
  14. What’s the back story?

    Whaaaaaaaa!!!??? I'd say I'll go and watch it but chances are I'm just gonna jump on the game train.. I will look it up tho fo sho .. thanks🤣