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  1. MiniUziShhh

    Given up on pubg for xbox!

    If you play around with the video settings on your tv you might find it easier to see things. My tv has a setting called "dynamic" and it seems like everything pops out a little more on screen. Hopefully that helps
  2. MiniUziShhh

    Can someone explain to a non-techie

    Now you X users can say that you've experienced the og way if life hahaaa
  3. MiniUziShhh

    If you only had one choice...

    A stocked up mini Uzi
  4. I keep aim accel off as i want my gun to go where i point it at the speed i move it. I keep my settings all high like sevens and eights but thats just a thing ive come to get used to on pubg. I was the same at first thinking yeah i rock in bf or cod but pubg is a huge challenge. Tapping your trigger is something youre going to want to get used to in my opinion. Close quarters yeah spray to your hearts content but anything from a distance will need some accuracy and quick controlled bursts will help in that regard i hope Keep at er man.
  5. MiniUziShhh

    How many of you actually like gun duels?

    Its these moments that make me come back time and time again. I love walking away triumphant ....Or rage quitting, having a smoke then getting right back in to it lol https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ted-dansen/video/56589841#
  6. MiniUziShhh


    I guess since they've got a few extra weapons they opted to 86 the dp from mira... I didn't really think of it till you mentioned it here and youre right about it not being there. Or it definitely seems that way doesn't it
  7. I felt the same for a while and still do sometimes.. I've been playing shooters just about as long as I can remember and pubg has challenged every skill i obtained through out the years. What Ive found the hardest is with each update they reset the settings and adjust the sensitivities so I'm having to play a few games adjusting my settings along the way till i find my sweet spot Id sooner suggest you drop semi hot and super hot and just get as much practice as you can setting into fights. Try hip fire, try drop shots ,try quick scopes and anything else you can as if you are going to respawn right away. Going for the win can sometimes feel like twenty minutes of prep for five or ten minutes of action... And the tension that can build up in those first twenty minutes sometimes turns me into a fumbling mess and other times im as cool as a cucumber lol I also find playing a AAA title like cod or bf once in a while helps to loosen me up to.. think of it as an appetizer for your chicken dinner lol
  8. MiniUziShhh

    Red tanks go BOOM... don't they?

    I love it all!! And I can't wait till this finally comes to the game... It has to right... Right? I remember the first little shack i hid in and saw the lil red tank behind the door and just thought to myself "this is a friggin death trap!" Lol
  9. MiniUziShhh


    Or maybe they were trying to lead you to your demise since you just took away their victory. I certainly wouldn't be checking messages from randos near the end of the game. I won't even joint a party invite if I'm in the final ten. I needs to concentrate on the task at hand
  10. So I've been playing video games my entire adult life and there's one thing that's become kind of a norm in the gaming world . Red canisters , gas tanks or barrels whatever have you have always blown up once shot .. now we've already got plenty of dormant red tanks around why not add a few ones and oh's in the right place and make them suckers go BOOM! Now I know we here like to walk to the beat of our own drum and not copy other games but I feel this is a must have ingredient in a world where we can freely try to shoot each other's faces off Don't you?
  11. MiniUziShhh

    1st community event rewards

    I got the kar98 and m24 ones but not the first event ones... I wonder if there's a time limit on opening the crate? I didn't realize they were in the store section of the game till this last event so maybe that's the case?
  12. MiniUziShhh

    Can anyone make custom Gamerpics? Help?

    Sorry to hear about you luck , that sucks a big one. Atleast you got your Xbox though and an awesome community of gamers to help you out. There's a ton of illustrator apps for phones you can get that might be helpful .. or get the Xbox app and you can use a picture from your phone as long as it fits the pixel requirements I made mine through the battlefield website.. they've got a bunch of preset shapes you can mash together to form your own design . I made this with it a few years ago and I've still got it ... And my gamer tag is ted dansen if you're old enough to put the two together lol
  13. MiniUziShhh

    New Spark/Particle effects

    Honestly I never noticed it but I think it's a definite plus so I'll add it to my list of good stuff from this last patch
  14. MiniUziShhh

    When you buy a crate......

    This one time I opened a box right away instead of buying more, then opening them all later and I got those big spikey punk boots.... Ever since then I always open it as quickly as possible
  15. MiniUziShhh

    Game Volume Please

    Playerunknown's battle ground