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  1. MiniUziShhh

    The SKS currently sucks...

    "The current SKS sucks"... the life out of everyone within range of its deadly grasp
  2. I believe the long wait times is a result of people leaving the lobbies!!! Stop leaving the lobbies!! I just wanna play!! I don't care if it's in sand or grass just let me play PLEASE MOMMY PLEASE!!
  3. MiniUziShhh


    Doesn't that come out of a loot drop?
  4. MiniUziShhh

    How to find pubg playars on facebook?

    I'd probably start on Facebook
  5. We usually back out and start over.. like @ColonicBoom said whoever is left gets the task of hunting down that squad but we'll just end up backing out anyways. Unless I'm playing with randoms then I'll just play it through
  6. Kill em!!! Then their friends.... And all their hopes and dreams
  7. I had a match with 6 players once
  8. MiniUziShhh

    Please explain the...

    The tree and car look bigger as you are closer... They seem to shrink as you back away. The car has a mind of its own and creeps away from you thinking you haven't noticed it
  9. MiniUziShhh

    What to carry in inventory

    Each game is different for me, I'll keep as much medical stuff as I can generally I pick up all the ammo I find and drop whatever I'm not using in a bush or field somewhere... Someone might use it against me so if I hide it they can't I let the ammo dictate what I use until I find something worthwhile ... And I do keep all the 5.56 or 7.62 because that's the stuff that's worth keeping , I'll keep a clip or two for my side arm and nades of all varieties.
  10. MiniUziShhh

    The Never Ending Game

    Maybe they could have loot drops like in war mode so the ammo supplies don't just run dry
  11. MiniUziShhh

    Favorite AR POLL

    Akm all the way babay !!!
  12. Music volume slider instead of just on/off
  13. I'd love to see all those big gas tanks beside buildings explode. A video game just isn't a video game if I can't blow up random tanks here and there
  14. MiniUziShhh

    Im sick of this game Crashing!

    There's a seperate group for the xbox and PC version
  15. MiniUziShhh

    Sound: Spectating VS Playing

    Now that you mention it I remember playing while a friend is spectating and they call out footsteps before me or I hear it first when I'm spectating... I've never considered this as an issue but maybe you're on to something And I have also noticed the sound is a second or so faster when I'm watching my clips as well