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    EU Servers desync

    That being said, when I play on NA servers (from EU), I get occasional packet loss up to 14%. No other packet loss test gives me any. Still, even though my ping is high on NA and I get packet loss, the game feels M U C H smoother on NA. EU servers are full of stutter and lag.
  2. HerraX

    EU Servers desync

    Packet loss is not normal. It usually happens if you have a bad connection (wireless) or bad/broken cables. You might not be able to see if they are broken inside or not. There are some issue with the servers, maybe their CPUs or RAM. Not something you would notice by looking at usage %. I have extreme desync issues, always had in this game, playing in EU, on EU.
  3. HerraX

    Huge desync 90% times... how to fix?

    I have similiar problems like you. When I move, I often "teleport" or "hit an invisible wall". Enemies are sometimes bullet sponges, they shoot and kill me before they even peak. They also kill me 1-3 FUCKING SECONDS after I ran behind a wall. If I'm running inside a building and a team mate is some distance behind me, also trying to get it, I will hit an invisible wall and teleport back while he gets inside. If I use two computers side by side and play duo, when I move in one, it happens seconds later in the other. In-game ping is way too good, no packet loss and fps is mostly 100+. Match after match after match gets destroyed by this bullshit. Out of 100 matches, I can count the ones with little desync problems with one hand. I have been asking for help regarding this for months. Devs don't give a fuck. I mean, they don't even know about this it seems. Support is useless, not that they could do anything about it.
  4. I came out of water, switched to smoke from frag, I saw the icon change and I saw the smoke in my hand. I throw it and it turned into a frag. It blew half my team and almost me and the last guy too. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Actually, just before throwing the smoke, I remembered the last time so I made sure to watch both the icon and the grenade in the hand. What can I do to prevent this from happening? I hate using smokes because of this. I don't have a video of this obviously. Replay only shows only frag.