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  1. achior

    After 1 hour of playing Blackout

    the big problem is the console cpu, pubg has way more physic on work. look only to the smoke on blackout and then on pubg.....
  2. achior

    Finally an interesting update!

    who is so stupid and play a MP game with the ultra setting? all players on PC play with the lowest settings because of the visibility of the enemy...its standard since years
  3. achior

    All that is things ..

    when you finished with the game why you lose you time with opening a thread and posting such large whining aria? Go away and play another game...
  4. achior

    Sanhok Event Pass Refund?

    Unplayable is grossly exaggerate....but you can easly make a proof video, if you cant you are a f#
  5. achior

    Did y'all go through a time...

    Hope the test range will come soon to console
  6. achior

    Did y'all go through a time...

    training map is coming this year, look
  7. the developer doing nothing they going crazy, developer reacting fast they complain and going crazy... WTF is wrong with you....?
  8. achior

    1x Fix before and after pics.

    PUBG 2.0 white power update
  9. achior

    1x Fix before and after pics.

    I will personally punch ? the first idiot that complain in this forum about graphic downgrade in the face...
  10. achior

    1x Fix before and after pics.

    great move blue hole. The first fucking step must be downgrade of graphic to become STABLE 30fps and then can you beginning to optimize the game. im ok with this. No one need motion blur and this other stupid fx effect in a mp game.
  11. i personaly think, like you, pubg is the better game and in the end more rewarding but that only true for people which had time to play 3-5 hours per day. when you are casual player which has only time to play 3-5 hours per week! This game is absolute garbage and disaster, then you lose fight after fight and without possibility to train the weapon handing. Most casuals are playing this game because here was nothing like pubg to play......now blackout is here with aim assist and it is possible for many of them to make kills. what is more frustrated: 40 game rounds without a kill or 40 games with 1-2 kills per round? Ask it for you self. ( sorry for me bsd English)
  12. achior

    Goodnight sweet, sweet PUBG

    blue hole has released a training map for pc, this is so stupid...console casual player needed very badly this map to training the weapons skill.....but is to late..its over...
  13. achior

    Goodnight sweet, sweet PUBG

    you will see, the majority of casual player will 100% go
  14. achior

    Goodnight sweet, sweet PUBG

    the only problem I see for pubg is that blackout has aim- assist on console and that ir what most player on this forum will