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  1. There is an Invisible rock located in grid C5/L2 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/outlaw23v/video/48759104 Console: Xbox One X
  2. There is a table missing from inside one of the buildings located in grid D but I couldn't get the grid number. See bottom two pics for location reference. Console is Xbox One X
  3. Outlaw23V

    Network lag detected

    Immediately after landing from parachute drop, got a "Network Lag Error" message and was set back to main menu with a connection timeout error. Xbox One X
  4. Buttons for confirm "A" and Back "B" are missing from all sub menu screens. https://i.imgur.com/fOOlc0B.jpg On Xbox One X
  5. Confirm "A" and Back "B" buttons are missing from all menu screens. Attempted to add pic from Imgur but am unable to.
  6. Outlaw23V

    I Cant Play PUBG

    Try doing a reinstall
  7. Outlaw23V

    X box X

    The way the game looks on the X and the rendering since I upgraded to an X is 100% better. Congrats on the upgrade.
  8. The ability to customize the cross hair/compass font colors would be a great addition to the game!
  9. Outlaw23V

    Warum gibt wenig Waffen??

    Es gibt auf wo du hin gents. Zum beispiel, gibst viele waffen im Schule, Krankenhouse, Pochinki usw.
  10. Outlaw23V

    PUBG Merchandise

    Both are still down.
  11. Outlaw23V

    PUBG coming to free play days weekend

    I wanna know about this long sleeve shirt.........
  12. Still not as good as wired.
  13. It makes an amazing difference in a lot of things. There was a thread somewhere this morning about 4K HDMI cables not being any different than standard HDMI (or something along those lines) and as an IT Network guy, I just had to giggle. I think some ppl believe that their wireless LAN is always better than wired and that there is no difference in said wiring anyways.
  14. No man. You're just being trolled.
  15. Outlaw23V

    An extra benefit to the Xbox One X

    Build your own fence and buy an X with the money you saved by actually doing something constructive.