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  1. sometimes the matchmaking counts endless and the matchmaking button is not clickable, after restarting the UI the matchmaking is working
  2. fail0r

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    dont make uaz a flare gun drop, spawn them randomly outside of the first circle, but not on a street. spawn them randomly in garages or right next to a bush or at small lootlocations where no streets are or...
  3. after some minutes of playing on the testserver i was stuck at the message "networkdelay detected". this happened the second time now for me. if i closed the game and tryd to rejoin i was stuck at the loading screen. i tryd 3 times to rejoin.
  4. its also not fair, example: if 2 players have only a vector, shoot all ammo at each other, no one dies, the player with autoreload on starts reloading faster as the player without autoreload
  5. fail0r

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    i forgot one thing: - remove the normal plane crate drops so the planes can only be called if a flaregun is shot inside the zone - randomly drop a special care package or a normal crate
  6. fail0r

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    suggestion: - remove the uaz flaregun drops and spawn the uaz rare over the map outside of the first zone randomly only 5 cars or 10 cars - spawn 5 or 10 flareguns all over the map randomly, only if the flaregun is shot inside the zone, it will drop a special care package or just drop a normal crate as it is currently, maybe force the flare gun to be shot only inside of the circle so it can not shot outside and wasted
  7. why did you removed this category it was so much fun there 😄
  8. fail0r

    Mutant Mayhem Feedback

    suggestion: give everyone a lvl 3 backpack with all possible attachments/scopes for the mk47. dont equip the mk47 with the attachments/scopes just put them into the backpack. after the mk47 is equipped with attachments/scopes save the weapon setting. after respawn the last used weapon setting is used so we dont need to reequip the attachments/scopes to the mk47 after every respawn.
  9. i never play erangel and miramar again without the mapselection. if they put the new snow map and sanhok into the same playlist i quit the game.
  10. it happened again on live servers with patch #20 on it, but instead of teleporting me to the boat spawn location i got teleported on the land near the boat spawn location. 😣