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  1. Hammer9274

    Youtuber Cheating

    I'll reiterate what everyone here's been saying. I've watched Ben for quite a while now. He's looking @ the twitch comments, donations, etc. not a radar hack I believe, as he's answered a few of my questions. I will say there are people out there that use xim for mouse and keyboard, just YouTube it. If that's what they need to do to help get a win, so be it, they have to live with knowing they cheated. I'v seen links to YouTube vids of the radar hack working, but that's awesome if they did block it with the last patch.
  2. So you know for a fact the guy was on M&K???Or are you salty because you got owned , with your potato aiming and all...... Just my observation though.
  3. Hammer9274

    new map ?

    This is the PC release of Sanhook.
  4. Hammer9274

    What was he trying to do here?

    Either stuck inside the wall or black screened while he was running.
  5. Hammer9274

    Analog Control

    There is really no way to prove, other than video proof. Most people are just salty when they get killed and say it's M&K. I've seen some people on YouTube that use Xaim to use M&K though.
  6. Hammer9274

    Your game is ruin after this patch

    Really!? WTF? Game seems better to me, more fps, smoother; driving is also smoother. I've played better than I have in a while.
  7. I don't have a video, but my first match after the May update when I parachuted out of the plane my character didn't have a head. When I landed, poof head just appeared....haha.
  8. I've only played 5 or 6 matches on the new update and think it's good, I'm on the xb1x, I'm liking everything so far. Only complaint I have is the not being able to ready up sometimes bug, but all you have to do is go to the title screen and start the game back. Not a total restart as some are saying they need to do. Keep the updates coming bluehole.
  9. I've not noticed any crashes when in the UI w/player model. How much could a drop in the fps effect you in the inventory screen?? Haven't noticed it on my x1x? Please help me understand why the player model or lack of is so important. Have a good one.
  10. Hammer9274

    Did I get banned??

    If the hard reset doesn't work, try uninstalling and then reinstalling. Good luck.
  11. Same, I get so tired of people talking about these 2 platforms like they are the same game. They are 2 totally different games per say. Come on people think before you bitch and complain.....or is that too hard??
  12. Hammer9274

    Miramar "Gameplay"

    Yeah need to work on those driving skills.....hehe, but at least you got the kill! 👍
  13. Hammer9274

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    I've got the one X bundle and it tells me that it's not currently available??? This sucks if they don't let bundle owners play the test server.
  14. Hammer9274

    Excited for tuesday

    I'm excited for the map, new guns & vehicles, but still apprehensive about if it's going to be good or not. Most of the comments that I have read about the PC version are about 50/50. I'm hoping that the optimizations that they made for the test server equate to higher frame rates and less crashing. And will carry over to the preview game, not just the test server. Keeping fingers crossed.