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  1. Hammer9274

    Loot on Sanhok

    All seems good to me, one match last night I had 6 first aids, 3pain pills, 3 energy drinks, level 3 backpack, level 2 helmet and vest.
  2. Hammer9274

    Female chracters

    Haha same here, plus 6months of same character was getting old. imaveragesniper has great vids, learned alot from him.
  3. I've got my stick clicks mapped to my paddles and have no problem. You should be able to double click the paddle to sprint no problem. Makes leaning alot easier too. I've never really like the stick clicks. But I usually on do the auto run, that may be the issue.
  4. Hammer9274

    GIRLS Do Play Games

    I've played this game with a few females. Have a couple on my friend list too. I think it's cool if they want to play.
  5. Hammer9274

    Aiming and CQC what the heck!

    Very well could be, check your TV specs on the manufacturer's website or here displaylag.com and see what the input lag is. If it's over 25ms or more, it's too much. I bought a 65" LG UJ7700 that has a gaming mode that has very low input latency, 12ms. I have no problems in cqc, granted I'm no pro, but I'll win my fair share of them. Good luck man.
  6. Hammer9274

    Male and Female preset please.

    You don't have to pay to switch between male and female gender on the game, it cost Battle Points, which are earned in game, correct me if I'm wrong??
  7. Hammer9274


    I think I seen where they said war mode would be later in Sept around the 24th I'm thinking is what the article said.
  8. So you know for a fact the guy was on M&K???Or are you salty because you got owned , with your potato aiming and all...... Just my observation though.
  9. Hammer9274

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    I've got the one X bundle and it tells me that it's not currently available??? This sucks if they don't let bundle owners play the test server.