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  1. dj zcoda

    Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    it's not what they said in the roadmap, it's what they didn't say... ....okay, i'll get my coat...
  2. dj zcoda

    What gamer chair do u own?

    I have shroud and summit tied up in a ball and sit on their faces.
  3. dj zcoda

    So 85% positive results?

    I had a lot of issues so did the reinstall and bingo it plays much better.
  4. dj zcoda

    Parachutes - Patch #9

    I always long jump so yeah I have noticed it definitely drops faster and can only travel half the distance I used to. Always maintain 25-30 speed.
  5. dj zcoda

    Easier to flip bikes?

    Wow that was some proper evel kenieval skills! Thanks for sharing
  6. Like I just said have reinstalled and yeah much much better now.
  7. I tried to play again and it kept saying matchmaking failed. So I deleted game and reinstalled, hard reset again and funny enough it played better. Suddenly looked much brighter as well so I am guessing the first install didn't work properly.
  8. OG. I uninstalled game before downloading and hard reset as I always do with each patch. I dunno why my experience is so bad, maybe will try installing again later and give it another bash
  9. dj zcoda

    Easier to flip bikes?

    no but i flipped a buggy on tiny bump and exploded. anti gravity suits not required
  10. feels like 0 steps forward 9 steps backward for me. I took one little bump in buggy and it explodes, aim at person and pull trigger now I am looking in the sky??! sound broken, parachuting now goes nowhere forward so can't long jump like before and the movement/aim jittery and feels like aim acceleration is back from day 1 even though I have it set at 0. I waited nearly a month for this??? oh dear.
  11. dj zcoda

    Can’t win :(

    Had more 2nd and 3rd place finishes than I can remember but still no chicken flesh. I no longer care about winning and only play when I feel like having a run about.
  12. Oh yeah sorry I missed that one as i watched a second time but only from after the knock so only saw the kill. but all the others were straight kills right? Anyway the aiming and fluidity looks so much better than when i play.
  13. Yes i see it, nobody was getting knocked, all straight kills despite being in duo's.
  14. dj zcoda

    I won but lost?

    This is a simple misunderstanding, player unknowns battlegrounds was designed by the monty python team. There, now it should be cleared up for you.