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  1. Garand1987

    New to pc gaming

    I would have to agree that building(which is easy) is the way to go. Most prebuilt PC’s don’t lend well to upgrades because they either have cases that don’t cool well, or boards that they got cheap and threw some basic components on. Personally, I would stick with a 1080 monitor so long as you have a decent refresh on your current one.
  2. Garand1987

    Pubg Out of Time

    Like anything else what you end up playing will be based on your own preference. I bought BO4 and played some and I don’t like it. I’ll play when friends are on but it just doesn’t appeal to me, was bored stuff after a couple of matches. Too arcadey, the movement seems weird and there’s just nothing new to the movement and cover mechanics. The game feels a decade old to me. Other than that the TTK is waaayyy too high and I don’t like the power ups and whatnot. It’s not bad don’t get me wrong, but PUBG is better imo even with its issues.
  3. Garand1987

    Gtx 1060 3 gb and ryzen 1400

    I used to have a similar set up and honestly on this game haven’t changed it since the upgrade. There’s not a massive difference between low and high honestly other than impact to performance. Pretty sure I’ve got everything low except for view distance (medium) and shadows I think. With that you *should* (although the latest update has caused some, including me to get much lower FPS than normal) get somewhere around 100 frames.
  4. I just unbound it and went to using hotkeys like normal.
  5. Having FPS issues after the patch I noticed. It’s kinda weird because Parachuting I’m getting over 200 frames. But once I land it’s isually in the 120-130 range, sometimes spikes higher but then also dips way down to 100 or just below. Before the patch it never went below 140, usually was between 150 and 200. Checked all my settings and they’re all the same. Idk if there is something I can do about it or if it’s just something that will need to be patched to fix the performance.
  6. So far I can’t say I’ve notices having issues myself with desync and ping, but early for a verdict on that but so far so good. Match making for me has been quick anywho. The only real big issue is *massive* FPS loss. I went from getting 150-200 frames to 100(sometimes even below)-130 frames. That’s a massive freakin hit. It is in Fullscreen with no chances to any graphics settings. Strangely enough my parachuting FPS was really high 🤔
  7. Garand1987

    Guns Reload

    What? You mean to tell me that STOMP kits don’t come with a six pack of Red Bull anymore?
  8. Garand1987

    Patch #22 Common problems

    That and I remember on Xbox the issue with the ponytail hairstyle. It would duplicate an upside down pony tail about 2 feet above the persons head. They might be playing a grass snake, but their floating hair gave them away every time
  9. Ah okay I gotcha. Waiting til I get out of work to try the new update. Haven’t been hearing great things but I’ll wait to try it myself and see how it goes
  10. I thought you can’t even join with anti cheat off?
  11. Garand1987

    Update 22 - Trade up

    What’s the trade up system?
  12. Garand1987

    new patch sucks BIG TIME

    Find it a bit surprising that it’s difficult to find players in EU that speak English. Gaming seems to be really big in Britain anyway, I’ve played with a lot of folks from the isles. Could try posting a looking for EU squad here and see if you cant get a good group together to play with. Other than that, if your FPS has dropped substantially, make sure the update didn’t reset you to ‘Fullscreen(Windowed)’ in the graphics settings, should be just Fullscreen. Windowed will absolutely tank your FPS.
  13. Garand1987

    low FPS on pritty good laptop

    What sundred said. Make sure you’re on full screen in the graphics settings, not Fullscreen (Windowed). That’ll give you a healthy FPS boost.
  14. Garand1987

    Queue times NA

    Nah lots of players on, just think the matchmaking is having issues. I’ll try and get a match sometimes and it’ll say, for example, estimated time 7 seconds. But it just keeps on going. So I cancel matchmaking, click start, instant match. Happens a lot to me. Not a lack of players just an issue with the system I think.
  15. Garand1987

    PUBG PC, Looking for Regular Squad

    Looked for your name on steam but didn’t pop up. Is it 11 or 211?