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  1. Garand1987

    Damage way off and I consistent

    Yeah I had this problem yesterday. Clearly had my sights on a guy, he even stood still and let me carefully line up my shots after I saw they weren’t hitting. Close range, scoped SKS, clearly on target, no hits in a full mag it’s not a constant problem, but it’s deff been more of a problem for the past little bit. I keep forgetting to make clips, but I suspect the armor bug is back. I’ve picked up armor off people I’ve killed that all has zero damage, and I’ve been shot up and killed or taken severe damage (much more than I should have) while wearing armor, but my armor takes no damage, I’ve also been one shot by AR’s while wearing lv2 gear. I suspect the game is sometimes not registering the armor like it used to a few updates back. And desync, had a guy last night take out my whole squad that ‘wasn’t there’. To me it’s got more problems than it did a couple patches ago. I’ve yet to try the new patch released today so I’ll have to see how that goes.
  2. Garand1987

    Why is mirimar still on this game

    I like Miramar. Don’t have any rendering issues with it myself.
  3. Exactly. And even so, say I want to play nothing but one map, I and everyone else that has a map preference will be thrown into matches with people on a standard 3 map rotation. There are no seperate modes (sure solo and squad but you’d be playing that anyway. It’s not like mode selection in other games where there’s about a dozen different options) like in other games that would split the player base. We’d all still play together regardless.
  4. I don’t see how allowing players to choose maps individually would result in a split so deep matches cannot be made. Theres usually about 1 Million unique players online per day, and games like BF1 which have only about 41 thousand players left, with a ton of maps, allows individual selection of maps AND modes but doesn’t have a problem with creating matches. One million players, three maps, individual selection should in no way be an issue.
  5. Garand1987


    *Not complaining, just giving feedback for the sake of PUBG Corp having more info to work with* since patch 15, and the removal of the character model from the inventory screen, I have experienced more crashes than before as have my friends. It had been a long time since I crashed but now it’s a fairly regular issue. I also experienced a problem yesterday where I could not eject from the plane I’m miramar. Armor seems to work inconsistently now. I’ve had a number of times where I’ve been shot a lot and my armor didn’t work (health went down quickly and my armor took no damage) I know this used to be a problem but it seems as tho it’s back. I was also one shot killed by a scar while wearing a Lv.2 helmet yesterday. Took the fresh helmet clean off and knocked me with one shot. I had to make a capture to make sure that’s what happened but after review I can say that that is what went on. I don’t believe that’s how it’s supposed to work. Hit registration also seems to have suffered. I’ve had shots I know landed, but there was no hit, and I’m fairly confident I’ve been shot at and I don’t know how it could have missed. Im also experiencing the ‘can’t ready up’ Big about 50% of the time. Xbox one X
  6. Garand1987

    Favorite AR POLL

    Scar is my new go to non crate AR. Laser accuracy and very low recoil. Crate AR, gotta be the mighty Groza.
  7. A couple questions about a couple issues. I just got a set of Astro A40 TR’s with the MixAmp for PC and Xbox on the suggestion of a friend to replace my SteelSeries Arctis 7’s because those weren’t loud enough. I did the firmware upgrade and set them up on my PC, all is good there. I then set them up on my Xbox and that’s there the trouble starts. First, the Dolby 7.1 sounds horrendous on the Xbox. It’s VERY tinny, like you’re running inside an empty hallway, it has that almost electric buzz you get in close empty rooms. If I shut off the Dolby and use Windows Sonic they sound great. But if I’m not using the Dolby the MixAmp is essentially a $90 splitter. But it doesn’t work as one of those either. Per the instructions I have the USB into my PC, which works fine, and the optical in my Xbox. Set up like that, with it in console mode, my Xbox will not recognize the device. I get regular sound but no mic, and I cannot change settings. Only when both the USB and the Optical cable are plugged into the Xbox does it recognize the device allowing me to use the mic and also change my system sound settings. What gives??
  8. Garand1987

    Glowing character

    I have not, at least not yet. But damn I saw you in two games this week! Lol. I saw your name roll up in the kill feed and I was like hey I’ve seen that guy before, good for him gettin some kills
  9. Garand1987

    Explosive sand on Miramar

    I found the clip,just went to the site and looked it up. Exploding vehicle with no th no apparent cause. Situation normal, carry on.
  10. Garand1987

    Explosive sand on Miramar

    The link just keeps bringing me to this post for whatever reason and not the clip.
  11. Garand1987

    Shotguns are ridiculous

    Depends on how it hits you and it’s made easier if it has a choke. Shotguns have always been able to one shot even a level three vest with proper placement. The shotgun does 25 damage per pellet, with nine pellets per shot. So, even with 55% damage reduction with a level 3 vest, that still comes to 101.25 damage if all 9 pellets land.
  12. Garand1987

    Pubg destroying my console

    I thought that was only the Scorpio ones?
  13. Garand1987

    Absolutely brutal loss...

    From what I saw, all very close misses. There’s an outline of that guy on the rocks behind him.
  14. Garand1987


    Idk there’s a C130 that flies low and slow around a pond I fish at and it’s suprisingly quiet. Like the first time it came by and I wasn’t looking I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t a Cessna. Was very surprised how quiet that big Bird was.
  15. Garand1987

    Mass Gun Suggestion

    Wouldn’t like to see an RPG, and the MK14 is a M14 in a different stock so we essentially have one already. But I do like the other guns. Something I would have liked to have seen is the KRISS be the 10mm model. If you’re gonna ship it with the 13 round mag giving it a little more punch would be kind of nice. The addition of a handgun with some real pop to it would be nice and make pistols a bit more viable past the opening of the match. Someone had mentioned the Desert Eagle in .50 AE, which is very popular with games but if they wanted to be different Magnum Research (the company that makes the desert eagle) also makes a gun called the BFR. It can come chambered in 45/70 which is just ridiculous. THAT could be fun I think, especially where the gun is designed to take a scope (maybe in game could be Eotech, Red Dot, 2x and 3x)