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  1. Garand1987

    Losing because a guy was under the map???

    If you pop up your menu you can take a 2 min capture (5 at 720) and it’ll show the circle closing in and killing you with no one else there. They’ll also see who won that match and be able to look up where they were on the map when it happened.
  2. Garand1987


    Well that’s a disappointment. Idk why anyone would use the infinite travel speed zero drop bullet model anymore. This is 2018! I remember when the first games came out with bullet drop and flight time and everyone was excited about it, dunno why in this day and age they would use such a dated model. Then again I also remember when pretty much every FPS game had barrier penetration dependent on bullet energy, but that seems to have disappeared for some reason.
  3. Idk how that would effect anything, I’m not an expert in this kinda thing so it might be placebo for all I know, but I run my Xbox 1 X wired and plugged into a 43” 4K Visio that does not have HDR so HDR is automatically disabled and don’t have the option to turn it on. I’ve had some issues with the game of course but nowhere near anything I’ve read here on the forums. Don’t have crashes, frames were low in the last patch but seems better now with the new one. I know people are crashing because I run into more crashed players in game now than I have in quite a while and I see a lot more people dying in the blue all at once than I have in a while, which would suggest to me that they’ve crashed. But I’m not (so far) having the issues others are.
  4. Garand1987

    state of decay 2

    Haven’t played it myself, I think I would be more interested in trying it if it weren’t 4 player multiplayer with friends but were more like Rust (or rust used to be) where there’s a bunch of people in camps you can team with or rival with etc.
  5. Garand1987

    Loot should be increased for squads

    I would not be for dropping in with a loadout, but I would like the loot levels to be what they were in PTS 4. There was enough that you wouldn’t get skunked looting a while Town, but not so much that it made having to look for things a thing of the past. It was a good balance I felt.
  6. Garand1987

    No sound at all

    Does your headset have a chat mixer? If so maybe the wheel is all th way to chat?
  7. Garand1987

    Increasing veichle speed on Miramar

    Dyslexic if you’re honk.
  8. Garand1987

    DLC for Xbox?

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/PLAYERUNKNOWN-S-BATTLEGROUNDS-Golden-Tracksuit-/BQGQXM4S85XG from the Microsoft store after logging into your account. The link is for the track suit but any other one should be there as well
  9. Garand1987

    Increasing veichle speed on Miramar

    The bus is crazy slow lol. And it chugs gas. But it’s a tank the thing can take some hits.
  10. Garand1987


    With the only ‘real’ BR mode on the horizon being CoD without much known about it idk if I’d say PUBG is dying it’s still #1 on steam by a pretty big margin. (I know that’s not console but still)
  11. Garand1987

    Time is running out PUBG

    Yeah probably about that. They’re claiming 4.2 to 7.2 km2 for the map. Which is smaller than Fortnites map (which is small imo) and waaaaay smaller than Erangel’s 64km2. We’ll have to see I guess
  12. Garand1987

    Has ANYONE been banned on Xbox?

    What would happen if you changed your system clock to 12/31/9999 and waited til midnight? Would the ban go away I wonder?
  13. Garand1987

    Has ANYONE been banned on Xbox?

    Lol! Hey only about 2.9 million days until the ban is over.
  14. Garand1987

    Audio inverted?

    Hmm did you happen to get a capture? If so it would make for a good bug report. If they listen to the capture with a headset it should show the directional sound being out of sync with the game.
  15. Garand1987

    Time is running out PUBG

    Yeah they didn’t say 100 specifically, only that the map is 1500X larger than Nuke Town and it’ll have ‘many multitudes more players than has ever been on CoD’ so that could be 50,60,100 who knows.