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  1. Jedediah

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    Since PUBG launch last year actually. Nico (Microsoft producer focused on PUBG) has been working with them. Hasn't seemed to help. https://twitter.com/nico_bihary?lang=en
  2. Jedediah

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    mispost. cant delete
  3. Im with you guys. Love the game mechanics and the gunplay in PUBG but between the crap performance, my xbox simply TURNING OFF when parachuting, constant breaking of new things with every patch - I just cant deal with it anymore. IMO they should just stop dev on PUBG and start PUBG 2.0 from scratch.
  4. I wish it was the case that they were just complaining about turning the settings down. Unfortunately that's not what he us complaining about. For whatever reason they won't give one x users an option to turn graphics settings down and because of that, it runs significantly WORSE than the OG. Lower framerates, more crashes, etc. Not to mention the advantages that the OG has because if it's lower graphical settings like grass rendering distance being shorter, being able to see into and out of the blue, and sight distance in fog.
  5. Jedediah

    Update today?

    I mean does it really matter if they have a PTS? They generally don't make any significant changes as a result of the test, it seems to be more of a PR stunt than them actually testing and learning from an actual test.
  6. Jedediah

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Can't 100% disagree that maybe something is subpar with certain xboxs. but if in over 5 years with this machine and currently playing a bunch of other games that don't cause it to crash - seems to me it's a pubg issue. Didn't happen till a specific patch to all of us, so they did something in that patch which started the issue. There is some sort of performance problem with the game which puts us over a certain threshold. Not 100% a hardware issue since the game worked fine before.
  7. Jedediah

    Crazy recoil control?

    Vert grip seems to be the best all around on xbox as the vertical recoil is tough on a controller. Remember that difference when you're watching and listening to the streamers who are on PC. One other thing to try is to increase your vert sensitivity multiplier just a tad to make it a bit easier to control vert recoil.
  8. Jedediah

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Plugged into the wall. Thanks tho
  9. Im torn. Id prefer to play PUBG but the fact that my One X turns off/overheats from parachuting since the last patch(as it does for many others as well), coupled with their lack of acknowledgement of the issue and my worry that its actually damaging my one x makes me lean toward playing another game. Ill Prolly try blackout out and see if any progress has been made. Not going to risk damage to my machine to play it.
  10. Jedediah

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Unfortunately, (Since i am worried the game is doing permanent damage to my 500$ machine) it seems the only real choice is to play one of another hundred games that doesn't cause the xbox to overheat until Blackout comes out. Incredibly frustrating as I really love the game and have a lot of time invested into it. I want to be real clear to the devs here: There is NOTHING around my xbox. it has plenty of space and proper ventilation in a cool room sitting on a steel desk. I have verified that all vents have been cleaned and are working properly. This has not happened on any other game - ever - in over 10 years of xbox gaming. No other game Im playing currently causes the issue (DAYZ, Black Ops 3, Blackout Beta, Dark Souls, Fallout 4) This had not happened to me with PUBG prior to the most recent xbox one x performance patch. I have over 1000 hours played with no issues and am consistently in the top 20-70 FPP solo leaderboard so I've put my machine to the test. it does not happen if I look up at the sky when jumping it ONLY happens immediately after I jump out of the plane - never in any other intense situation it seems to not happen if i drop in remote places with no one else. I am more than happy to take a video of replicating this and include my xbox setup if that helps in anyway.
  11. Jedediah

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    If my machine is in fact overheating, it makes me wonder if this is permanently damaging my $500 xbox one X. If my xbox (which is properly ventilated) is damaged based on their poor Quality Control, is PUBG corp going to buy me a new one?
  12. Jedediah

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Yah not doubting your experience but it makes pretty much no sense that it would just start happening now. I suppose its possible that they did something that caused the xbox to overheat with that hotfix but why just at that moment? Its also obvious that something is wrong with the patch and not all of our xboxs.
  13. Jedediah

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    I really have a hard time believing this is an actual Overheating issue. If it was, why would it happen ONLY at the exact moment of drop from the plane and not during intense firefights near the bluezone with smokes, and 10+ ppl nearby? Or during say hot drops at Hacienda? Also, it happens within a minute of starting a cold xbox the same frequency as a box that has been playing for hours and hours. ALSO, this NEVER happened prior to the xbox one x targeted performance hotfix. Ive played over 1000 hours and not a single xbox shutoff prior to that patch.
  14. Jedediah

    What are the devs doing?!

    1/3 the player base they had in January based on steam and twitch numbers. I'd bet there is a parallel in the xbox community. If they could have fixed these basic performance issues, they already would have. I applaud them for breathing new life into the FPS world, but unfortunately they just dont have the talent or business sense to stay on top. Obviously a huge lost opportunity. Pretty sad really.
  15. The problem isn't that the fog exists. I like the fog too. The issue is that the OG xbox doesn't render the fog as much so they have an advantage and can see from further away. Terrible game mechanic. they need to either provide a method to turn down graphic settings on the one X or ensure the experience is the same on all platforms.