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  1. I'm not downing anyone and I'm a huge gamer, but going on strike for a pc port that is honestly not perfect, but damn well better than people make it out to be. Especially for 30 bucks. Why would you go on strike? I approve of supporting games but do you guys not have full time jobs, school etc. maybe your a little too privileged as a young adult? I don't understand how someone can honestly play a game 12 hours a day everyday and.not go crazy. I'm a huge gamer but sometimes people take it to a unhealthy place. I enjoy competing in games just as much as the rest trust me. If you put in half the effort to better yourselves as you did some games you'd be rich! I understand if you are a content creator. I read where one guy said he's taking a one hour strike lmao. Like WTF LOL!!! I take at least a 12 hour strike everyday
  2. ViraL Agent KCG

    OP SMGs

    No SMG's are right where they need to.be. They are suppose to be great in CQC to medium range. I wish they would add a new SMG for once. AR's will always be the most versatile and that's why SMGS have to be strong from those short to medium distances.
  3. ViraL Agent KCG

    Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    That's why I play solo if I don't have people on. Solo is much harder too