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  1. ViraL Agent KCG

    OP SMGs

    No SMG's are right where they need to.be. They are suppose to be great in CQC to medium range. I wish they would add a new SMG for once. AR's will always be the most versatile and that's why SMGS have to be strong from those short to medium distances.
  2. ViraL Agent KCG

    PTS Not Loading

    The app loads, press A, then a continious loading screen? Is there something I don't know or is this an issue?
  3. ViraL Agent KCG

    Xbox elite controller setups.

    Yeah lol, dude it's so tough to choose sometimes lmao. Bunch of good buttons you could throw on the paddles
  4. ViraL Agent KCG

    Added recoil to ARs

    SMGS should be op in CQC and mid range. They were highly underpowered. SMG should win every time in those circumstances. The game needed more balance. BTW to whoever, PUBG before it's first patch used the same recoil as pc but was patched for lesser recoil on Xbox later
  5. ViraL Agent KCG

    Added recoil to ARs

    The M4 needed a nerf in terms of recoil recovery that's for damn sure. You could seriously pop shots off with a 4x consectivly. I do agree nerfing both wasn't needed. How about not nerfing things to begin with and bring some guns in game worth using. lol seriously tho. I love the vector, especially suppressed, so much fun. Vector has the best hip fire bar none. Instead of the AKM I'd like to see a modern AK12.
  6. ViraL Agent KCG

    Added recoil to ARs

    I'm not a fan of DMR's in most games, I enjoy bolt action rifles, AR's and SmGs. When people run double m4's it's annoying that people go that far and was def the best gun in the game. I like to play with everything. What the game really needs is more AR and SMG diversity. The SMGS are lackluster. I'm a fan of the Vector for sure, but needs extended mag, uzi needs stock, Thompson has no railing for attachments, therefore making players only play with the UMP( I play Vector). I'm hoping one day they get rid of the Thompson and Uzi and replace them with a PDWR, Scorpion, PP2000, or MP5. I consider myself a competitive player in terms of grinding to get better and want to win and be good, but competitive esports have killed video games. They don't want to add more guns, bullpup and high rate of fire weapons because of balance. I love the gun play in this game being semi realistic and being able to play with more popular weapon machanics would be awesome. Theirs a reason people play with ARs and it's because they are modern automatic rifles that have rail space for attachments. That's fun to me. Every time we get a weapon it's a disappointment imo. I find single semi fire rifles are boring. Give me vertality. At least take the groza out for rare world loot to give 7.62 another automatic AR. (May need tweaked for balance), then Add the Tar-21(could only dream) Theirs a lot of dull guns in The game; SKS, Thompson, Uzi, M14, Pistols, Shotguns, etc. I love Groza, Aug, Scar L, M4, Vector, UMP, Kar98, M24, and AWM in all my years of playing shooters. They did good with those. Most will agree! All happen to be modern with rail space. Theirs a reason people don't play with them. I play passive aggressive. If anything, fix the SMGS. Hate the selection. What do you guys think of the selection. It's just my opinion. No arguments please, be friendly. Type 95 was a great addition (Sanhok) but took the Scar L out. Like cmon, why tho?!?
  7. Why do We not weapon skins as of this update. I don't get it.
  8. ViraL Agent KCG

    New Mirimar look

    Xbox one x, the lighting seems much better imo. I have hdr tho and haven't tried yet without it. I like it better
  9. ViraL Agent KCG

    Xbox elite controller setups.

    I prefer to have x intead of RB on the paddles for reload and looting
  10. Nerfed, I love the weapon but when people are running 2 m4's there's a balancing issue. I say a very slight increase in verticle recoil with no attachments and a very slight increase with attachments. Game needs another Large mag SMG, MP5, MPx, MX4, P90, PDW-R, MP7, Scorpion Evo, and so on. The SMG selection is terrrible, The Vector spawn rate should be higher than the UMP, or equally. I'm tired of seeing full weapons added to the game, too many DMR single shots. Famas would be cool, Type 95 was added and that's awesome for Sanhok. Need another 7.62 Auto and Semi AR for world loot. All in all, it sucks seeing the M4 and UMP used for everything. Long range-short Range.
  11. ViraL Agent KCG

    Damage of final circles

    The last two circles should increase damage but the player should always be able to outrun it. The third to last circle is just cancer, does a lot of damage but can't out run it, however you will be shot in the. back if you push first. I think the circle should do hella damage but you should be able to out run it when guns are holstered. That way players have to push or they will die within seconds inside the blue and can't shoot players in the back. Better gameplay experience imo
  12. ViraL Agent KCG

    Map selection!!

    I disagree , I don't like splitting the community. Already split with TPP AND FPP.
  13. ViraL Agent KCG

    TPP v FPP

    TPP, because I have plenty of FPS games and what made the game intriguing before it's popularity was the fact that there is finally a good tactical third person shooter to play. I understand the whole peaking situation but to be honest, rushing in third person usually when's the fight because the player doesn't have aim assist or isn't expecting it. I enjoy my cosmetics as well. One of the other biggest reasons I don't play FPP is because of the FOV and the terrible gun models and frame rate in first person. I enjoy the animations, gun models, and cosmetics in TPP. The gameplay is fun. TPP streaming is more enjoyable to watch imo as well. PUBG was truely designed in the TPP perspective as well. You like what you like and there's no reason to hate on either. It's usually the FPP community that's toxic towards TPP. Even if someone is peaking in TPP and you can't see them, you should always prepare as if the enemy was in that position and play accordingly to get the kill and out think him to show his position.
  14. ViraL Agent KCG

    Are you out of your minds?

    Don't care if the game isn't optimized to its fullest and runs fine on my x, the game needs some kind of progression and challenges system to keep some people engaged and play longer. But they want you to pay for the pass monthly only to lose the items you got, instead of of keeping them forever. That's a terrible policy, especially for a game that's not free to play. Whoever came up with that is truely stupid lmao. And only being monthly is so anti consumer. Should be able to keep your items from pass to pass and have a longer play for each season, like fortnite does. PUBG failed miseriably on this. Fortnite does it right, giving you in game currency as well as you progress to pay for the next season or for more cosmetics. Smh being a PUBG fan, it's silly and clearly a anti consumer cash grab. I think they may tweak this from what I've been hearing.
  15. ViraL Agent KCG

    Pubg is dying!!

    It's not dying, and it's still in early access man, chill. However, I do agree that rewards are atrocious as far as the grind to get duplicates sucks, and having no other reward system. It doesn't bother me too much but I'm sure it does for most and it would help keep my interest as well! They need something like they have with the mobile version. Ranked, seasonal levels and unlocks, challengers for camos, etc, and few more weapons to spice things up. Not something OP, but maybe an MTAR, MP5, put groza into the world loot for another 7.62 AR, More and more outfits, but nothing goofy, and so on. But people will complain, "oh they put this out before they fix the game"