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  1. Fatkitty

    Crash on full release?

    Just happened yet again this time prison and was just me and buddy...love the full release
  2. Fatkitty

    Crash on full release?

    Yes I even reinstalled game, because it wasn't showing that I had full release
  3. Fatkitty

    Crash on full release?

    Playing duos, drop boot camp on sanhok. So many guy, shoot one guy crash back to main screen.
  4. Haven't had this problem in months, now it's back all of the sudden weird...hope I'm not only person having these issues. All the while everyone's excites for 1.0, I'd be more excited if the game ran properly
  5. Anyone else trying out that lovely pts, and keep getting nothing but playdoh buildings, laggy players, and can't forget dropping through floors and roofs? If I'm the only one ima fly my happy ass to cornhole and shit on every single persons desk.
  6. Love that little notification saying go try pts, proceed to try. Get servers busy 10 mins straight fuc this going back to main game.
  7. Fatkitty

    Where’s the PTS FPP players at?

    If it's on pts f that, hate the type b right now
  8. Fatkitty

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Does flipping a buggy on yourself count 😂😂😂😂
  9. Fatkitty

    Pts fpp

    Just seen they added fpp to pts! Was really excited, but why is solo and squads the only ones that have it. Duos is out of question no selection only tpp.
  10. Fatkitty

    Lag spikes

    I have the best internet package we can get here, wireless and have had no problems what so ever before. So I am guessing you are correct on the whole different players coming to NA servers. Thanks for input.
  11. Fatkitty

    Lag spikes

    Last four games I've made it to the last 5, but every time I get screwed over because someone manages to lag as we are in a gun fight. Anyone else been encountering this or am I just hallucinating?
  12. Played with a random who was using m&k and damn did he suck ass all around. If you like m&k why not just get a computer imo
  13. Fatkitty

    Still no fpp in pts?

    I did try it and I hated it, was in fpp mode running up on a building and some dude was corner watching and boom dead. That's what I hate the most man, I like my gun fights not getting a brick in my shorts 😂
  14. Fatkitty

    Still no fpp in pts?

    Okay well I'm glad I'm not the only person who wants tpp. Yeah I get use the rb button but still gives them tpp player that camera advantage. I like fpp because it requires you to actually use hearing and not panning the camera 360 degrees.
  15. Well was looking forward to trying new stuff on pts, but then I saw it was only tpp so I said nope I'm out!