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  1. Whens the next Xbox update?

    Be about 2 or 3 weeks
  2. For me options are always welcome
  3. This game will run over 60fps at 2.0ghz on a core i3 using just 2 cores at 4k medium and high settings n0 problem..
  4. Xbox one runs worse 100 percent im currently using my og xbox until we get a update..
  5. Game crashes still going on

    Same here
  6. Yeah I agree the i7 has an advantage in single core performance even at the same clock but there being more cores available on the jaguar it should make up the difference so all I can think of is maybe bluehole isn't taking advantage of all those cores that's available to the gpu during gaming.. Idk.. Maybe it's no cpu bottleneck at all...but we'll never know if the cpu is truly the bottleneck if and until the frame rate is unlocked with a 1440 1080 option and with settings low enough to take the gpu out of the equation.. I'm almost positive we are seeing a gpu bottleneck least on the X console at the moment do to it running at 4k medium but yeah interesting stuff..
  7. We need an FPS Improvement ASAP!!!

    Yeah mine was stable at around 10fps too..
  8. My 7700k will run this game at 70-80 fps with 3 cores disabled on 1 core clocked at 1.8 ghz on 4k with mixed high and ultra settings.. I can't believe the jaguar isn't as fast as my cpu with only 1 core at a lower clock.. Refuse to believe this is the bottleneck..
  9. My xbox one x version runs fine

    Just become one with the slide show and stop complain8by.. If you can't see the slide shower then yes you for sure have bad eyes end of story and congrats and your 4 dinner I'm hungery not how about you share some???
  10. My xbox one x version runs fine

    Not unplayable for me after playing for 6 hours and become one with the lag..
  11. My xbox one x version runs fine

    Hell no got one last night getting ready for another here in a minute