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  1. I honestly believe they need help with this so thanks.. Hopefully they will see this.
  2. I turn it off as well on pc because of the higher framerate.. for me anything over 60fps i can usually turn it off and be fine..
  3. Please devs turn on motion blur back on asap you guys should have known better than turning it off when trying to get a smoother experience at 30fps.. whats wrong with you all?? I'm sure it will take 3 weeks to turn it back on.. bout ready to give up on console
  4. LoneWolf746

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    It just wows me lol
  5. LoneWolf746

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    I totally agree makes no since why they would disable it at 30fps.. Hell i use it at 60fps when i run my pc at 4k lol these guys are amazing..
  6. LoneWolf746

    FIXPUBG updated on xbox side

    He meant tomorrow Sep, 18th its okay just another bug.. Then again he didn't mention what year so who knows..
  7. Guys pubg runs better than cod just not on console.. Pubg actually has some physics and not stick men, paper helicopters and plastic cars.. The xbox cpu isnt up to that task we will need a new console and for that ppl send your complaints to microsoft. Lmbo
  8. LoneWolf746

    Finally an interesting update!

    And anti-aliasing make sure that is on.. Can't stand jagged shimmering textures
  9. Just give us option to choose what graphic settings we want.. no way they will be able to please everyone its impossible unless we are given control of these options period.. If you want to ask for something ask for the settings menu.. Could you imagine letting bluehole choose the graphic settings for pc depending on what hardware you have installed really, and not being able to choose?? Makes absolutely no since to me why these options aren't available on xbox or any console game for that matter...
  10. All i ask is please dont turn down anti-aliasing if anything turn it up..
  11. LoneWolf746


    I'm not complaining lol.. I'm not 100 percent sure of what they have to go through to tweak the setting but common since says its a port of the same game thats on pc running on a amd jaguar apu with a dx12 api.. idk I'm just saying it shouldn't take a multi-million dollar company 3 weeks to tweak some settings.. If they are working on something bigger then why not release a hot fix until they complete it.. In my opinion they are content with the way things are now that they have made their fortune..
  12. LoneWolf746


    You just want to argue man hit the devs up if that's all you want to do... Have a good one
  13. LoneWolf746

    Developers need to understand

    Fake news
  14. LoneWolf746

    Xbox One X Performance Update News

    Ill be floored if this update does anything that hasn't already been done in earlier updates