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  1. RoccoLucid

    Calibers and their effectivity

    First shot got nothing but railing. Third shot hit more shoulder than anything. You missed, you died... Not the games' fault
  2. If I'm not mistaken, they turned off the motion blur...
  3. RoccoLucid

    Gun to grenade to gun

    I personally always put my cq weapon in the primary slot because of this. I put my long range weapon in slot 2. It's been this way since day 1 so I've trained myself to make sure my weapon slots are set accordingly, especially because I like my frags
  4. RoccoLucid

    how to survive the school

    This is how you survive school lol RoccoLucid_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS_20180903_00-45-09.mp4
  5. You know it says to do it 2 times right? You must do all of that twice
  6. RoccoLucid

    Video comparing OG/X

    I have one major problem with your testing... you did a fresh install on your OG, you did not on your X. I bring this up because I am not experiencing any of the issues on my X. I tried going back and playing on my OG and I just can't do it.
  7. Of all the things you've posted over the past few months, have you not realized yet that this game isn't for you?
  8. Thank you for saying this. We've been using the ump or vector as secondaries for months. With the right attachments, you've always been able to pull off these types of things. Too many people were busy running two M4's to ever try anything else
  9. RoccoLucid

    ADS & Hold Breath......

    Type A control scheme, problem solved lol
  10. RoccoLucid

    Grenades Need To Be Put To Death

    If you're allowing someone the timeto throw 10 grenades, that's entirely your fault
  11. RoccoLucid

    Grenades Need To Be Put To Death

    Tactics and skill are part of using grenades. Stop carrying 500 rounds of ammo and pick up a couple grenades. And also, quit crying about what you're being killed by or stop playing the game
  12. RoccoLucid

    Grenades in the last zones

    The only limit you're ever going to get is based off backpack capacity. You want to carry 400 rounds of .556 that's on you. I'll carry 150 rounds and 4 frags
  13. RoccoLucid

    Grenades in the last zones

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rocco-lucid/video/56769146 I could have easily shot the last guy, but I wanted to make him rage. First I lure him out with a decoy smoke grenade. Then as my duo partner lays in wait I yelled "KOBE" and let her rip
  14. RoccoLucid

    Cannot connect to xbox live

    https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status Xbox live issue. Don't flame pubg
  15. RoccoLucid

    Cannot connect to xbox live

    Xbox live is running very slow right now though too. System restart and it took 3 tries to even party back up