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    72 minutes.
  2. bk1998

    Motorbikes = broken

    This is a quality post.
  3. bk1998


    No sir. Different spot. But yeah, alarm bells should go off for most due to the location of the loot. Most just don't think quickly enough to realize it.
  4. bk1998


    One man's odd is another man's... well, odd. Yeah. Agreed.
  5. bk1998


    Not made up. I guess it's not a kitchen, I guess it does have a couch near the back wall window. Pretty standard two-story with the stairwell in the center of the building that starts basically at the front door. I stay upstairs, near the loot pile. The straight stairwell directs the victim's focus forward as they ascend, and the loot sticks out as the approach the top. Nearly everyone moves their focus down to the pile of loot, rather than to room which opens up to their left (there's a closed door at the top of the stairs directly to the right). I'm trying to figure out how to attach a really crappy drawing to help illustrate.
  6. bk1998

    B button to exit map

    How exactly do you propose that this issue be fixed, if not through an update? Immaculate intervention?
  7. bk1998


    Will do, later tonight. Can't access the xboxdvr website behind my day-job firewall.
  8. bk1998


    I've got a dirty little secret that I've got to get off my chest. In about 75% of my solo games, I drop at the very same group of houses... clear them all and tidy them up, closing all doors and not picking up ammo stacks from the random pistols that might be laying about. I usually end up with a pretty nice loadout. Pretty much always an AR (or two) or a sniper. Always a shotty or two to be had. I then go to the top of the stairs in a particular house in this complex and drop the AR, a scope (if I have one), a boost, a first aid kit, my shirt, and three stacks of one bullet of ammo to correspond with the gun I've left. Spread it all out nicely so it looks like spawn items. *But it's not. It's never a spawn. Stuff never shows up in this spot right at the top of the stairs.* And then I wait. And wait. And nearly every time, someone shows up and starts looting this group of houses. They run up my stairs and the first thing they see is this pile of loot. They always seem to open their menu to see the cornucopia of stuff that I've left there. I watch this all go down in plain sight from a corner in the kitchen. I'm never really hidden. I'll wait for about two full seconds, giddy with anticipation as I imagine their developing thoughts as they see the stacks of one bullet, before I unload three or four shotgun blasts into their unsuspecting torso. I usually add one more to their corpse after they've been disposed of. And then... I tea-bag the body for a good 20 seconds. And I laugh. Oh, I laugh. It's a dark, dirty experience. I then record a clip of the whole ordeal and send it to my victim. Sometimes I add splash screens to the video at the end that say "LOLOLOLOL" or "Ooops! SORRY" for effect. Occasionally I loop the 1-2 seconds of actual gunfire over and over and over at the end of the clip, extending the moment in video form. I enjoy it more than a chicken dinner. If I've done this to you, thank you for your participation in my game. It's nothing personal. And I'm sorry... just a little bit. See you on the island.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's right next to Ferry Pier.
  10. bk1998

    Bugged crash bike 😂

    My PC friends always said that you've gotta land that front wheel first... never understood why they were saying that until we got this patch.
  11. Whhhhaaaammmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!
  12. Holy wall of text. Paragraphs, my man. Paragraphs.
  13. bk1998

    Elite Controller

    I don't even really think it's rumor anymore. I wandered into a physical Microsoft store the other day, and they straight up told me that the current Elite has been discontinued. Seems almost guaranteed that a new one is coming, and soon.