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  1. You're looking at a replay of the game from your computer. It's possible you were still in the window when he shot.
  2. I think general terms they are. But the M16 is not and needs attention badly.
  3. xTekx_1

    Cheating Discussion

    That video looks like an obvious ESP user.
  4. xTekx_1

    boats are too loud

    The "jet ski" (if you can call it that) has an outboard. The boat does not have an outboard. I believe the engine is inside a compartment with a drive shaft going to a propeller and a rudder for turning. I don't think it's an I/O with an outdrive on the transom. Inboat? Inboard you mean? If the engine compartment is adequately sound proofed the engine noise will be reduced. But engine blocks going into an outdrive are really loud. I've been on boats my whole life and the newer outboards are much quieter. They still will get loud at higher RPMs, but the noise is much lower than an engine in a compartment in the deck.
  5. xTekx_1


    The BZ hasn't been changed in some time.
  6. xTekx_1

    boats are too loud

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he has not. Of course, our squeaky clean running Yamaha F250 is pretty damm quiet. But outboard vs inboard... no comparison.
  7. But it does concern me because of the design on queing into the game. The devs have done the math and explained it to us that map selection is not something that is feasible anymore. Even before they put map selection in they warned us that some regions may even lose FPP due to the numbers. You can imagine how that went, and the thread was eventually removed. I bet if you go back 100 games for just Battle Royale (not Sanhok), you'll see that the map selection is pretty close to 50%. Just because you get Miramar a few times in a row one day doesn't mean you'll always get Miramar in a row. You need more matches. And there is a thought (unproven) that leaving lobby of one map so you can get the other map will eventually force a balancing act. I'm not sure if there is any merit to this because I think it's a coin flip each time you que up for Erangel/Miramar. Sometimes you get heads a lot, sometimes you get tails a lot. But over time that number evens out.
  8. Erangel games go 30 minutes long as well. So that isn't a valid argument to me.
  9. Xbox forum is down thataway ----> This here is the master race forum where PC's eat xboxes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack.
  10. I really think Miramar is a much better designed map than Erangel and really like playing it. But that doesn't mean I don't like playing Erangel. I guess it's just my mentality is that i'm going to take what i'm given and make the best of it, given the plane path and possible drop points that I/we like. So getting one map 3-5 times in a row just doesn't bother me. And I know it'll balance out over time. To me the big maps offer a long game approach that allows many options to the different playstyles. You can hot drop (lemmings, all of them!), long drop, drop low building density areas, drop and drive away, drop in areas that allow you to setup on likely escape routes from towns... just so many options in each one. Erangel has more bushes to hide in while Miramar has more gullies to sneak by unnoticed. So it doesn't matter which map I get even though I like Miramar better.
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    Nice finish! That L1 vest got a work out haha
  12. xTekx_1


    Oh sweet sweet vector, how I love thee...
  13. Here are my last 20 matches. 1. Erangel 6. Miramar 11. Erangel 16. Miramar 2. Erangel 7. Miramar 12. Sanhok 17. Erangel 3. Erangel 8. Erangel 13. Erangel 18. Erangel 4. Erangel 9. Miramar 14. Miramar 19. Erangel 5. Sanhok 10. Miramar 15. Erangel 20. Erangel Erangel - 12 Miramar - 6 Sanhok - 2 (only because squadmates wanted to play a round on that map) So it is not giving majority to Miramar. It will balance out to close to 50% as you get more games in. I remember checking this before they put map selection in and it came to something like 52/48 split.
  14. xTekx_1

    Camping strategy

    Do people not clear houses that they go into??
  15. xTekx_1

    Camping strategy

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!