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  1. xTekx_1


    Because it's not a problem.
  2. xTekx_1

    The movement in PUBG is so wonky

    Just what is it you're asking for?
  3. How come I can't find a L3 vest in every house I visit? Or L6 and L8 scopes? I mean come on! How unfair!
  4. xTekx_1

    3D Enemy Marker System

    So you would want the game to be dumbed down because your teammates can't figure out how to spot someone?
  5. xTekx_1

    3D Enemy Marker System

    Imo it is not a good idea nor was it ever a good idea. Regardless of game.
  6. xTekx_1

    3D Enemy Marker System

    No! It would not be nice! This is not a game for in-game esp bs like normal mode bf. Go back to that game if you want that stupid crap. Bad idea is bad.
  7. xTekx_1

    Winning needs to feel better

    I say taking satisfaction for winning in general because it seems there is just an overall lower amount of players that are just competitive by nature. It could be a perception that is not accurate, but when I see someone say they should get XYZ for winning I can't help but roll my eyes. If someone has to have a reward for winning to push them to compete harder, then I am going to question why they are playing the game.
  8. You're positive you're clicking on Quit game in your raging state to quit the game?
  9. xTekx_1


    Were you dragging the attachment or just clicking on it to unequip it? I encounter this fairly often and have to spend that extra moment to drag the item to the ground section to do what you want to do.
  10. xTekx_1


    You have to drag the attachment to the ground portion of the loot window to unequip it if you have no space in your inventory.
  11. xTekx_1

    The Circles size.

    No it doesn't. The circle is what it is. The game forces you to make a decision based on your situation. Luck has nothing to do with it.
  12. xTekx_1

    The Circles size.

    I think you're approaching this game with the wrong idea on what it is exactly. Every player decides where they want to drop with zero knowledge of where the first circle is going to appear. Luck is irrelevant at this point in time in the game. The circle appearing on the far side of the map is neither lucky or unlucky. It's just what it is and you have to make a decision on how long to loot, how long to spend finding a car (if needed), what route you're going to take, and where you want to finally exit the vehicle. Decisions is the first skill that makes or breaks a player in this game. I had a solo game the other day on Miramar where I dropped at the NE base and decided to try and ambush players going for vehicles when I saw the circle way to the south. I had no belief that I would make the circle based on my decision to try and ambush players wanting to start heading south. My ambush setup over a bus almost failed when a vehicle exiting the base almost ran me over in my little bush I was hiding in without even knowing I was hiding in there. At that point in time, with the first circle almost closed I decided to get in the bus and see if I could make the circle. Not only did I make the circle, I went to an area on the map in the circle that I knew well and proceeded to win the chicken dinner with 6 kills. Dying to the circle is people who didn't plan well or weren't paying attention. Abide by the 6 P's and you're better off. Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.
  13. xTekx_1

    The Circles size.

    How is this an issue when 1/2 the player base dies before the first circle closes due to hot dropping like lemmings? If players are getting killed due to the circle they screwed up somewhere in their decision making. That is on the player, not the game.
  14. Huh... when I click quit game the game quits and when I click exit to lobby I appear in lobby.
  15. xTekx_1

    Camper repellent

    So holding a perfectly good position is now camping and bad? So players should only play run and gun style? I think you're in the wrong game. Players should play however they want (without cheating) to try and win the fight, battle and match. If you can't figure out how to win against campers then you need to figure out some better tactics to counter them. All I see is an ocean forming under your feet from your tears. Just another whining lame ass trying to dictate how people should play to compensate for their short comings.