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  1. duellingcarl

    Looking into buildings

    I've had this issue since the 1.0 update when they messed with HDR when everyone complained about it being too dark. Now the game is way too bright and the over contrast is so high. We need an HDR slider to fix this.
  2. This post perfectly sums up my and probably many others' PUBG experience. BFV next week then maybe in a few months I'll try PUBG again if and only if they make huge improvements to the client and servers for optimization and performance. I will thank PUBG for helping my aim in Battlefield where my k/d has only gone up since turning aim assist off.
  3. duellingcarl

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Played a few hours of custom games because I'm tired of looting for twenty minutes only to get killed by how broke the game is. Some games run somewhat smooth and others are a complete slide show. There's still lag and desync present. I'm constantly getting killed by guys who aren't facing me or shooting at me in my screen. I'm taking bundled hits like crazy. FPS drops are back in a big way on very close cqb. I still cant ADS in this game to save my life. At range I'm ok but up close I can't hit the back side of a barn. ADS close range is either too slow or too fast. I wind up pretty much solely hip firing and soft aiming which ruins the game for me. I hate TPP but most of the FPP plays seem to have left. Graphics hurt my eyes and made me feel so fatigued after playing yesterday. They're just so bad. Over contrasts are everywhere since the 1.0 HDR update. The game is too bright and too dark at the same time so it's hard for me to see guys in certain situations because the shadows are now so dark for me. Please add an HDR slider because my HDR was perfect pre 1.0. Also, the game just has an over sharpened, bland look to it that makes me feel weird. Still making numerous attempts to have to pick up items, close doors, and vault. I got killed a few times yesterday trying to climb through a window and three attempts of my idiot jumping up and down got me killed. Also sometimes I go to reload and it takes a few attempts as well. Controller does feel like it still has some input lag. Also, would love to be able to map grenades to a different button. Hate having to go for the dpad. X hardwired DMZ 4K HDR SSD
  4. duellingcarl

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Now that you mention it I've noticed a lot of this. Bodies just pick up off the ground and start the rag doll effects. It's weird.
  5. duellingcarl

    PUBG is dead

    I agree with this. On the x with HDR looking at the game just hurts my eyes.
  6. duellingcarl

    Not what we need from the next update

    Like a horribly optimized, under performing, broken mess. Stop the one size fits all stuff and give us a slider for FOV and HDR. Fix the fps dips I notice mainly when adsing. I can't kill anyone when adsing even though I see lots of blood but hip fire and soft aiming I takes guys down so fast. Footsteps haven't been right for me since early on. I always hear echoes but it's just my character. I have to hold X numerous times to reload sometimes and takes several attempts to pick items up even though it makes the sound that I picked it up the first time. Also, opening and closing doors can take a few attempts before they open or close. Still barely hitting 30 fps on the X and my console works way harder at this game than others that run much better and cooler. Sensitivies still aren't good for me. One situation it's too fast so I turn it down by one then it's way too slow. Each server feels different too. Servers feel laggy and delayed all the time. Would love to change grenades to rb. I never can remember to go to the dpad for grenades. Too used to Battlefield. Grenade mechanic is cool but too slow. I hate how people just lean from side to side in gun fights or are able to just nonstop move and shoot me dead accurate and I'm crouched still but I can't hit them. PUBG has helped my k/d in Battlefield. Since I turned off aim assist my k/d has only gone up in Battlefield. It was 2.25 and now it's over 2.7 lifetime. I even have games where I don't die in Battlefield even being in the thick of it the whole time. Yet I come to this game and it just doesn't feel or run right to me. I'm using 18 gen and all other stock sens in Battlefield but can't get comfortable with PUBG. I really wanted to like and get good at this game. But if they could fix the above issues maybe I'll be back sometime next year if I want to take a break from BFV.
  7. duellingcarl

    Not what we need from the next update

    I don't know anything about the pc version as I'm strictly an Xbox guy but if the pc version is still like this then there's no hope for this game.
  8. duellingcarl

    Not what we need from the next update

    Remember the good old days when they used to fix a game before releasing paid content? Now it's all backwards. Release a game that needs work but pay us for skins and then we will fix it later. As long as people keep buying skins they will keep releasing them. I know it's different teams but come on this game is pure cash grab while it has popularity.
  9. duellingcarl

    Not what we need from the next update

    Another useless update of things that do nothing to improve the game for me. I really wanted this game to be so much better than what it is by now. 9 more days then I maybe gone forever!
  10. duellingcarl

    When is next update?

    No sense in wasting anymore time with this forum then if the update isn't until late November. I'll be too busy playing BFV.
  11. duellingcarl

    When is next update?

    Yep that's the one. I guess testing didn't go well and or they want to wait until Saturday so they can hype their "big PUBG news" more.
  12. duellingcarl

    When is next update?

    Two weeks ago I could have sworn one of the community managers said nov 7. But, never heard that again since.
  13. duellingcarl

    Training mode 2 solo wins each completion?

    Never did it. I'm at 425 and will likely never go any higher with this game unless they make it drastically better. I bought COD WW2 which I'm going to strip of single player achievements until BFV launches.
  14. duellingcarl

    Wtf wow

    Management does not seem that great to me. That could be causing more talented knowledgeable devs to not seek employment from this company.
  15. duellingcarl

    Training mode 2 solo wins each completion?

    I made this post within hours of the update. It doesn't affect in game stats just game hub stats. It was the only way I was ever going to get my win ten games achievement with the current poor state of the game so that's what I did. I figured I'd get something for my $30. I'm a bit of an achievement guy. No mention of this in the weekly post, which I thought was odd.