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  1. If your game crashes, u now cant get back into the game u were playing. Seriously. Wtf!!
  2. Driving along suddenly hit something?? No idea what as there was nothing there. Ridiculous. Get rid of apparent invisible walls!!!!!
  3. Crook


    The new setup is broken. People prefer that?? Ok..
  4. Crook


    Please use the same setting layout as the standard game. There is no point in changing something that is easy to navigate, easily understood and has absolutely no flaws. Dont fix something that isn't broken.
  5. When browsing over guns on the floor, in crates etc ive noticed the weapon swaps automatically from time to time. I wouldnt say this is a massive issue but its just got me killed when i was at a crate because is swapped the weapon without me pressing a button???
  6. I keep getting ran over by vehicles that are 5 feet or more away from me!!!! Please fix this! Its ridiculous!!
  7. So ive flipped a vehicle and it blew up.. No problem with that as i was traveling at speed and it hit the ground a few time.. So now comes the issue.. Traveling at lower speed in a buggy, flipped in the air.. Didnt touch the ground but blew up.. I cant help but get mad at this RIDICULOUS so called bug update!!!! This needs adressing as im quite placid when it comes to issues but even im starting to get pissed at the vehicle issues. Ill upload vid as soon as i figure out how.
  8. I died because a car hit me.. Nothing strange about that rite?? Well considering i was at least 2 feet from its driving line id say its pretty strange wouldnt u!!! So to clarify i was hit by a vehicle that didnt touch me.. Ill upload the footage as soon as i figure out how.
  9. Crook

    How was he shot??

    Try pausing the video between 6 and 7 seconds just as he takes the hit.. See for yourself.
  10. Between 6 an 7 seconds takes a shot, taking 25% health.. But how.. Guy running sideways gun pointing at the floor.. There is no logical explanation. https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessKindManatee4Head?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  11. Crook

    What is goin on??

    Yeah its very frustrating. Im the same, i really enjoy the game but its let down with issues such as this.
  12. So im stood absolutely destroying a guy who has no helmet or vest. He takes multiple multiple shots to the chest neck and head and he doesn't die. Im level 2 all round and die almost as soon as the guy starts shooting. I couldnt even understand if he got a head shot because i hit him so many times.. Not sure what u can do but that is absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately i didnt clip this as i was going mental.. Come on bluehole this is a fairly valid point..
  13. Crook


    Why are the flys so loud??
  14. Crook

    Blue zone

    Look at the recent xbox stats on how many people have died in the blue. Its a ridiculous amount in comparison with kills with guns.