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  1. Blue zone

    Look at the recent xbox stats on how many people have died in the blue. Its a ridiculous amount in comparison with kills with guns.
  2. 2 PUNCH

    Id say about 20
  3. 2 PUNCH

    Not realistic at all.
  4. Desert map???

    Yeah ive just realised it wasnt an actual map....
  5. Desert map???

    This isnt a new map is it.. Its a plan showing the future of the game for xbox rite??
  6. Roadmap 2018 talk

    Am i being daft.. Is this a new map or is it just a plan being laid out for xbox "road map" not an actual map????
  7. Desert map???

    Na mate that Nico bloke tweeted its coming to xbox today sometime
  8. What happened to xbox getting the desert map? A new map is fantastic but i was expecting the desert map to come first? Anyone shed some light??
  9. Roadmap 2018 talk

    Hang on a minute.. Whats all the talk of this roadmap?? When do we get the desert map?
  10. Will the xbox eventually have all the features of the PC? I understand they will never be as good quality as pc so lets not bicker over that but i was wondering if all that is the pc will one day become xbox features also. Thoughts???
  11. 2 PUNCH

    So i was punched twice and died..... Ive been puched more than twice on several occasions and im still here typing this post.. Can u please adjust this as its not realistic in the slightest.
  12. Shroud says....

    Its also had years of prep i recently leanred, they just didn't release it. Pubg will get there in the end. It wont be perfect but it will be close to it.
  13. Shroud says....

    Guys the post was originally to give bluehole some motivation to push themselves beyond expectation and make pubg on console so relevant it will still be around 10 years from now. It wasnt so we could all comment on shrouds (not overly popular opinions)
  14. Shroud says....

    The post was originally for bluehole to be motivated into making the game on console groundbreaking. Not to give shroud shit over his opinion.