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    A New Start/Open Coms

    I Agree with you, I am a massive fan of the game and have 80 days played. I came to the forum to post that i was disheartend and wanted them to remove miramar, use the PTS correctly until it was fixed and got some abuse for it. However i feel the post yesterday and this quicker reaction is the start of something new. But who knows, we shall see!
  2. It was nice to see a post from the Devs yesterday with a detailed response to player concerns and actually give some details with regards to the problems they are facing. It was also nice to see that over on reddit were the "letter" was posted they kept the thread open and answered questions and concerns. Hopefully going forward they will keep this up and the lines of communication between the Devs and us (the players) will be a lot more open and honest. I read a piece this morning about the player base for PUBG has halved since the previous patch and is this reason for the "letter" last night and a surprise patch this morning? I am currently downloading the patch and I am hoping it addresses a couple of concerns and having read the patch notes it may do just that. Has anyone played since the patch and what has the experience been like? e.g. crashes etc....
  3. It wasn't thou, The update was released. For 24 hours only Erangel was activated. They then after 24 hours turned on Miramar and this started the problems. Just because miramar is in the update it was not activated server side until they turned it on. Even there twitter says the same thing and the official facebook page. Maybe reading everything not just the update notes would be helpful so you then have a full understanding.
  4. At least you get the frustration, It may be a logistical nightmare but players are leaving. I've gone from having 30-40 people online playing this to 5-8 in the time Miramar has been added. Removing Miramar is server side and not update related. The update is perfectly fine apart from Miramar.
  5. And it is a roll back because the patch was adding Miramar. The title does'nt say Roll Back to Previous Update!
  6. I didn't say roll pack the entire patch, roll back and remove miramar but leave the update intact. Again as i said above the 24 hour period between the update being implemented and then miramar being activated the game play was a lot better. I also offer a solution in regards to monitering the crashes on both Erangel and Miramar while maintaining the current player base, The suggestion also separates the monitoring of bugs on both maps. Miramar being placed in the PTS with the current update to find and implement fixes/solutions and also find the remaining issues on Erangel in the main part of the game.
  7. If you played this game and read thru each note and not just patch notes, you would know that they rolled damage done to vehicles back. However this here is another point to show they reverted/rolled back a change due to feedback from the community. So thank you for helping me state my case.
  8. They specifically said they rolled backed the vehicles to the state of update #2 while moving other aspects of the game forward.
  9. So you have no suggestion and can't argue the fact what im saying is correct so you simple say you are oversimplifying. I haven't missed the point i've offered a way to keep the sample size the same but also isolate each map and each problem contained within that map. But Good Day to you 2
  10. Yes in fact I have and the different variables can affect other elements without you even knowing. A few people say about sample size which is why i made the suggestion roll the game back to exclude miramar but with the update. Re open the PTS with Miramar. You have the same sample size but you also isolate each instance and make it a dam site easier to locate the problems. Rolling back worked with patch #3 in regards to vehicles, they set the precedent there for rollbacks and the current state of the game warrants this action again.
  11. You miss the point completely, up to this point and this patch the crashes happened a lot less often. The 24 hours between the update and miramar coming online I had Zero Crashes. The minute miramar was turned on the first game i crashed 3 times in 1 game, the first time since patch #3 i crashed 3 times in one game. Every game is now a gamble and watching vods on my stream and playing on stream comment about how often I and others i play with are now crashing.
  12. The game wasn't worse before Miramar was launched. This is the thing between the update being uploaded and miramar being turned on in the game played a lot better. A 24 hour period this game played a lot better than it ever did. Send Miramar back to the PTS and work out the bugs while also gatheing data from the current update just on Erangel for the other issues. It's not rocket science.
  13. The PTS was overloaded with players so this excuse does'nt add up. Secondly your ignoring the point that they didnt even give warning it was going to play worse and have made the player base feel negative about the game. It has gone back to the state of the game during patch #3. Negative feedback and suggestions from the community helped and they rolled back what they did with vehicles etc.... They have rolled back before to move forward and they need to do so again.
  14. Whats counter productive is watching your player base leave. The PTS is there for this reason, they do it on the PC they should do it on the Xbox for this reason. You know what your getting into with the PTS, they gave zero warning the game was going to play a lot worse. This update is not an improvement or a way forward currently.
  15. Thank You, Not one outlandish suggestion. Just asking for the PTS to do what it says it does and try and help keep the player base intact before they go elsewhere or become disillusioned and never play again. I actually care about the game because i love it. 80 Days Total Play Time Since it Came out, im no part timer and built a 1.2k following on stream from playing this. I'm a strong advocate for this game. Came here to offer a suggestion which will help.