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  1. Patch 11

  2. Crosshair Options

    Same. I lose mine all the time against many different backdrops.
  3. So far my squad and I heavily favor coastal cities like Primorsk, Lipovka, and Saverny since they always net everyone a primary and some kind of armor and healing. We also like to hit the hot drops like Georgopol, Pochinki, and Military Base on occasion. Anybody know any other good drop sites that can gear an entire squad of four? Want to try some new spots.
  4. Feedback Part II

    Continuing to pour hours of my life into PUBG after nearly 2 months. Had my ups and downs. Game continues to provide memorable experiences on a consistent basis, but more glaring issues are beginning to reveal themselves as my squad and I leave the honeymoon phase and start seriously hunting for chicken dinners. My last thread was almost exclusively complaints so I will add positive feedback here as well, though I have no idea how that is useful to the dev team. + The guns feel great. They each have unique quirks and strengths and it's fun learning to use them well. + The QOL improvements are much appreciated. Game functions at a higher level than it did on day one. + Heard a lot of complaints about the game's audio but I am able to consistently locate other players using headphones. Love the audio, with some exceptions detailed below. + It mostly works. My friends and I haven't gamed together in several years, but PUBG has brought us all together again. Able to get on, group up, and hop on a plane quickly and easily so we can start bickering about where to drop. + Menus feel better than I expected. - Character movement is improved, but still infuriating at times. Trying to peak into the hallway from a side room at a place like hospital is a Herculean task most of the time. Character puts gun away and pulls it out while crossing the threshold of the door and the guy in the hallway has his gun drawn the whole time. This also occurs when trying to shoot out of windows or over low walls. I never know if I'm going to have the clear shot or if I'm just going to lower my weapon or even empty several rounds into concrete or wood. - The water smacking hull sound is just so awful and jarring. Red zone bombs are also horrible when they're right on your squad. Makes communication difficult without adjusting volume just for the red zone. - Still having trouble seeing white HUD stuff in certain lighting. Most notable when on a beach with your crosshair and compass using the sky as a background. Also painful in areas with a lot of light gray textures. - Frame rate instability in many areas of the map and oddly in final circles make combat feel like a chore or like a gunfight can be chalked up to luck of the draw. - Input lag remains despite improvements. - Loot crates suck. I spent my 30,000 bp on a bunch of brown school shoes and a Where's Waldo shirt. Even the cool items I see people have don't look very cool because the gear textures on the player models are so muddy. Happy hunting!
  5. what did you spend your 30,000 on?

    2 pairs of brown loafers, blue pants, white pants, and more brown pants. 😐
  6. Some sounds seem too loud.

    Point taken lmao
  7. Some sounds seem too loud.

    I actually like the noise, it covers footsteps and gunfights well and sounds cool. I just hate how I can't hear my team during it. I've experimented with voice chat mixer and I can get it to where I can hear mic chatter over it but then I can't reliably locate/identify footsteps then. Adjusting my sound during and after the redzone doesn't feel like an intuitive solution.
  8. Still loving the game but just wanted to give some feedback about certain in game sound effects here. While the quality of the sound effects is generally high, some things feel all out of whack. -Footsteps and gunshots are great and can be reliably located with surround sound or headphones! -Some sounds are too loud, and if I'm playing in a party with volume loud enough to locate gunshots and footsteps, certain game sounds drown out the voices of my squad. I have trouble hearing my teammates chatter when: Red zone occurs (and this lasts a while so worst offender) My teammates and I are in the same vehicle traveling (This is also common and generally lasts some time) A plane flies overhead (actually don't mind this too much because it doesn't last long and sounds awesome, and it can be used to cover up my own footsteps which is cool) The new water "smacking" sound effect occurs. This sound is awfully loud and sometimes when in boats happens repeatedly. It's as loud or louder than someone firing their gun off right next to my character. Thanks for the consistent updates having too much fun. Cheers!
  9. boat crash noise

    Yeah this sound effect is extremely loud and jarring and comes seemingly out of nowhere. Please adjust volume or remove.
  10. Boats...

    Heard the same sound driving Uaz through shallow water.
  11. Yeah, I get it, but I enjoyed fighting people who wouldn't get out of their cars, and I also loved slamming a UAZ into roadblocks that bridge campers set up. Being able to do wild stuff in vehicles is a lot of fun and I just hope that they don't explode too fast or that ramming into other cars isn't a sure death sentence.
  12. Yeah, not thrilled with the car changes on paper but we'll see how it plays.
  13. Hate getting ran over by vehicles!!!

    Cling to cover. Spray the driver's side. No one in their right mind is going to continue to try and vehicular manslaughter someone who just took out half their life.
  14. Adjust or be salty

    Spray the driver side. After you hit them a couple times they'll think twice about driving your way. Who knows, you might just kill/knock them outright.
  15. General feedback after 50+ hours.

    Hey, I appreciate that! Will definitely try those suggestions before next session.