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  1. did 1 kill you


    It does make a huge difference - yesterday fully kitted out. Today only scope and grip. The recoil is bad and the 4x scope exagerates this - I was just salty today because.... well I suck
  2. did 1 kill you


    I was going to upload a video, but the replay hurts more everytime I watch it
  3. did 1 kill you


    Why does the SKS troll me so much. Does anyone else feel this gun laughs at them? Last night I used it and killed 2 three man squads with x2 scope. Tonight I used it with x4 scope and couldnt hit water if I was in the middle of the ocean. This included a stationary target who of course nailed me back np with M4. I know its me (user error) but of all the weapons the SKS has to be my least favourite. 😀
  4. did 1 kill you

    Real life interference.

    Sound proof the room under the stairs too 😎
  5. did 1 kill you

    Gunfights, what's the secret?

    I am same. If they kill me I just think they were better than me and drop in the next map. Taking my thumb off the left stick. Using walls or trees - dont run and gun. I try and ADS always, except maybe in a house
  6. On a list of things the game needs, for me, proximity chat isnt one of them. However I dont mind if it is intoduced as long as I can disable it - so win win
  7. did 1 kill you


    https://imgur.com/gallery/cEW3Iri Didnt include Tokyo or Mumbai. Not sure if there are additional servers added or if these include any/all xbox
  8. did 1 kill you


    I will try check. I thought it was for both (the pc has a south american server). I think your right. Xbox returning mumbai, singapore and seoul 😐
  9. did 1 kill you


    Edit - I removed picture - but there is a server in Sydney I am not a dev or a mod but this is what your looking for I think
  10. did 1 kill you


    No need to call people names. You can put people on ignore list or choose not to read / respond. People get frustrated and vent.
  11. did 1 kill you

    Just about done with this game

    Believe me. I was holding X. It isnt just me it has happened to.
  12. did 1 kill you

    Just about done with this game

    You press X to reload and nothing happens. I posted a video the other day. It isnt common, as in it happened rarely to me, but it is a thing. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/did-1-kill-you/video/50230925
  13. did 1 kill you

    Just about done with this game

    There is a reload glitch, it has been reported. I think most the things op posted glitch wise have been reported. On the main server, not sure about pts. It could be fixed there and therefore patch incoming on main server. I reboot after 1 hour playing. I very rarely crash now.
  14. did 1 kill you

    The game needs a fundamental rehaul

    So the game needs a fundamental rehaul?
  15. did 1 kill you

    The game needs a fundamental rehaul

    No its not. But the fundamental flaw is the og xbox. I get all the points that have been made, but it will never be much better than it is now if they carry on down the same path. So og xbox get poor rendering and we all suffer poor fps. If I didnt care about the game I wouldnt bother posting. Yes its pretty pointless as it isnt going to change, yes I will keep playing. But unless they do something, the game will never reach its true potential, which is a pity.