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  1. did 1 kill you

    Loot on Erengal

    Erengal is.... so boring now. Hot drops are more like wet weekends in winter, no one is about. The loot is more sparse than a dingos back hair with mange. I know its rng for loot but it makes the game tedious, a chore. Looting house after house and coming out with guff gear. A better idea would be - more weapons LESS ammo.
  2. did 1 kill you

    I heard it’s gotten worse 😑

    I dont mind the movement, but it actually feels less fluid for me. I think it might just be because I haven't played for a few weeks. One game only loaded when in plane (battleground screen), but all others loaded in lobby with 30+ seconds on counter. Crates still disappearing. Two tonight. ADS in doorway doesn't seem to work properly. Twice its happened - you sort of go into fpp (I was playing in tpp and no I didnt hit RB ) then a second later ads. I will post a video in bugs section for this. It might just be cqc lag. FPS took a hit on erengal with 30 people left and 4th circle. Circle was on mil base. Rendering and loot loading slightly quicker. Xbox one X - General impression, no real improvement but not encountered anything game breaking.
  3. did 1 kill you

    I heard it’s gotten worse 😑

    Loaded and played. No issue with movement. FPS is ok. But.... The lag. Just not a chance really. If only Asia had a server.
  4. did 1 kill you

    I heard it’s gotten worse 😑

    I had 2 weeks away. I will try tomorrow - you got to taste it yourself to know if its your flavour
  5. did 1 kill you

    Aim assist might get added after all..

    "Focus group" This makes me worry. I hope the focus group are aligned with general forum feedback but previous experience tells me focus groups push skill limiting products to level the playing field. Aim assist would be top of their list.
  6. did 1 kill you

    Vehicle Mounted Weapons / Mounted Weapons

    Horses on mirimar. We can practice for rdr2 😀
  7. did 1 kill you

    Question for the Day 1 players.

    My play time has trailed off to zero. I haven't played xbox for near 2 weeks. Losing asia servers was pretty much telling me it's over. Hopefully they will relaunch the game properly at v1.0 and reinstate the asia server. Not giving up hope just yet but it seems the main issues are beyond blueholes capability to fix.
  8. did 1 kill you

    Could we get a fov slider

    The pc has so I assume/hope we do.
  9. I am in Asia. My server was here, then it went 😶 It was popular then it died because fail patches. I am hoping it comes back on game release. Fingers crossed 🤞 Good luck SA, hope you get a server
  10. Maybe he wants to apply for a job
  11. 코리아 ^^ (한국) Yeah baby 😎
  12. Xbox X rendering and fps during hot drop fire fight 😀
  13. did 1 kill you

    Scar or m4

    I like both but M4 edges it for me. I don't drop the SCAR though if I come across M4.