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  1. did 1 kill you


    It improved when I stopped playing 😀 Still hopeful they will make it decent, but have played maybe 10 games in 3 months. I want to enjoy it....
  2. did 1 kill you

    Playing PUBG on a Samsung 8K tv

    I would always reccomend Samsung I work for Samsung, but I am not biased ?
  3. did 1 kill you

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

    I thought you were joking, but your not ? /thread
  4. did 1 kill you

    Dsync and more dsync

    If there were so many chinese players why did Asia server get closed? Captain Stupid wears a watch with your face on it.
  5. Infested? Good use of a word ?
  6. did 1 kill you

    So sick to death of being killed while in cover

    I delibarately play on servers where I have high ping.... said no one, ever, playing fps games.
  7. Maybe erangel isnt real? Like somebody made it up. I am not sure now, not sure of anything. This thread.... this thread is unwinding my mind ? Edit: I live near sanhok. True story ?
  8. I watched it all. I try work out if he is australian but he sounds scottish? I have proof my children arent the stupidest people on earth - thanks ??
  9. did 1 kill you

    I’d still pay for PUBG2

    Im all over this, hate the current situation, would drop $100 on v2 in a heartbeat
  10. did 1 kill you

    PUBG is dead

    I just downloaded the last update. Playing squads on EU, seems better than before. Maybe time of day makes it better. Playing on EU, xbox one x. Whilst I am not a fanboi (I think thats fair to say) the game may be in decline but definitely not dead. The question is will pubg be able to win people back and attract new players. I hope so.
  11. I saw that, but thought it just a gfx glitch
  12. I cant see that. There is a graphic glitch mid screen but I didnt see the weapon. I am on mobole phone
  13. I have watched it a few times now in slow mo. Logic says he was hiding behind the tree and adjusting perfectly his angle between you, him and tree as you approached, as others mentioned. But no shadows, no noise and not even the slightest bit of him seen. I think you were just unlucky
  14. did 1 kill you

    Just don’t care as much

    I get paid on the 10th Hookers and coke it is ?
  15. did 1 kill you

    Just don’t care as much

    I care. Troll off little troll.