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  1. Crash In any town?

    Maybe your game has extra bug. Try reinstall? I mean your download might have been corrupted.
  2. Epic Fail

    Change to type B and try that
  3. WTF??? please watch!!

    If I post the clip will I get banned
  4. WTF??? please watch!!

    I just saw my wife post a clip of her getting shotgunned through a wall.
  5. If they approved the use of kbm I would get it in a heartbeat. As it is not supported for whatever reason I will just stick with the subpar controller.
  6. What the Hell

    1st game today 5 minutes in full black screen crash. Reconnect. Constant network lag. 2nd game join lobby and black screen crash. Rejoin game on 7 seconds. Game starts but I am still on the lobby island. 3rd game land and get to 1st house and game locks with M_API not connected error? 4th game lobby crash with Failed to Retrieve Xbox Token ? Error 5th game locks as I land and engage a person with XBOX:FATAL_LIVE_ERROR_SYSTEM should I even bother trying today? It seems my network is now conspirinh with the flakey game to ensure I spend more time connecting than playing Og xbox. First 4 games Asian Server and 5th Europe
  7. Noob to XBOX PUBG. 3 cheers but issues

    When waiting on little island for all players to join there is the weapons on the benches. If you load in quick enough you can grab one and some ammo and practice shooting until game starts
  8. Embarrassing to Admit

    I think press X cuts chute
  9. I will be getting the samsung T5 next month with a 1 X
  10. Warning Points

    I got mine. I deserved mine. I acknowledged the warning and moved on
  11. Most Embarrassing Moment?

    Jumped from second floor window behind a player and shouted suprise. My suprise was my gun clip was empty and he turned and shot me.
  12. Xbox Notifications

    In the last ten edge of circle. Spend 30 seconds scanning and start slowly moving round the edge. No noise. Then the notification a friend just logged into xbox with the accompanying sound - I almost shat myself. I really need to remember to turn notifications off
  13. Y'gotta love those days.......

    Tonight is polar opposite of last. Good kit and decent kdr. I still not finding many lvl2 armour. Getting more lvl3 helmets and body armor than lvl 2
  14. Y'gotta love those days.......

    Last night was terrible for me. I was worse than I was when I first played. No kills, when I did hit someone they immediately wasted me. Everything I did was bad. I was tired when playing but even so, I just straight up failed. Hoping I play better tonight
  15. Best Weapons

    M4 with x4 scope and switch to red dot when circle is small M16 red dot or SCAR-L as secondary. I find scopes above x4 make me change my playstyle to one I am bad at. I prefer red dots - if you can see someone red dot is effective.