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  1. InvisiMod

    Can It Work on Console?

    I suspected this, I just can't wrap my mind around why the game is so choppy with 20 players near each other when this doesn't happen on other games. Are the textures that complex? Are the servers just not very powerful? Trying to identify the difference between this game and other Xbox games, map size/complexity and 100 player count came immediately to mind. If that's not what causes the game to run so poorly, I wonder what is?
  2. InvisiMod

    Can It Work on Console?

    LOL in what world is trying to make something work giving up on it? Already stated optimization team continues working as usual on improving performance. There is no compromise, nothing gets sacrificed.
  3. InvisiMod

    war mode

    not sure if this was addressed already ........ with a +1 points for reviving in war mode, couldn't 2 teammates camp together at the edge of the circle and continually down and revive each other to win?
  4. InvisiMod

    Can It Work on Console?

    So if the devs thought this would drastically help performance, and just to try it out gave us an event mode with a cut down Erangel and/or reduced player count, you would consider that giving up on the current version of pubg?
  5. First off, I want to start by saying I'm not sure if I've ever played a better map in any game than Erangel. It's a super rich and detailed environment, so large and complex that no two games will ever be the same. Loaded with realistic buildings and terrain, it provides the best 'narrative' you can play out on a map. That said, I just don't know if console can handle it. I mean the FPS/stuttering/rendering/lag ..... I feel like the complexity and size of the map must be hard for Xbox to process (example A is mobile version's graphics and building complexity have been stripped down, and the result is a very smooth game). Coupled with the number of players together, these appear to be the two leading factors to why the game doesn't run great on console. So how would a smaller map (still rich and detailed, but maybe half the size so Xbox can handle loading) with less players (70-80?) perform? I'd like to see them try some things out, give us the event mode and use it to test this out. Not sure if Erangel can be cut down in size or complexity and still be likable, but I'd have no issue seeing that in an event mode either. PS - keep in mind different teams working on these things. Optimization/performance team would continue what they're doing. Just saying, if the game ran great with 70 players and half the size of Erangel, would you be OK with that?
  6. InvisiMod

    X vs S vs OG

    Ever tried this? You clip on EVERYTHING and can't really move through doors and walls cleanly, and your character bounces up and down. If you do somehow manage to go through a wall and hover over a gun, you can't pick it up until everything is rendered. It much longer than 10 second delay too, it's more like 30. There is absolutely no advantage that the S or OG has over the X. Also many times the loot loads in AFTER the buildings are completely loaded.
  7. InvisiMod

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    I almost pissed myself watching that guy fight close quarters with the UMP, they could have at least used a couple competent gamers to get the footage.
  8. Yes it does, increasing the size of your team with the vast income from this game would ensure a more timely and complete development process.
  9. InvisiMod

    We need aim assist on console

    I don't think aim assist is the answer, but aiming in this game is definitely busted on Xbox. I've played other shooters with no aim assist and the aiming is not nearly as difficult. I still feel the aim acceleration needs addressed. Even at 10 it's still there. I don't want aim assist, but why can't the aiming feel good like many other shooters out there?
  10. InvisiMod

    LVL 3 Helmet - What's the deal

    Why are people on here saying armor is broken and doesn't register? Lvl3 helmet will protect you only if at full health, end of discussion.