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  1. Bug Description: As can be seen in the video I was simply squatting behind barrels when a split second later I was about 50ft east of that location. My squad mate saw it happen on his screenLocation:Miramar --> Monte Nuevo --> Western portion of townEvidence: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rapt0rious/video/53918152Replication: It was shortly after a CQC with couple of my squad mates nearby. Xbox One Version X, hardwired internet This was before the hotfix this morning
  2. Rapt0rious

    People Crashing

    I heard about that fix. I haven't played the past 36 hours and it's been at least a day and a half since I crashed
  3. Rapt0rious

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    I did the same after the update. My first game in and I crashed 5 minutes into it
  4. Quick scoping makes no sense in a realistic sense. I think the dev already answered your question. Why would you expect the crosshairs to be in the same exact position when your player physically moves the gun up to his face to look into a scope/sight? It SHOULD be off forcing you to re-aim
  5. Rapt0rious

    Test server info this evening

    He's in WA State... It's still evening here. The whole world doesn't revolve around EST (though most of it does;)
  6. Rapt0rious

    Soft aim crosshairs being blocked

    Here's the video of what I'm talking about: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rapt0rious/video/49454578
  7. Bug Description:When using soft aim (hold LB on type B controls) the crosshairs get blocked by player model and/or guns on back in TPP Location:N/AEvidence: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rapt0rious/video/49454578Replication: Seems to happen more often when player is around objectsXbox One Version Xbox One S
  8. I don't recall ever having this issue on the live server but see it all the time on the test server. When I'm in CQC and using LB (type b controls) to soft aim my crosshairs get blocked by either my character or the gun on my back. Is this intentional? I kind of feel like soft aim is meant for closer combat so there's no reason to hinder it. Thoughts?
  9. Rapt0rious

    Miramar bug

    Test Server Feedback Discussion and feedback for the Xbox PUBG Test server. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO POST BUGS
  10. Rapt0rious

    Test Server Hours

    Nico tweeted end of this week or beginning of next. That's all he was able to share
  11. Rapt0rious

    Sooo..Miramar is done?

    I crashed little more often than I did on Erangel. I'm on the S and I crashed while in the plane, while driving, while spectating, while in inventory, while running and once while sitting in a truck waiting for my squad to finish their shopping trip. Basically I crashed a lot. Couple of my friends never crashed (OG) and one crashed a couple times (X).
  12. Rapt0rious

    First Circle Location

    I've played quite a bit of games on Miramar and I've only seen one first circle located in North of the map. Every circle has been middle or south. I've heard others on Reddit saying the same thing.
  13. Rapt0rious

    Open Doors Through Walls - Chumacera

    That's crazy but useful to know until it gets fixed!
  14. Rapt0rious

    Miramar Inner Door Bug

    Don't let my actual bug report get lost in the sea of Network Lag reposts!
  15. Rapt0rious

    Miramar Inner Door Bug

    Bug Description:When opening an inner door (pressed just once) on 2nd level in a building South of San Martin my character was "bumped" to the right and the door closed automaticallyLocation:Screenshot of location on map: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rapt0rious/screenshot/8698449 Evidence: Video: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/rapt0rious/video/48691653Replication: It is apparent from videoXbox One VersionXbox One S