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    Nothing happenes when I click the "buy a key" and I have enough on steam wallet

    Where do they ORIGINATE from? I know you can buy them on the market, but where did they get them from? I have tried googeling it, but I only see "buy them off the steam market"
  4. Its to dodge shots and Im pretty sure you see higher as well since your character ertends his leggs.
  5. Grenade throw arc- intentioanlly misleading?

    Grenade is fatter then the line
  6. Grenade throw arc- intentioanlly misleading?

    The game needs a little while to "aim" the grenade compared to the environment, hold it til the arc becomes blue.
  7. Whoa, there's an upcoming War mode?!

    Seen this in world of warcraft. Here is a good video
  8. Possible to get a top 5 on EU/US, perhaps with their streams?
  9. To go in on the console market (watch they want to and can do) they need a finished game without issues on pc. Have some faith, game just came out and look at the progress!
  10. Hopefully its fixed for tournament today
  11. Psisyn and kattnftl won twice in a row when they had this on arma 3 battle royale. (streamer challenge, not top 200 tournament). An unheard of feat of strenght, only imo challenged by AbCamperUnarmed finishing 2. (tied? lol) in top 200 leaderboard HC tournament. (AbCamperUnarmed was unarmed the whole tournament)
  12. New Foggy Weather incoming :D

    Fuck yeah, wanted this for a Long time (especially if including br days). Will Spice up the endgame, i just hope they add enough fog:D
  13. Wtf happened to marketplace (deluxe items price)

    Oh yes, hence the title:p There has also been some super strange sales, people selling for faaar less then they could. (not talking about initial sales around 30$, but the dips between normal price most evident on the bandana https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWN's Bandana )
  14. Wtf happened to marketplace (deluxe items price)

    Not to me, but its worth it for a lot of people. ALL the ones with a coat right not feel like their coat is worth more then 166 dollars (obviously not including the ones that dont know about the price). The market is also not sleeping, tons of coats are getting sold.
  15. Wtf happened to marketplace (deluxe items price)

    Well there were a ton sold around the 150%-200% price and its still many waiting to buy at about 150% of yesterdays price while noone sells to them (meaning the ones having the coat feel like its worth more then that, so hard to say price is not warranted. )