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  1. Caution M&K users

    They did not say they can detect it. They said they're looking into finding a way to detect it. And since it just emulates a controller that's going to be nearly impossible. Plus, they wouldn't put a solution in place unless they could be 100% sure it was accurate 100% of the time. If they accidentally banned legit good players it would be a catastrophe for them. I don't know for sure but I would bet their post about looking into it was nothing more than a bit of fan service to appease all the people who complain about it on these forums. People like the op who honestly are making it sound like a much bigger problem than it really is. In all likelihood nothing will be done and the problem will only get worse until finally Microsoft bites and starts offering native k&m support. The only reason they haven't already is because of all the $ they'll lose on controller sales. But that's the direction console gaming in moving towards. It's inevitable at this point. I say let it go. Just accept that once in a while you'll get killed by someone who had a slightly unfair advantage, but that in a year or 2 we'll all be playing on m&k and it will once again be a level playing field.
  2. Lol i started on the og and upgraded a month ago. Other than rendering times its exactly the same. The difference is almost nonexistent after the first 2 minutes.
  3. I have 3 in 40 solo games played. My only advice is slow down. Don't fight anyone unless you have to to stay alive. You'll get your kills at the end. Dont do ANYTHING stupid, like loot in the blue without a car, forget to put your gun on full auto, etc. ditch the car after 4th circle. In the top 10 just find cover so if you get shot at you have an out. And whatever you do don't go prone unless you have a death wish. All the snakes in the grass at the end just make me laugh.
  4. Improved inventory system

    The system itself is fine. The problem is responsiveness. Have you ever felt like you could push buttons during looting faster than your xbox can keep up with? I've gotten to the point where I'm way faster than the game will let me be. I have to slow down for the system to register my inputs, otherwise I have to push buttons multiple times per item I want to grab. That's what I believe they are trying to work on. Ideally it would be as fast as the player is capable of.
  5. A little more loot at school?

    have you ever dropped at the refinery? Ast least that's whay I call it. The factory building across the street from the power plant. Always action right off the bat just like school, but the loot is way better. And when you're done you can sneek up on the survivor from main power too and take all their sweet loot. Just have to remember to take stock of where cars are before you land in case the circle screws you over.
  6. Xbox one X Yes/No?

    The only real difference is that buildings render before you hit the ground. Other than that it's really the same. The graphics aren't noticeably better. You may get a little better fps here and there but not much. I highly suggest buying an external solid state hard drive instead. Its literally just as big a difference for a quarter of the price. And it will help load times with all your games, not just pubg.
  7. Range of the grenade

    Its realistic af, exactly what they're going for. If you're in the same room as a grenade you're dead, even if you were at the opposite corner of the biggest room in the house. That's how it would be in real life. Shrapnel would kill you if the blast itself didn't.
  8. Level 3 armor question

    More importantly you should be aware of how big the difference is between headshots and bodyshots. Its freaking astronomical. I guarantee you that those deaths that seemed to happen too quickly were at least one or 2 headshots. Maybe not the final shot so you didn't see it in the death screen. Always aim for the head. Even if you only hit half as many shots as you would aiming at the chest you're probably still doing more damage.
  9. Level 3 armor question

    As you can see in the link above, 4 body shots on lvl 3 armor will do 99 damage. Literally 1hp left. Lvl3 armor is that good. Also, if just one of those 4 shots hit an extremity it would be a kill. Shooting someone in the arm does more damage than the chest if they have military gear.
  10. Level 3 armor question

  11. Rendering still shit.

  12. Rendering still shit.

    This game is simply too much strain on the Xbox. Not what it was built for, and its not gonna get much better. Buy an external ssd. The difference is literally mind blowing. And ssds are really nice to have for storage anyway, and help with load times in every game you play. It's a great investment. Makes as big a difference as buying a 1x for a quarter of the price.
  13. Clan support

    I think it would be great to see clans implemented, and integrated with this website and/or a mobile app. There's such a huge upside and I can't think of a reason not to have it. I think it would be such a great way to build real communities around this great game.
  14. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    Kindof a letdown tbh. I'm excited to get Mirimar and very excited to see fps improvements, but I was hoping for more info on when we'll be getting the smaller map PC is getting soon, the next big map after Mirimar, new gamemodes/guns/attatchments/vehicles etc. The PC roadmap made it clear that all these things are coming soon. I know xbox is behind but I want to know just how far behind. I think fps improvements are more important to be sure, but I'd like more info than we got. Still, its good they're communicating.
  15. This game still feels so sloppy

    Only since goldeneye lol, I'm 36 years old. I just think that if you have your sensitivity right then the only other things making it feel off are lack of aim assist and fps issues. But the mechanics themselves feel solid to me. Just my opinion.