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  1. RedDragonJedi

    Random matchmaking

    Doesn't surprise me at all tbh. Most people use the built in lfg system on xbox. If you purposefully match with randoms chances are they'll be in the bottom 10 percent. Maybe even worse. Or they're so new to xbox they don't know about the lfg system
  2. Quit the game and check for updates. New patch is live, you can't play without updating
  3. Ak usually, but it depends on what my other gun is. I like to pair an ak with a dmr, but if I find a kar or an m24 then I'd rather have something with more range like the scar or m4. Being really good in cqc and long range is suicide if you don't have any options for mid range. But when I have a dmr I love the ak. Wouldn't drop it for anything but a vector with an extended mag or a ump with a lightweight grip
  4. I will stay in full auto up to 100m. Just aim low (like at their groin) and shoot in bursts. 3rd bullet in the burst is usually a headshot (and a kill).
  5. RedDragonJedi

    Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Unplug mixamp. Plug headset directly into controller. Done.