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    Please nerf the vector

    Lol yesterday I got stuck fighting a guy on the edge of the blue on erengal with very little time before circle started closing again (far side, hard shift, 4th circle). By the time I won the fight I could barely outrun the circle and I still didn't have a lot of meds so I had to run a straight line in. Had to run through the fields south of Yasnaya with the hay bails. I finally get to the edge of the next circle amazed that I didn't take fire to get there. Right then a bush camper with a vector sprays me down. I was running right at him but he was invisible to me. It was frustrating as hell. That being said, I still don't think it's OP at all. I just got unlucky. Tiny magazine even with an extended (and useless without one) plus a super high rate that means if you miss at all you're gonna be stuck reloading while I still have half my ammo left. It's the best close range weapon in the game but not without huge drawbacks. If it had a 40 round clip and didn't need 5 attachments to be good I'd call it overpowered.