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  1. I've placed 2nd and 4th in a 1-man-squad FPP.
  2. It is the processor in the console. They have to figure out how to squeeze a big PC game inside of an OG XB1 & an XB1X while still balancing each fairly... Tough task...
  3. Look.. Lets just get real here. I know this game hasn't been out long on the XB1... but This is a GAME PREVIEW and I'm happy with the idea in general. Very thankful for them bringing this to console broken or not. I know we are all anxious to get our thumbs in there but it's not as easy as putting your ISP speeds and TV resolutions (lol). As I'm sure all these things were tested prior to them releasing the game preview. Also the devs are playing the game themselves and collecting data, so I'd assume any information we give them is already recorded... 4 weeks ago..... This is a CODING related issue and it is CODED for a game preview... Meaning they aren't FULLY or even nearly finished.. You must give them time to figure out how to do something that HAS NOT BEEN DONE YET! This is a 1st time thing for the console (PLEASE DON'T COMPARE FORTNITE..) & I'm excited.
  4. 150+ Console Dinners

    Currently On A 4 Game Win Streak. Come Hang Out On Twitch ! LIVE On Twitch
  5. Hell0 and from me i streaming PUBG |:_)

    Welcome to the forums! See ya on the field! I'll check your stream out
  6. Twitch.tv/twotimes

    https://clips.twitch.tv/LongAbrasiveMageDatSheffy Sorry
  7. 140 Wins on console FPP. I want you guys to come hang with us! I'm LIVE now! Click the link to see the 140th win! Twitch.tv/TwoTimes
  8. Introducing MySelf :)

    Hey welcome! This is a forum site for both XBL & PC!! Just general PUBG Content and Info!
  9. hi im new

    Hey there! Welcome To The Forums!
  10. There are squads out there who get 1v4'd, & there are streamers to show it to you LIVE DAILY (ME)! 1v4 Clip on Twitch Please share & follow me on twitch! Much Love!
  11. New PUBG Streamer

    Hey thanks a lot! I currently have 115+ wins on the XB1! Come hang out with us! Twitch For TwoTimes Mixer for TwoTimes

    Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  13. We need aim assist on console

    I think the last thing this game needs is Auto Aim to be honest with you guys. It's a terrible IDEA!
  14. Who has played post patch 8?

    So the performance has been enhanced on the X overall now? ! What about the S & OG XB1 ?!!
  15. New PUBG Streamer

    Thank you @Zork ! I really do appreciate that