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  1. TwoTimes

    622 Meter Kill w/ M16

    622m Kill Clip ^^^ Follow me if you enjoyed this clip please
  2. So 15 Minutes on of streaming and this happens. https://clips.twitch.tv/VibrantCovertBeaverNotATK https://twitter.com/xTwoTimes/status/968694940241981440
  3. TwoTimes

    How does Pubg expect to compete?

    This is what I've been waiting for! Lets see what this next update does for the xb1 !!
  4. I've placed 2nd and 4th in a 1-man-squad FPP.
  5. It is the processor in the console. They have to figure out how to squeeze a big PC game inside of an OG XB1 & an XB1X while still balancing each fairly... Tough task...
  6. Look.. Lets just get real here. I know this game hasn't been out long on the XB1... but This is a GAME PREVIEW and I'm happy with the idea in general. Very thankful for them bringing this to console broken or not. I know we are all anxious to get our thumbs in there but it's not as easy as putting your ISP speeds and TV resolutions (lol). As I'm sure all these things were tested prior to them releasing the game preview. Also the devs are playing the game themselves and collecting data, so I'd assume any information we give them is already recorded... 4 weeks ago..... This is a CODING related issue and it is CODED for a game preview... Meaning they aren't FULLY or even nearly finished.. You must give them time to figure out how to do something that HAS NOT BEEN DONE YET! This is a 1st time thing for the console (PLEASE DON'T COMPARE FORTNITE..) & I'm excited.
  7. TwoTimes


    Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  8. TwoTimes

    We need aim assist on console

    I think the last thing this game needs is Auto Aim to be honest with you guys. It's a terrible IDEA!
  9. TwoTimes

    Who has played post patch 8?

    So the performance has been enhanced on the X overall now? ! What about the S & OG XB1 ?!!
  10. TwoTimes

    XB1 Leaderboards

    agree 100% it would def be a great asset to have included!
  11. TwoTimes

    XB1 Leaderboards

    That's what I'm thinking. Even though it would be nice for them to reset one more time before final release! Especially since a lot has changed since then lol. Just wishful thinking.
  12. TwoTimes

    XB1 Leaderboards

    Yeah my first games I was feeling out the game in general. Now I am stuck at top 100-200 NA! Cant wait til a reset especially since a lot of people were doing a glitch to get wins in the first couple weeks! Whats your XB1 Tag so i can add you! We can play together, I'm pretty good
  13. Anybody know when the XB1 Leaderboards are being reset?
  14. TwoTimes

    #Patch7 X1X Feedback

    So I just got done playing a couple games of PUBG on the new patch. It seems better as far as input lag and things loading faster. I will say I had trouble mantling out of windows in certain buildings. And my game only crashed one time. I won one game and came in top 5 for the other 2. Overall not a total fail of a patch, just needs a little touch up. Still satisfied with the overall game preview on console OG Xbox 1
  15. TwoTimes

    #Patch7 X1X Feedback

    dang man sorry to hear that! No worries it'll get better and better. They may even 'hot-fix' some things before the next patch (hopefully) . Personally I was never getting 20-30 frames !! I can only imagine what a solid 30fps would be like on console! <3 I'm actually updating the game as I type this reply. I will keep you posted on how the patch works for the OG Xbox and if it improved or downgraded the performance on my side.