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  1. Getmurkd89

    New Matchmaking Ruined Game

    Play on the other servers if you want to play with people who are bad at the game, because it sounds like you just want to wreck noobs without having to deal with other good players. You’ll eventually move up in the rankings on there too and play with similar people again though.
  2. Getmurkd89

    These need to be fixed immediately

    I wish I could find M16s as frequently as you do apparently. It’s RNG, completely random.
  3. Many top 3 solo, quite a few top 2. Took me a long time to get a solo win, and I just last night got my second one.
  4. I feel like I’m a beast at other games due to this game. I’ve always been good at FPS games, but I just played BF4 for the first time in a while and it seemed like every kill was a headshot. My aim is way better. Anyone else feel like this?
  5. Getmurkd89

    How stressed out does....

    This game has made me rage more than any other game, but it also gives me a rush that no other game has came close to giving me as well. I can’t recall ever feeling my heart beat out of my chest while clutching a match on COD, but every time I get into the top 10 which is quite often that rush is intense. Almost like a drug. I think that’s why this game is so popular, it’s literally a drug aa far as our brains can tell.
  6. I’ve never died due to this because from the get go I used select to open and close the map and never gave thought to another button to close it. Not sure why people would even use B, other than habit from other games using it as the default exit screen button.
  7. Getmurkd89

    Favorite Assault Rifle

    M416 then M16. Scar if I don’t have an M416 already, and AKM only if I have no other AR. I will drop the AKM as soon as I find any other AR and I drop the scar if I find an M416. My typical loadout is M16 with a 4X and compensator, M416 fully decked with a red dot and suppressor/compensator and a 4x ready to go on it as well. I typically switch out red dot and 4x on the fly on the M4, as well as the grips depending on full auto or semi which depends on the range. I have the M416 as my walk around, and the M16 as my long range.
  8. It was very vague and basically just said they’re going to do 2-3 week patches and continue to optimize, as well as including the other map sometime during spring time. Edit- aaaand now it’s back, seems they edited it to make it easier to read and included bolding on their main points. https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/news/132.pu
  9. My main way of getting geared is kills. I play for kills usually. Unless I’m doing squads. I get a gun and then I’m on the warpath to kill everyone in Pochinki.
  10. I’m in the top 10,000 overall solo. My kill ranking is around 7,000. I’ve only one solo win, but it’s the mode I primarily play. Have about 13-15 wins total though. I wish they would do a reset because my KDR has gone up quite a bit since patch 9. I’d be top 500 in kills if they did a reset as I’m averaging 10-12 a game now.
  11. Getmurkd89

    Using Cars As Cover

    I think the vehicles should only blow up if an explosion is used to disable them. Otherwise they should just become disabled. It would make for a better experience I believe.
  12. Getmurkd89

    How do people get so good?

    Definitely had a zoomed scope. The game isn’t thaaaat hard, once you get your settings right. I actually seek out people at the beginning because I’m confident enough that I feel I can kill just about any random if I have any gun other than the snipers at any stage of the game. Just takes practice and like others have said dropping into hot zones and getting a gun and then looking and listening for someone to kill is the best practice. I can normally leave Pochinki with 6-8 kills and fully geared at this point.
  13. Getmurkd89

    Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    It’s a night and day difference for me. I did a fresh install and the game is noticably smoother. CQC aiming is much improved and I don’t feel like I have to spray and pray up close anymore. Hit detection seems better as well, getting headshot after headshot whereas before it’d be a 50/50 chance if I die or not even when I can tell the other guy is a potato based on how they move and position themselves. Driving is much improved. Less input lag as well. I have not noticed much FPS drop at all, if any. A+ update here, definitely a big step in the right direction.
  14. Mine is 417 meters, with a Kar98. I’ve a few other 400+ meter kills using various assault rifles though. Got the 417 earlier in a chicken dinner duo match and it was a very nice headshot. Killed his partner as well which was essentially the same distance.
  15. Getmurkd89

    POLL: Most Challenging Game Mode

    For me, it’s solo. Not having a team to watch your back makes the game harder. Especially when everyone is only worried about themselves. I have a decent amount of chicken dinners in duo and squad, but none solo. I consistently top 10 all modes, but I have not gotten a win by myself when otherwise I’ve gotten a few duo wins with my brother who literally has two kills and his furthest kill is 3 meters. Got a win with him earlier and I had 10 kills, all at the very end of the game. I do better when I am up against multiple targets talking to each other as opposed to a few solo guys waiting to sneak a kill during a firefight.