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  1. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    They had a pre alpha. It should have been working on public release in my opinion. All of the other bugs are understandable as early access but when it comes to desync we are talking about game breaking faults in the core of the game. No one enjoys playing a shooter game where you get hit behind walls and cover, period.
  2. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    summit1g, Dr Disrespect to name a few. Not that I am a twitch fanboy or anything but I do understand how product advertisement works and showing off constant desync issues to a mass of potential buyers is giving a bad image of the overall game, even if an accurate one. ... because the issue has not been fixed. Crazy concept right? I know how dare I expect hit reg to work in a shooter title. I must be completely off my rocker. No it's like paying to test a car with no wheels or suspension. In other words, it runs like shit.
  3. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    No problem. It is a developer issue first and an engine issue second. There are many other titles that have 100 concurrent players and have resolved the issues this game has. SQUAD comes to mind and they have entire vehicle processing and all kinds of other net based features running on the server far beyond anything PUBG has to process. I was told by a moderator they would chime in on this with a detailed response after deleting my post from the twitch release thread and I have pretty much lost confidence. Between the ignorant player base that comes here and talks trash when they have no understanding of the discussion or what is going on which is half of the reason games like this turn into shit and become just another infinite Early Access limbo concept, acceptance of a broken game because it is "the best of the worst". The overwhelming complaints about the desync with zero response on what is being done about it is going to turn this project into another stalemate in six months. In the past week I have watched multiple streamers of 10,000+ viewers openly deal with desync and flat out quit and uninstall the game. That is easily 20% of your concurrent playerbase all watching these issues happen and laughing at how bad it is. Your credibility is falling dramatically and all of these fickle gamers that fanboy for your broken title are going to turn a 180 as soon as they see all of their hero Streamers quit and move on to another title because it is not trending anymore. I find it so funny that my other thread voicing about this exact issue is showing to be accurate as hell. Just EA history repeating itself over and over as people bunny hop from game to game searching for an actual enjoyable experience.
  4. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    I am not even going to bother explaining it to you. You have no idea how a revenue stream works for a business. Show me where I say the artists should be working on the netcode. Oh, that's right. You can't because you made it up.
  5. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    Thank you for actually understanding what I said instead of just copy pasting dumb ass replies to a complaint I did not even voice. These forums are turning into the Steam forums at an alarming rate. Total lack of comprehension from like 90% of the posters just so they can get their snarky comments in because they get treated like crap IRL. It is sad.
  6. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    Where did I say that? You need to learn how to read. I am talking about investment of funds gained not the damn split between coders and artists. Stop putting words in my mouth.
  7. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    Well you have to consider every Call of Duty player from around the block is now playing this game because all of the streamers are so it's "the cool thing to do". Most of these posters that talk trash can not even top 10 once, let alone 90% of the games. You just gotta let them wallow in their own sadness in my opinion. Anyone who openly challenges someone pointing out flaws and basically want's a broken game has bigger problems than trolling me in a forum thread, especially in EA when that is the entire point of testing the Alpha. He obviously did not see my tactics thread that has like 50+ thank you messages for helping new players adapt to the gameplay . . .
  8. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    Don't worry about it. Typical response from typical gamer that bury's his head in the sand and just "deals with it". Not only did he not watch the clip but he won't because it will invalidate his ego.
  9. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    Maybe you should read up on what Early Access actually is. This is not your personal golf club. We are paying to be Quality Assurance testers. I am simply doing my job as a supporter of the title. Learn the difference before you spout nonsense.
  10. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    I guess it is two different bank accounts as well? This conversation went right over your head. I am getting a little tired of these cut and paste responses from people who know absolutely nothing about how a business is managed. You are talking to a DevOps. I know how it works. Thanks.
  11. So about twitch Prime and Micro transactions . . .

    Perfect example of what I am talking about: https://boom.tv/w?v=rl3ID781RrWVs 20 minutes of surviving for that to happen. Completely ruins the entire experience.
  12. So my question is why haven't the investors dropped a fraction of the massive funds allocated from this title into a network engineer that is seasoned with the Unreal SDK to resolve the primary issue of desync and bullet registry? You have millions of sales, Amazon cuts and this is before the micro transactions are even in the game full force. Surely you can understand why as a customer this feels very familiar considering all of the nonsense we as game purchasers deal with involving both Early Access limbo and Micro transaction saturation taking precedence over the actual game fixes?
  13. Blue circle damage

    My feelings exactly. Fighting the circle more than the players ffs.
  14. soo this happend in my game!!! legal?

    Man that is so pathetic. Well now you see when you hear a streamer say they died to a stream snipe and someone rolls their eyes. It is very much a thing. I want to know how they are able to get into the same lobby all at once like that.
  15. Remove the double barrel shotgun

    I see zero difference in the way both shotguns and UMP work post patch compared to pre patch. They both melt players in under a second through L3 armor as if they never were even tweaked.