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  1. Please provide us more info on Xbox client status and More communication from blueholes Dev please
  2. Look give us status update on Xbox one client version asap we need More info on what its comming Up
  3. You can Wait more for your fps the map Is soon to be release so shut up with your fps upgrade
  4. Please. Put Miramar map on xbox one and put more devs on rendering modification fix fps fix rollback lag and give us better graphics and fix gun lock and gun dechargement bug when gun fight its on and put fps higher fix building upload bug and put report button and succes and activement un game make us see the killcam when kill by other players thanks you in advance from the best pubg fan
  5. Can you fix fps and rollback lags and graphics please and new miranmar map on xbox one pleace and the rubber banding and the building and map upload and gamecrash please and the xbox live fatal error pop Up and the région pop Up Windows during gameplay please a great fan of pubg

    Are there known hacks on Xbox? (Aimbots, wall hacks ect)

    Look guys stop pretending that hacker on xbox one do not existe!!! they are existing !!!!! There Is hacker on everything so Do something about IT NOW ASAP