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  1. I think if you play the game a lot being killed by an M/K warrior just feels different ,cleaner would best sum it up for me I guess.That being said I've only felt that way 4 times and I've played 1500 matches plus so I honestly dont think it's rife at the moment although it has the potential to get out of hand.I consider the state of the game to be far more of an issue to be honest and don't tell me M/K users don't suffer with the same lag,hit detection and latency issues that everyone else has to deal with.
  2. Kar 98 head shot broken?

    Newsflash.......the game is broken,I got 1 hit by a sickle earlier but 5 registered hits from a Scar with X4 is less damage. Bluehole are not resourced for a game this big,should have just stuck with PC until they got that right but nooooo,the call of the cash cow mooing meant quality went down the shitter.

    The issue for me is how much Fortnite improves month on month compared to PUBG with both using the same engine.I was a day one player on both games but hoped PUBG would be more realistic as I find Fortnite to be too Disney like for my taste.What pisses me off with the situation is Bluehole are clearly lacking the expert infrastructure to improve the game as quickly as Epic/PCF are with Fortnite yet they seem happy to continue as they are.I want to support the game I really do but when you have a free to play comparison taking the biscuit development wise and your crashing every 3 or 4 games because of a patch that was supposed to improve things it's simply not possible.Its starting to remind me of Bungie with Destiny and we all know where that currently stands.

    The next patch will make it break the game for the casual players,#9 has proved how inept Bluehole are at tuning the Unreal engine I'm afraid.To dumb down the graphics and make the game worse in terms of FPS,rendering and game crashes is piss poor.They continue to tinker with stuff that makes no difference to the core of the game and that is extremely worrying after 3 months.I die more to game crashes and vehicles than I do to bullets which just makes me switch it off and I'm sure many do the same.Rubber bikes,invisible bumps that wipe cars and your health out and you get through that only for the game to crash.Happens way too much now and when you like to load out properly then catch the circle up it basically makes the game unplayable as it stands.
  5. Sincerely, an XBOX player

    Your mum called me,she apologised for you and explained that you've only just learnt the alphabet and lots of words together makes you a bit cranky.She also said her eyes are still watering but same time same place tomorrow and shed bring some lube.
  6. Sincerely, an XBOX player

    The game has regressed since it launched as the novelty has worn off while the bugs,crashes etc etc continue to occur too often to offset the novelty value. I know it's a pre-release and I'm not complaining I have had my £25s worth and some but patch#9 whilst making it prettier also destabilised it imo. I have returned to regular crashes,poor rendering and the CQ lagfest whilst improved is still game breaking in some matches. I do wonder how much the SBMM has affected the core gameplay as Bungie broke Destiny when they introduced the same principle but the issue for Bluehole is one of competition.Fortnite is blowing it away currently and while it's a Disney version of PUBG it does show what can be achieved using the same tools and it should worry them. They had a headstart on a lot of Devs but they seem to be wasting the opportunity I feel and it won't be long until there are some serious people wanting their slice of the pie.Whether they should of finished the PC version before releasing a Console version is a matter of debate but the cynical amongst us may be thinking they knew they were going to struggle to get a more polished product out before others followed suit so decided to cash in while they could by going down the pre-release route.Nothing wrong with that and ive enjoyed it immensely but I now find myself looking ahead to see what the competition is looking to offer up and maybe more significantly when?
  7. So it is absolutely awful today,from building rendering to CQ lag I have had the whole nine yards.I have never had issues at Georgopol since release yet today I am waiting outside for the building to appear and then waiting further for the contents.Every weapon I use is stutter firing which again I have never encountered and even the FPS is dropping when looting for no reason. I've checked my internet and it's no different than normal,I'm with Virgin on the 300 mg hardwired.Ive even done a hard reset for the first time today and reinstalled the game but its still dogshit.Anyone else having issues or am I just on the wrong side of the PUBG overlords today 😥
  8. Map Bug???

    Didn't bug me pre-patch but it's bugging the shit out of me now,thanks fellas 😡
  9. Map Bug???

    Anyone else having an issue with using "B" button to come out of the map during the game? So far it's insta-ejected me out if the plane 3 times and insta-killed me from a car twice and a bike once!!! Definitely didn't happen before so am I unlucky or is there some kind of change in the update I don't know about 🤔
  10. Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    It looks prettier but I'm feeling it's style over substance I'm afraid.Hit registration is even worse than it was before at CQ despite the FPS improving no end. Already fed up with multiple hits not killing targets but getting insta-killed by the same guy whose just tanked rounds like he has level 45 armour. I would love to know how many non-european tryhards play on EU servers to try and get a connection advantage.
  11. My aim in pubg

    The problem is the game unfortunately, the foundations are solid but the brickwork is pissed.By that I mean it's the best FPS concept currently on offer but it's a pre-release and there were always going to be certain issues.The fact that no 2 encounters are the same makes it impossible to rely on muscle memory,practise or even superior skill levels especially CQ engagements.Frame rates do as they please and add the inherent lag that exists in all these type of games it makes virtually all fire fights under 10 metres a complete lottery. I am not complaining it's just how it is at the moment but my advice to anyone is practise with X4 and X8 and adapt your playstyle to focus on medium range exchanges. Once you learn how far to lead with scopes over 20 metres and you adapt your game accordingly you will have far more success at least in its current state.Just a few days ago I had a veritable chicken feast winning 7 games in a 6 hour session and believe me I am not a tryhard or supremely gifted.If you have limited time and just want to kick back and enjoy some free time then this game is hard work but if you like a challenge and can get satisfaction from adapting your playstyle to get better results then I would stick with it.
  12. Only I've just spent 2 hours trying to work out why it feels like I'm back to the first two weeks playing the game. I'm no pro but I'm top 200 solo on Euro servers with a 1.6 kd 50% top 10 and 40 chicken dinners across 2 accounts. Today however apparently I am shooting popcorn and being hit by armour piercing rounds in any engagement,I literally cannot kill anyone but get melted every time. Rendering is back to its original state as well,it had steadily improved and hadn't been an issue but today I could have had a picnic waiting for the stairs to appear on several occasions. I'm not a Dev basher,I love this game and worked hard to learn it having moved over from PlayStation but today's update is a car crash in my opinion and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is going to feel this way. Stop farting about with weekly updates if they don't actually impact positively,I know it's pre-release and your trying to iron things out but this update has made things worse. Less is more sometimes and trying to keep to a weekly schedule should not be a priority. Timeframe comes a long way second to quality and as long as you keep the community informed of what to expect and when they will be happy enough.
  13. You think the shoreline is not going to be camped as well now when the circle is on the island.As for swimming across all the time,your full of it 💩💩💩
  14. The focus should be on those that play the objective and how to balance the individual strategies at the end.Cars were OP in the final few circles before this patch but they are integral to the early stages of the game so it has to balance out. My fear is that the 2 or 3 % that just camp for kills at the start or camp a specific area in the hope they are in the ring for the majority of the time will become 5 to 10 %.At face value it may not sound too bad but looting your favourite area only to be blown up from a single clip from an AKM by someone camping with no interest in getting to the next circle is going to become a more common occurrence believe me.As for the Bridges,well they are going to become farcical in my opinion.When you have a portion of the map that,by design is only accessible by vehicle using 1 of 2 choke points the changes they have made simply encourage camping those 2 points.It just seems to me they have been a bit heavy handed with it and may well have penalised anyone using a vehicle rather than those that abused them at the end.In doing so they may well of encouraged more camping and less playing to the objective which simply cannot be seen as progress should it happen.I agree a change is needed to vehicles but a more subtle approach was needed and I'm sure this will become more and more obvious everyone the circle is on the island. 😁