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  1. You try to make it sound like it's acceptable but it is the biggest mistake Bluehole have made imo.Its literally game breaking if you don't like Miramar.I hate it,it's set up for campers in the big cities and it's a total borefest compared to Erangel.For all the issues that the game currently has I am struggling to understand the logic of the Bluehole executive that decided to alienate another chunk of their player base by not allowing them to choose which map they play on.Its got absolutely nothing to do with this "Game Preview" bollox that the fanboys keep using to defend the one step forward two steps backward approach that the development team seem to have implemented thus far it's just simply a piss poor business decision.If you already have obvious problems with the product you are selling and a large part of your customer base is unhappy that should lead your thought process for any future decision making.Its like selling 2 very different flavours of ice cream in the same packaging and expecting those that don't like 1 of the flavours to keep buying the product even when they keep getting the 1 they don't like.It ain't gonna happen.

    Matchmaking Failed try again later!!

    Suggest you read all the posts on the forum instead of selected ones sunshine and why are you on a forum disagreeing with someone else's opinion? Oh that's right,because it's a forum and that's what happens 🤡

    Matchmaking Failed try again later!!

    Jesus you fanboys bleat the same old bollox.You seriously just settle for whatever is put in front of you despite the obvious lack of progress.You think it's ok that it's not possible to join a game for 40 minutes and then when I finally do i can't choose the map I want to play on and then it crashes as I'm looting the 1st building I go into? 7 months 14 patches and that's almost my 1st experience after they launch the new map after several weeks of test server input,it's not ok regardless of game preview or not.Incompetence and failure when you've made millions out of your customer base is not acceptable it's as simple as that.

    Matchmaking Failed try again later!!

    That's it mate keep banging your drum, all the issues just disappear when you do.Using the word "technically" with regard to this game and it's development is the most ironic thing I will hear today no doubt.
  5. All I've got for 30 minutes now,honestly they haven't got a clue what they are doing.When I did manage to get a game it appears you don't have a choice of map it just loads you on one or the other and I find Miramar a complete borefest so another home run for the Devs.This game now ranks alongside BF4 on release for catastrophic failure I just can't believe Bluehole have made this many mistakes with what could be an iconic game.If they don't buck the trend they are going to be a laughing stock albeit one that's minted.

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    Like the 7 months they've had to fix Erangel you mean 😂 the problem is they've added more weapons to the map and the game goes into meltdown.Maybe they should try a new game mode and just have 1 pistol hidden somewhere randomly 1st to find it wins chicken dinner leftovers 🤔
  7. You took my post down about charging for crates 🤣🤣🤣 🤑🤑🤑

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    They obviously let the Erangel Dev crew loose on the PTS after the last test run as its now virtually unplayable for me 💩

    Just about done with this game

    I've got 170 solo dinners combined on my 2 accounts with a 1.7 ish k/d on my main and a near 10% win rate.The reload bug,it's real believe me as is the sorry state of the game after 6 months and 13 patches.Skill level accounts for 50% of regular chicken dinners the other 50% is made up of RNG regards weapon/vehicle placements,circle position and the biggest issue imo who you engage during each round.Lag is the biggest obstacle,too many out of region players.I do trust the hit detection in this game but not some of the people playing it.

    The game needs a fundamental rehaul

    What it needs is competition,a proper development company releasing a proper version of the PUBG concept.Bluehole are simply milking the cow without investing in its welfare.If they were bothered they would of hired the right people to accelerate optimisation and guarantee a loyal player base.As soon as a better console option comes along it will be like the Titanic trust me,even the diehard fanboys will be jumping overboard.

    PTS Quality Going Backwards

    Played 1 match,had a picnic and a little nap while the buildings rendered in.Saw 1 person who I despatched,final circle I got 1 shot by an AKM by a dude who was in vault animation and I had a fresh Lvl 3 helmet on 😂😂 Bluehole's devs have radioactive fingers whatever they touch turns toxic.

    What is this sorcery????

    No but it makes you an expert on driving doesn't it you tit.The research is the hours I've played and as another person stated the amount of PC threads covering the same subject since launch backs up my statement on this topic don't you think?I can only think you play out of region regularly judging from your input so far,nothing to substantiate your opinion other than stomping your feet a little bit.For a mature person you sure seem uptight and clueless about something you clearly care about.Cant get a chicken dinner maybe,try KFC dude 😘

    What is this sorcery????

    I explained what I've encountered on an almost daily basis pal and with the hours I've put in on this game I am as creditable as the next man.Simply quoting the part of my post that suits you as the basis for claiming everything else is nonsense says far more about you than I ever could.Playing out of region isn't new,it's as old as online gaming itself but because of PUBG's gameplay issues it seems to be more prevalent than most if not all the other games I've played.

    What is this sorcery????

    I play odd hours because I work night shifts and believe me the EU servers tell a story.They are busy all night with no waiting for a game then between 5 and 6 AM that changes,you have to wait a lot more in lobbies.If you play between 8 AM and Midday you will notice how much more stable the hit detection is and how much easier it is to get deeper into each match.I pick up more Chicken Dinners during those hours because I am able to drop people when I shoot them rather than being beaten insta-killed despite shooting first and getting multiple blood splatters.I don't want to tar every American with the same brush as it would be unfair but unfortunately there are too many that have a "win at all costs" mentality and understand they gain a connection advantage by playing out of region.I posted a few weeks ago about this and I am still of the belief that if Bluehole could region lock the servers it would have more of a positive effect on gameplay than most of their patches put together.I am not technically astute enough to know whether this would be possible to enforce but they should definitely consider it,after all what's the point of having region choice if people abuse it?

    What is this sorcery????

    Games at it's very worst since release for hit detection due to connection issues.Too many people playing out of region or cheating as it should be called.Pussies every last one of them if they have their own regional servers,those without are excused as they have no choice to be fair.Bluehole are giving less and less shits by the day if you take their interaction with the community at face value.The next update needs to have an impact and they need to engage with us more it's that simple really